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Welcomeeveryone to the sports gambling podcast.

I'm Sean stacking the one agreeing with my partnerin pigs, right? Real money.

Kramer, what's happening? Cream dog.

How are you Sean? Howare you? I'm laughing at you.

Feeling good.

Looking good.

You you do a, it's, it's turnedinto this weird, creepy move where while I'm reading the pre-rolls, you stare into thecamera.

Very psych, hardcore psycho vibes.

So if you want to check out the video, goto youtube.

com/shorts gaming podcasts just eagerly staring into the camera.

I'm workingon making personal connections.

Here's how eyelines work.

If you're talking to me orColby, you look at us.

If you're talking to the audience, then yeah, that makes senseto look at the camera, but that one doesn't make sense.

It's just to stare at the cameraas if you're a lady for the camera to take your picture and then just lay like you'reon some webcam with a Czech girl.

I'm just trying to, um, I know performancenotes up top.

We're here.

We got the database talking to week two XFL pics.

Joining us instudio coli, Danta bass.

What's happening? Call me.

What's up guys? I like this introduction.

It's a good one.

I'm on a heater.

This is good.

I'm on a heater fired up.

We have somuch going on at S GPN sports gambling, podcast.

com the NBA odds fraud contest.

Still a chanceto get your entries in midnight Ballantine's day right at the stroke of midnight.

I willbe enjoying a nice steak right when it strikes midnight.

You guys [inaudible] okay, so Sean'sa man.

Trump flag is starting out of town.

Well, I didn't mean to, it wasn't an insighthere.

It was given, given some pointers, flex and Puffin, the chest out, drinking the whiskey.

You go into a vegan spot for Valentine's day.

It's a personal question, butI liked it better last night when [inaudible] was here.

[inaudible] some Rosetta and asparagus.

What's on your Valentine's day plan? Kramer, shout out to your daughters.


Not theygot giant football, heart-shaped Valentine's box with the sort of chocolates.


So Shanna to the girls we were at the store, they were buying thelike Valentine's day and Dines day supply of crap.

They have to give their classmatescause you can't just give one person something and you have to give it to everyone.

The ultimateparticipation trophy we society is fucked.

Just FYI.

PR side note.

Uh Hey saw this one.

Lonely heart shaped football.

Like it feels like a footballand they're like, Oh well obviously no real man.

Obviously some football Valley, the most manly person I know is Sean.

So we've got to get this for Sean.

Well you know it's this Hawthorne cologne and again with Hawthorne hawthorne.

com usethat.

Eat that CEO.

You get a work and a play cologne and I've been dabbling back and forthbecause since we've launched a sports fan gambling podcast, my work has become my play.

My play is my work.

My work is my passion.

Literally, I'm sitting here, thanks to thelisteners, thanks to our great sponsors getting paid to get drunk and talk about the XFL, living the dream.

Maybe maybe you offer, you suggest to Hawthorne, they do a uh, you know, cologne in a football shape.

That's a great idea.

And they, they do you do a little colognequiz online.

You check like what you like again, one of the, what's your drink of choice?Whiskey checkbox.

Well, Sean Colby was in the studio, a Bonyo, you must've seen the nice Hawthorne spread.

Honestly, didn't know.

Did you go for workor play? Lord, Lord, I can go like this or wash thesand.

Is this Brian? Do we need to hang up a sign that says employees must wash handsbefore returning? We have to go wash my hands.

We have the Corona virus.

Call me.

You will.

They're not moisturized.

They're probably dry.

Flaky man.

I have been in Cleveland, so I mean maybe, but uh, no, I saw him there.

But look, I'm not going to touch the guy'sproduct.

He's got products.

He put it out there on display for both employees and Iunderstand you think you want me to believe he's the man of the house here.

Oh wow.

Youwant me to believe that? Oh yeah, you should believe it.

Because whatwas going to say Colby is had you sampled the play, you wouldbe feeling spicy right now.

Very spice.

We are off to eight.

We are off to a very, aspicy start to the pod.

You know why that is? Why is that? Because you just, you camein hot, you're extra salty right now you're coming in on habits.

Until I was, I was chipping.

This is therapy.

Sometimes it is, and again, this is work, play and therapy, but you knowwhat I'm playing online.

Sports gambling.

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Talk to me very Kirk cousins Z.

wow, Colby.


He Colby wants his Pat on the back.

Good job boys on the battle Hawks too.

Just cause youdidn't give me credit for it.

All right, we'll get to the XFL.

Week one recap.

I'm goingto root for a quarter of the league.

So I said, okay, I have two teams.

What am I? Wait, call me right back to LA after they fired pepper Johnson.

All right, you're going to be firing the defensive coordinator.

Who's your other team? The defenderscenters.

So your teams went one and one this way? Yeah, so it wasn't that bad of a weekend.

No, no.

We'll get to the XFL in a bit.

Again, the NBA odds fraud contest, you have up untilValentine's day at midnight to get your entry in just to go to S GPN data O slash NBA frauds, we're giving away $1, 000 you're basically picking two different teams from each groupthat you think is a fraud and will totally suck in the second half of the season.

Sobringing some negativity to the NBA world.

Sean, I haven't seen your entry come in.

Yes, well Ryan as a a, I plan on entering as one of the co CEO's how the sports game line podcastnetwork as GPN.

I am not eligible for prizes so I don't give a fuck who wins, but Hey, because some people just Superbowl squares and they think it might be a rigged a bigthing.


Oh, Kramer did rig the personal Superbowlsquares for himself and what else is going on.

We're also doing the S GPN bites bracketcompetition.

Send in your suggestions as do uh, your favorite sound bites where you thinkthey should be ranked.

Seating wise.

We're getting a lot of, it seems to be there issome consensus forming among the audience.

The committee is right here, uh, in frontof you now deciding who will be a one seat, who will be a 16 seed.

Been hearing a lotof uh, clamoring for this drop.

I want a Dick rubbed on me tonight.

It's a, it's not a oneor two seat, but I think that's a, I think it's a three seed we've been getting.

It'sbeen getting a lot of attention so maybe, maybe it'll go tech can go the distance.

Itcould wait.

It could seriously when I just think pedigree.

It hasn't been around long enough to me.

Baby whale, go get your shine box.

Joe Buck.


Where's that gun? Yeah, that is locked dog T's.

That's in the mix.

It's probablylike a four or five seed tap.

You're going head to head with himself.

Do we have theisolated happy birthday? No, we don't.

That is not an official drop so that that's noteven on the bubble.

And of course the database sound effect, man.

Will people be able toseparate their love of Colby, Dan and the dead is from the day to day sound effect becauseI, I feel like the Dan debase sound drop.

Well good.

Um, it's probably, it's probablya 12 seat 11 seat back you up on that I think.

I think it may upset because people, it'llgo up against a five or six seed and they got, well I like Colby better than you know, I'm going all in on Trump and so maybe they're like, Oh, I didn't really like Trump.

So their personal political opinions may filter, just rank these drops as drops themselves.

That's what we're looking for from you.

The vote.

I'll just tell you that Trump ruinedthe USFL all.


I don't care about him, but he ruined a football league we couldbe betting on for years and decades and decades.

Again, don't let your, your thoughts aboutTrump impact your voting on the Trump sound.

But I w I will say this as the committee, although the committee has not really met yet.

I have done a little bit of my own seating.

I know I'm starting to kinda build the, the, the levels that I see.

If I'm buying a futureright now, if I can get the Gus Johnson, Oh man.

Gus chasm.

If I can get like what, what do I want to need? Like maybe10 Oh eight to one.

I'm buying that cause I think [inaudible] too soon.

I think let'shave a little community conversationally.

We'll be at two seed.

Uh, I, I think thisis only [inaudible] plus 500 because people love Gus Johnson.

Again, I think what's goingto happen or is seasonal, the voters love of Gus Johnson will inherently carry thatsound effect through, I mean, cause me comedically, that is funnier.

But that's just some randomAsian kid in a mall.

You don't have the memories that you have with Gus Johnson.

You've neverwon money and tied it to that voice of Gus Johnson.

That is the random Asian kid in themall.

So we need the voters to, we insist you the listeners at home, put your, put yourbias aside and just vote based on the uh, Whoa.

What are we thinking with Madden?Let's that see mad.

I mean again, can three, four see man's a blue-blood like Kentuckyas a voice.

It's his actual voice cause he, the combination is Madden.

It's Madden sayingsomething funny.

It has a weird sexual innuendo they can use.

Again, versatile drop.

The pedigree, the history, the Madden.

It has so much going that might be higher than a three seat.

Andagain, look out, we're talking about football.

John's Jon Gruden can really throw a monkeywrench in this whole tournament.

We gotta get our shit going now and long that, that'stough for me to imagine.

It's short but sweet.

It's tough for me to imagine an elite eight, a final four that doesn't have one of those John Gruen sound effects.

I'm having troubleputting it together.

But again, that's you guys.

That's on you.

The listeners at home, we will be putting out brackets.

Yes, you will be able to submit a bracket.

Yes, we are going to seed 32 fucking soundtracks.

Well and shout out, is it going to be a logisticalnightmare? Probably.

And perhaps we have an honorary member of the committee and a superfanCarl.

Oh yeah.

He sent in his own bracket on it.


And he wrote it up.

So Hackett, for all of you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

You're bringing something to the table.

No, you'renot Brandon that either.

Shout out to Carl, a awesome musician and a just great musicproducer.

He's the guy who put together our and and he, he is probably the one that shouldbe, he is truly the expert.

He put together the awesome theme, a theme song that you heardat the beginning of the podcast.

So with all those awesome sound traps.

So he's listenedto all the drops.

He's incorporated them into the theme song.

Clearly he is.

He is the Oliver luck to this XFL.

And I don't know if I see long Cox asa two seed, but long Cox versus masters in his bracket.

Oh wow.


That's a tough one.

And you, you gotta look ahead to the seven 10 winner, which I think I can delete thatfor you as a 10 seed that that's, that's upset potential.

DMX bark.

You know, I really, Iknow you're grumpy right now.


This is the greatest side.

This is, this is your greatestcontribution to the sports gambling podcast.

It wasn't winning the $200, 000 giving outthat lineup, right? No, no, no one else.

Fucking losers.

I give out 200 grand and all I getis you and pina making fun of me for putting to-I Kona in my lineup.

Can you imagine ifSean had to split that with one of the list? Oh, that'd be a great day.

I love, I lovewhen the listeners get paid.

I'd rather pay the listeners then some random taco guy.

Thisis a, uh, this is a trap.

That's why he salt.


He's still, he's still thinking aboutthat too.

Have still seasoned.

This is a trap that, again, it's a personal favorite of mine.

I don't think it's connected as much with the listeners, but I've always enjoyed thisone.

You just body slammed me and broke my claps.

Oh, I haven't heard that one before.

And I think again, it hasn't, it hasn't been aroundfor a long time.

I don't know if there is.

I have a hold.

I have multiple sheets of dropsover here.

That was a good one.

I'd never heard that one.

All right, so we're goingto get, there's a couple of fun news stories we're going to hit on.

Of course.

Check outthe NBA, uh, odds, a fraud contest.

We don't really talk a ton of baseball in this podcastadmittedly because baseball is not that fun.

But the Astros cheating scandal has been enjoyable.

As a baseball outsider, I'm getting angry and I don't even really care that much aboutbaseball, much like the average American.

However, the Astros, the whole cheating scandalhas been hilarious though.

The blatantness of it.

I mean, they're right up there withthe, uh, with the Patriots of, I can believe this way.

It's way worse than that.

To me, it's way worse.

You don't know about 2007 when theyjust burned all the tapes.

We'll never find that.

And like, that's what major league baseballshould've done.

Tell you the truth.

Here's your business.

We're like, we cannot releasethis.


Say what you will about Goodell.

The band is affected.

He just swept that underthe rug.

He's like, everyone else will be caught.

A conspiracy theorist took, I tookthat tape and just checked it into his fireplace at a nice bottle of scotch and laughed hisass off.

Now the Astros, this is Valentine's day and perfect time to bring up fake apologies.

The key to a good apology is just, it just Herrmann it up.

Go, Oh my God, I feel so bad.

I made a poor decision.

The Astros' non-apology this is hall of fame, non apology.

We haveJim crane, the owner of the Astros just offending the fact that they cheated.

It's insane.

Listento the tone of his voice by it.

Listen, yet the Yankees have had a few commentsout there.

Um, you know, our opinion is, and uh, you know that this didn't impact the game.

We had a good team.

Um, we won the world series with that.

What an insult.

It didn't impact the game.

And then he went on with this.

I didn't say it didn't impact the game.

Basically in his report, he's not going to go backwards.

It's hard to determine how it impact the game if it impacted the game and that's what we'regoing to leave it.

If it impacted the game, by the way, obviouslythat was their drop, right? Yes.


Well not, not that's not on the uh, Oh yeah.

Theprices are, I've heard a couple the prices right.

And Lucy, nor do we need a first forit's, it's, it's to me expanding the field to 34 again, I like the use of it, but again, it's kind of cliche.

It's kind of tired.

Uh, so it's not, it's not my favorite.

I willvote against it in committee.

Well, I not only, I think the field has expanded to 34.

Just did we need names for the regions.

We need to two region names.

All right.

So, wellanyway, homework for us.

But the Asher's a owner, insane defiance of just, if it affectedthe game.


Michael K wouldn't do it if it didn't affect the game.

What are you aninsane stats back up.

It truly affected the game.

You sit at home, he goes, our opinion is we won the world series.

Well, yeah, no shit.

That's not up for debate.

And what's up for debate? It's cheating for the kids to win the world series.

You're forgotthat all.

You don't have to drop the C Bob.

And again, if you ever involved in this situation, never admit to cheating, just admit that mistakes are made.

Just go in there and be like, Hey, we did some things looking back that we w we wish we would've done differently.

We apologizeto the fans.

Why would we wear electronic jewelry inside your Jersey for no reason?Oh, I know.

It's not helping us.

We're just like, we're just trying to make sure we'reall aware.

We don't know if it helped or hurt.

I love how he said though.

What he didn'tsay.

So he said something and then he said, no, I didn't say that.

It's like, where does he listen to his own shit? Trump's America, bro.

It's Trump's America.

I'm going all in on Trump.


So what I was caught red in speaking to this, speakingof being caught red handed, another fun baseball story, which we rarely get to Aris Maguire, Toronto.

Uh, again, I didn't even know who Reese McGuire was before I woke up this morning.

And then I went on to Marowan Instagram account, which Colby contributes a lot to and I sawthat a player for the blue Jays, Reese McGuire arrested for indecent exposure in Floridaparking lot.

He was apparently a jerking off sir hold up, found him, literally caught himred handed the, the police report they describe his erection quote had an erection which wasvery apparent.

Couple mint bro.

They saw him again.


Again, if they had lug Cox longcock, we just have a new drama.

The field's called the yelling lung Cox.

Ifthey had to decide whether or not his erection was apparent, I think that's even more embarrassing.

The fact head there is imagine and again, healthy male promo code sup and probably hewas probably manscaping manscaped at cab promo.

READ  タイガー&ドラゴン 5話 - tiger & dragon episode 5 eng sub - tiger & dragon 2005

Could I shoot because it was just so obviousit was jumping out.

And, um, the, you have written police documented evidence that youhave a very apparent direction.

So congratulations to uh, Reese McGuire.

He's in Florida.

Whydon't I go to crafts fucking tight spot? You know what I mean? Yeah, exactly.

What is thatcalled? Like, um, something, uh, Asian delights, you know, love to look that up, but to a coupleof couple of things real quick.

Hey, orchids of Asia day spa.

There you go.

I was close.


You know, she owns more than one.

This is great.

What he says real quick saying quote, I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

This is really embarrassing.

I really shouldn't have been doing that.

So who was, he noticed a quote, extremely pornographicvideo was playing on the screen.

This is really fun.

He has a rolled up to the parking lot.

He had his shirt barely covering his genitals and his sweat pants around his ankles.

Hopefullythey were SGP sweatpants.

And you get those sweat scalar packets, that comp slash merge.

How it's spring trailer.

He's lonely.

He's 24 and he's a pro athlete.

Come on man inFlorida.

Yeah, I mean that, and it's not that hard to be discreet.

I've seen enough copsepisodes but somehow always seem to take place in Florida.

It's pretty obvious you can goget a price.

This is the dude at the airport who's laying down without headphones on watchingporn on his phone.

Yeah, he's, you know what I mean? Like notsuper self-aware, man.

Hey, we're not, we're not here athlete.

We're not here to kink shameReese McGuire, but clearly his name's Reese McGuire.

Clearly part of him, a part of whatwas giving him the rage interaction was the fact that he might get caught and uh, I meanit doesn't take, it doesn't take a, you know, the slot.

It doesn't take a genius to figureout kind of the dynamics that were going on there.

One more news story before we hop inheadfirst into week two XFL pics.

And that is, I know I speak for everyone here at SVPN.

Just want to wish you congratulations and Mel Tucker on his new coaching job at Michiganstate.

God, here we go.

Here we go.

I owe all these Colbys aware of the aware of therolling leading in super hard.

The fact that Mel Tucker left his Colorado program, I'mgoing to side with Mel Tucker.

I mean who gives a shit, right? Because well they werefive and seven.

He wasn't that good of a coach.

That'd be like if afor nobody, he just brought in a top 30 recruiting class should enjoy it.

No, but you can alsoask how for your letters of intent and if you're a good university, you would honorthat because it's like, Hey, what the fuck man? Like w I don't have a problem of youjust taking what the fuck if you just get get the money.



But the fact thatthen he played us, he pulled a classic Bobby Petrino.


But Bobby Petrino was a goodcoach.

Well yeah, but I'm talking to one year at Western Kentucky.

I'm not talking aboutthe, the chick on the back of the car.

He has a lot of incidents.

Atlanta Falcons, ESC.

All right.

Remember when that guy just quit? Yeah.

Just up and put letters in the, in the, but he told his team now talking to him, tell his team.

Oh, I mean dude, he's a piece ofshit.

All right.

He's a true piece of shit.

Well what if you're a Mel Tucker and you'rein, you wanted to stay with Colorado.

You're, you like coaching for the puffs.

They giveyou an offer.

You're like, nah, I'm staying with the puffs.

I'm not gonna leave for Michiganstate.

You tell them that.

You tweet it out.

You're, you're saying, Hey, I want to saywith Colorado, I want to say, and then they'd godfather offer you, give me your tablet.

Your timeline is not accurate.

What am I missing? He tweeted that out while his agent was negotiatingthat fucking Colombo over here cause he was, he was calling leverage.

He was tweeting outthat out, assuming they weren't going to come in a week after national signing day.


Naming isn't great, but sometimes you go take an opportunity when it presents.

Sopleat bitch move and he's a fucking millennials.

I don't, he should have.


He absolutelyshould have addressed the team like a man, but I don't have a problem with a guy takinga job that's gonna put them in a better situation.

I don't think it's a better situation.

You'vegot Larry Nasser just right there.

He thinks it's a better, it's a better situation becausefinancially deviled his money, but that's another thing is that Colorado was going tocounter offer.

He didn't even get to that because the agent, all that, the way he handledthat was so bad.

They were going to do a counter offer.

Does he have an affiliation to Michiganstate? Yes, yes.

And that is, this is why the Apple doesn't fall far from the tree becausethe scumbag that also did this back in the day was a guy named Nick Saban who did itat Michigan state and he also did it to the Miami dolphins.

I mean, unfortunately that'sjust the way the app that's called classless coach.

He should've, he should've, I mean, yeah, he could've probably done it slightly better.

Hey, I'm going to take this job.

The really what? I mean, it goes back to Michigan state.

What happened with Michigan state wasthe coach stayed on so he could get his bonus and then retired.

This is why it's so happeninglate in the process.

I'm sure if this opportunity would have presented itself earlier on andthe same situation when it went around, he would have accepted that same gigantic offer.

I don't know because everyone told them no, like fickle told them.


I mean, I don'tknow how it shakes out.

A lot of things were different coaches.


And so it kind of played out to his favor.

They desperately needed to make a move.

[inaudible]here if you're Colorado sucks, that's all.

I don'tthink it sucks.

I just told, I don't think you guys understand the element of recruitingyou just like three days ago.

Basically we're pleading for these fucking players saying, Hey, there's a video of it on Twitter.

Like the day before saying, you're coming here.

I'm going to show you the Buffalo way.

I'm going to do this thing.

Like, like, this isa place where, you know, I'm committed to it.

That's a scumbag move, dude.

You justtold his mom and his dad.

Yeah, but that's, I mean, that's their job.

When a guy, when he's a salesman, he sells you something.

He's a used car salesman pieceof shit.

All right.

Other coaches call the balls to tell it to tip out and say that youseparate you in recruiting these players and go the, no, but there's, there's a chancethat if Michigan state offers me double the money, I'm going to leave.

But you reallywant to come play in Colorado.

Michigan state offered that signing day was before it, so, no, no, no, no.

I know, but that's what I'm saying.

Like he wouldn't know to say thatbecause the double money off of them.

Well, I would say when, when that's out there, the first thing I would do is have a team meeting and explain my situation to them.

No, you got it.

You're just going to duck out.

No, no, no.

You're losing all, you'relosing the leverage by the, the reason he had leverage was because he said, I'm gonnastay at Colorado.

And so that created a situation where they had to give him all this extramoney.

If he would have said, I'm exploring options that Michigan state wouldn't havegiven him more money the right way and a wrong way to do things and agree he's scumbag.


A shit ton of players.

I, I mean, he didn't do, it's the nature of the Jang, but he didit wrong.


[inaudible] getting a job and I don't havea problem with that.

If anything, like I was a skeptic of him getting hired at Colorado, but he did his job until it wasn't his job anymore.

His job at that point in time wasto recruit those kids.

Dude, tell me then why he accepted this and he still goes tohis dinner.

He goes to a dinner promoting Jacoby.

The system's broken.

Like those kidsshould be able to transfer immediately.

Of course, when you have scumbags like that dippingout, so this, but you can't be mad at him because the system's broken.

Know what? Youcan't be mad at the coach.

He made the right choice.

I'm just mad at the coach becauseof that.

He approached it wrong.


Because to me, you take responsibility for those.

That's, you gave your word to those people setting, you're going to be there.

Come on.

Are you kidding me? But you also have to kind of observe the construct of really you'resaying if he, you're saying if he meets with his team and tells him, guysI'm doing this.

So what? I mean, I guess to me, if I'm a college football player and Isign up for the Buffalo of fur to play Colorado on a five and 17 and they get, they firedthe coach or get rid of him or he leaves her another job.

I don't give a shit.

I'm notgoing to play for Mel Tucker.

I'm going, cause they give me a scholarship and I like thecollege he went five and seven but I'm saying with the recruit, that's the highest recruitingclass I've had in a long time.

There's a lot.

That trajectory was going so, so I would disagree.

I don't think, I mean he was on the edge of being fired.

No, not at the, not after one year five and seven.

That's not a, I mean you're, you have a loser rejected that.

I think the over and under was four.

So like th they actually, you know what I mean? Like, no, but I was not on the hot seat at all though, man.

Like, but I will say they're in Chevron arena going to step in.

He is a great recruiter.


Or, or what if they get Eric the enemy? That's the step up.


Well that's whatI was rooting for that even before that, before he tweeted that out.


So then that's, I just, if you're a Buffalo, a Colorado Buffalo fan and they sketch, it seems like I wouldn't, I wouldn't be upset.

Who gives a shit if you don't want to be a part of the program.

I just think there's a way to do things, man.

I'll call it Patrina out.

I called Nick Sabanout on this.

Nick Saban, Nick Saban was a good coach.

It doesn't matter.

He's a pieceof shit X plus go Burris plus go burst has gone on record saying, yeah, he lied to usright to our face and said, Hey, I'm not going anywhere.

And then the next day he's gone.

Right, but that matters more because he was actuallylike a good coach.

[inaudible]I'm saying if you're a bad coach, you can say you're going to pay this too early totell if [inaudible] Tucker's a bad coach or a good coach.

I'm going to call it right now.

He's a bad coach.

Well, I agree.

Not a leader of man.

It's definitely not a leader of men.

There we go.

All right.

Get out of this topic.

Go buffs, baby co puffs.

Bison, bison.


I like North Dakota state.

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Get 10% off.

It's abouttime.

Week one, recap of the X.

F Oh, can we talk about how awesome.

I nailed it.

I'm just starting off with the positive.

Are you talking, are you talking about me cashing?Ryan, you didn't even hit your lock.

What are you talking about? I hit my lock.

I should'vestayed with Houston.

Houston minus five and a half.

And the dog heard the st Louis BattleHawks easy.

We're all on them.

Plus 10 money line outright plus three 30 what were yougoing to say? Kramer? You want to tag your two and two? Record and miss lock just aboutfour to one dog.

That I, that I once again wagered my own money on lost the Tampa didn'tmatter though.

Played all the unders.

Sean under his three, probably three in one dependingon where you got them.

So easy.

And the, the only one that went over was that game wherethere was a defensive touchdown and a black punt for a touchdown.

So I think the way you handicap these totals, anything over 50, I think it's just a lowauto lock on the under eye.

Especially when you have so many quarterbacks that are likeinjured.

Right now I feel like half the league is injured.

Do you also just play every Moneylinedog? Yeah, you'd be right now.

You would be up what, 2.

2 units maybe? Yeah, it's, it'sstill early.

So you still get a lean dog? Uh, lean Onder.

I mean there's totals outright now they're all sub 50 so maybe, maybe you weight, maybe people get that over feverand then that's where you swoop in for the under, but week one picks.

I guess we'll rattlethrough the games defenders 31 dragons, 19 what? What call you was on there? D C defendersKramer and I had the dragons catching seven and a half.

They were in the mix, didn't quitepull it off.

Was really hoping that for that first backdoor they kicked the field goal and then when it got taken off the board and then they ranfor a touchdown, then we're going to go over and it was the, I think you over is like 51and a half.

They, they did the thing you're not supposed to do take points off the boardline forward on fourth down.

Didn't get it but exciting game, exciting start to the XFL.

Defender's tickets were more expensive than Redskins tickets this year.

It's such a greatthing to say and watching that game I was like, Holy shit.

The D C crowd is less theDC fans or into it.

As a guy that grew up in D C I'm telling you, they're tapping it.

The fans have been fed up with the Redskins for a long time and that was a great fan base.

I think it's almost like they're, they're into the idea of the XFL, but they're alsointo sticking it to Dan Snyder and the way you stick it to Dan Snyder's this is supportthe DC defenders and uh, yeah, I think DC could have a, could have a decent squad here.

We'll see.


I mean they're, they're clearly a top tier team.

Maybe number two of my powerrankings, I was thinking about Ryan.

There are already on the XFL subreddit, uh, XFLpower rankings and we're kind of dominating the landscape for XFL content.

Speaking ofan apparent boner, I clicked over at sports gambling pack.

Has that kind of click, theXFL tab.

What do we got here? XFL fantasy football week two rankings, XFL.

DFS footballweek two picks.

DIA DraftKings core plays.


Exit Colbys XFL.

Week two picks.

Wehave XFL fantasy football week to waiver wire pickups and I shit you not.

It's one of themost clicked on articles on our site.

So we are, we are seriously embracing XL, XFL fever.

Is there anyone even competing with us? Yeah.

You know, I'm not going to drop their names, but yeah, there's some other, but they're the, you know, mainstream media.

I mean, do you really? Do you want some with no person has to won the championship.

Yeah, exactly.

The guy's saying Dungeons only.


Other a Saturday game, Wildcat, 17 rough dicks37 coming through easy money again, I went big.

I'm a boy PJ, four touchdowns in training, enough Kings, dude, he, you can't go quarterback.

You cannot tell me that Sam Darnell's betterthan him.

NFL quarter.

Why? Maybe dude, some of those throws he had, he had Philip Walkerwas only 7, 800 in draft Kings and we'll get to our trafficking's lineup here in a second.

But that was just a crazy price.

And again, I don't know a ton about Phillip Walker, butI knew that the fact that he beat out Connor cook who kind of came in as the starter andhe must've showed him something in, you know, in whatever sort of exhibition spring trainingthey had to the point that they made him the starter.

So I think there is value in fadingthe NFL names because there are these other guys that that were either college guys thatdidn't get picked up or never really got onto a NFL roster and I made the same mistake.

You're like, Oh, you know Christine Michael, I've heard of that guy.

I'll start him intrack.

King seventh carries zero yards.

So my Austin parole came through for me though, man.

And I tried to tell you his name's Christine.

I mean I'm really, I'm really Nelson spruce.

Anyone love it? Baby buffs.

11 catches.

He was the PPR machine of the DraftKings.

Hewas chalk with you.

You had to have him 11 catches 103 yards.

Remember when I gave outrough necks to win the championship? What'd you, what do we give that out? Initially atRyan, right? Was it? It was somewhere between seven and 10 I think it was.

Plus I had ahundred I think we both took rough necks and then I even, I, I didn't actually bet therough necks.

I bet.

I bet defenders, this is my heart.

You roofer.

Every fingers aren'tgonna win it all, dude.

I'd say this is bad.

They fired their defensive coordinator.

Oneguy got into my head.

It's Houston DC in the finals.

That's what it's looking like early.

It is only hot tech.

Sunday we saw the Tampa Bay Vipers road favoritein New York against the guardians got destroyed 23 to three we were all, we all had Viperfever again.

I, I succumbed to the Murray.

Well, and that's then that bad-ass helmet.

I thought that was to match me.

Never did a good job.

They gave it like that.

You can'twin a game when you make that many turnovers.


The Vipers turned it over.

A lot ofblows.


With the two headsets he did his Ray.

That was a, that was pretty great.

And I joke that the second helmet, the second headset was for Elvis when he showed up becauseGlenville was notorious for leaving one pair of tickets or Elvis.

READ  Come checkout Dragon and Tiger Tower in Kaohsiung Taiwan 🇹🇼

Every time he goes toEastern Oilers in case all showed up.

You got to love that man just in case.

Yeah, nogood.

Tampa came out super flat.

I'm curious if they do a quarterback change, would theybe better? Because Murray struggled.

He didn't look good at all.

Yeah, but the Quintin flowers, they have Quintin flowers just sitting there.

Little Lamar Jackson for the XFL.

Well guy, why not? I mean the Murray looked like shit.

Like why are you like, why not try the other guy? Yeah.

And honestly, this speaks volumesto the quality of play in the XFL.

Trestman CFO legend dude, dude.

Sucks everywhere elseis your favorite team, the New York law guardians, the New York LaGuardia's? No, it's the [inaudible]fever.

Rough next hour.

Probably like Colby.

I'mgetting one team.

I'm going, I'm going to take one team.

There's money to be made.

Buddyst Louis, battle Hawks 15 renegades nine again, it's pretty easy.

Just uh, you know, I'llgo home and get your fucking shine box.

We were unanimous on that.

Just the renegadesare trash.

They're from Dallas.

What more analysis do you need? Shout to the paddleHawks.

St Louis.

Really excited at football again and kudos to them.

Ugly, ugly game.

But they're not, they're not all going to be pretty, they're still figuring things out.

I want to see one team go for a three point earth that has not been done yet.

I also wantto see the forward double pass.

Can we talk? Why have you not done that?Why would you not go for three every time? Cause you're from the 10 so basically do youthink it's 50% harder to convert from the 10 than the five? The way I saw Aaron Murraythrow the ball.


And yeah, I guess that depends on the, I guess first like if I wasWalker, why wouldn't you? Why wouldn't you? They hear thing all over the field is goingfrom the two to the five.

You're getting two times the juice, but from going to the fiveof the 10 you're going further, but you're getting less juice.

That's probably the smartmove.

But why? If you're feeling it, why not? Right.

Like shooters shoot.



And again, in the same way that teams have been randomly going for two pointsin the NFL, I think going for three points, you know, get that card out or whatever.

Ithink over the long haul, it's the same thing like the Houston rockets, they just decidedto start shooting three pointers.

It's more efficient.

I imagine when you do the deepdive on analytics, going from the 10 for three pointer is going to be better longtermgum for two at the fight.

I think we may learn that it will be the two.

I do.

I do think, what do you guys think? Uh, I really liked the fact the punting rule where you can'tpun out of balance, you're forced to see a play.

I like that.

I think the XFL, like legitimatelygot smart people in a room and fixed or made a lot of the NFLs rules better.


I don'tthink I saw anything out there that was worse.

And I, the kickoff thing looked funny, butthat's better than just starting from the 25 seeing the ball kicked out of the end zoneand then go on the commercial like that.

That's actually interesting.

And I'm sure that willevolve into some interesting potential for formations.

Maybe they'll start tweaking it, but considering they didn't really have any time to like beta test these rules.


I mean, and I did like the, uh, I don't know if the NFL will actually do it, but I'mlaughing at the idea of the NFL actually bringing the camera in to the, uh, incident replaybecause it was interesting to hear these guys and you're like, what are you doing? Theysound kind of like they, as you would imagine like 60 year old guys trying to watch a video.

It's like explaining email to your grandpa.

Like, okay, does he do it? Okay, what do Iclick on the thing? And he's got the Xbox.

It's first down.

See ya.

Well that the IPO has to figure that out.

Every other major sport internationally hasfigured it out where the guy just talks to the guy.

It's compelling and everyone can hear.

It's compelling on TV, but I dunno if the NFL wouldexpose themselves really like when the tuck roll they're like, Hey look, we can't have Al Davis when he sued us and it's a baby fucking wheel.

You knowwhat though? So I've been watching a fair amount of rugby lately.

They just launchedan American rugby.

You like the alternative sports? I would say this about the way thatby opening that conversation up it becomes a lot easier to see like play stands and thelogic.

Like when you watch rugby, the guy will be like, so can you tell? Can we actuallysee it? No, it's not.

Not not a good angle.

Now that's not enough.

I think it would help the average dumb idiot fan.

We don't have any of those lists, butthe, the average like maybe you wouldn't have to hear them explain every single time they, you need overwhelming visual.

You need visual evidence to overrule, well that's what I'm saying.

They don't do that.

Then it just becomes a, Oh yeah, no, I'm not seeing enough.

Boom, move on.

By the way, I think I figured it out.

Sean had togo to Walgreens today to get some stuff for Valentine's day and he bumped into Juan.

That'swhy he's here.

Oh, I'm not irritated, Ryan.

I didn't haveto go to Walgreens.

I went to Buccs, Jack cam, slash SGP, promo-code SGP.

Got my wife'ssome beautiful flowers there on the way.

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That's right.

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Becomea player in the sports gambling world.

Are you going to do is head over to [inaudible]dot com slash S G P that's a spread.

com/sgp sign up there.

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What is ACE ACE per head? We'll set you up with an all inclusive professionalbed insight with all the lines updated to the second wagers graded immediately.

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com/s G P.

Sean, we have a lot lie.

We're, again, we'relive on YouTube.


com/sports gambling podcast.

Cousin is is somehow it's got two30 on the East coast.

I don't know.

I don't know what he's up to.

Hopefully he's not.

Uh, what was the name of that baseball player? Reese McGuire in it.

Hopefully he's not reasonable.

But he's messaged you right now? No, he's on the, uh, he's on the internet.

Allows usto be, everyone was a bit concerned because he took Delaware and that was my lock, sohe's probably celebrating his, what he said was Delaware survives.



There wego, man.

Blue hens baby Delaware did survive the Tampa Bay slot.

Okay, let's do it.

Let'sgive out week two.


DFS lineup.

Colby kicked things off.

Who's your quarterback?How much you pay and why you start him? Look, I'm going to go strictly for a black pepper.

Johnson got fired.

Yes, he did.

Defensive coordinator for the Wildcats.

Defensive coordinatorteam captain on the defensive side of the ball quits the team because they fired pepperJohnson.

There's turmoil in Los Angeles guys.

All right.

Josh Johnson, their quarterbacksout.

Look, this team's going to be bad.

It's gonna be bad.

And that's why Landry Jonesis playing this week.

And I can tell you, look, Phillip Nelson, East Carolina guy, hedidn't look very good last week.

Maybe he's been having, maybe he's been hitting the boozea little too hard.

But you don't think they're going to rally around this adversity? LA?Yeah.


Yeah, baby.

No, I think, I think Landry Jones is going to light him up andthen Linda Jones is going to let him up.

When's the last time someone said that statement?[inaudible] Jones is going to let him up.


Uh, so I'm on Landry Jones at 9, 500shock baby.

You're going Walker.

Oh yeah, I'm Rachel.

In the st Louis team stock is[inaudible] way too high.

They played a crappy team from Dallas.

Uh, yeah, no, I'm ridingthe rough neck fever baby.

I don't know what that means.

That feels like something youcatch after going to West Hollywood for a Saturday night.

But yeah, I'm I I got roughneck fever.

Phillip Walker, my boy again, he was namedthe uh, XFL player of the week.

Congratulations for sever xFi and also the honor of beingmy quarterback in the first ever sports gambling podcast from a 200 K winters.

Sean Green andagain, help cash the first XFL lock hit on the sports gambling podcast.

You surmise fiveand a half.

I, however I like.

I love my boy PJ Walker.

Inumber 11 in your program, number one in your heart.

Sky's making his debut as a starter coming in.

Now again, I'll check the injury report, but it looks like he, uh, silvers is out for the Seattle dragons.

Give me the J Danielsthere at home.

Tampa Bay for some reason is a road favored even though you're going togo Tampa Bay to Seattle, that is a ass flight and a bunch of tickets are sold on that gametoo.

I didn't see anything that I saw, uh, out of that Viper team that made me want totake them again as a road favorite.

BJ Daniels is only $8, 000 in DraftKings.

Little a littlestat about BJ Daniels, 2000 yards rushing in college.

How do you in these draft Kings?It's past catching running backs and quarterbacks who run the ball AKAum, BJ Daniels.

BJ Daniels.


So yeah, I'm all BJ all day baby.

Call me.

Who's yourrunning back? Uh, look, you said I'm going to stick with Seattle.

I got a Kenneth Farrow.

Now look, I, I know the quarterbacks out, but I'm saying throw it.

They threw a lotto him last week.

Jim Zorn likes the third of the running backs a lot.

You know, here's what I'll do.

Colby, I'm going to pick up my pick right where you leftoff.

Why I considered Farrow, but I actually went with Trey Williams.

Trey Williams hadfive targets.

Pharaoh only had four.

He had a, Trey Williams has been dubbed the passcatching running back in Seattle.

Oh, he's coming.

I'm doing the rare QB running backstack.

And the reason is, uh, because I think BJ Daniel's again, backup quarterback comingin, he's going to be running the ball.

He's going to be checking it down to the runningback.

So I like the feral play.

He had nice yards per attempt.

He was a second stringguy, kind of probably made a name for himself as the first string guy.

However, I'm goingto do the PPR route with my boy.

I'm lockstep with you Shawn.

And by the way, I don't know if we said this out loud, but Marie's out that that has been reported asflowers now, right? That not clear.


He's the third string according to the place ofa little bit of everything, I think.


But I gotta imagine they got us back.

Couldbe the, the GPP play, right? You get them in there.

Yeah, that could be it.

But no, I'm with you.

I in Shawn, Shawn, we were talking before the show about the, uh, the extentyou went to tracking some of these statistics.


Uh, yeah, no, I just think he's it.

Iwatched all the XFL games this weekend.

Very proud of myself and it just, I, I want a pieceof this because this is going to be a gross game with two backup quarterbacks.

Just alot of garbage to the sidelines.

So we're also on Trey Williams.


Colby, who's your first receiver? I'm gonna.

Uh, I'm gonna ride a couple of guys I rode lastweek, but when I first received her is cam Phillips caught a 50 yard touchdown last week.

There was a couple other opportunities, uh, that, that were missed nine targets, but Ifeel like, Hey, it's timing.

They're going to get that down.

More games played, the morethe time he's going to get better.

And uh, yeah, st Louis obviously played Phillip Nelsonand he couldn't throw the ball very well.

I think Houston stretches the field bettervertically than Dallas does.

So give me cam Phillips again, who's your, who's your firstreceiver? Kim Phillips as well.

Why you keep doing this to me.

You know, I'm going to takeKim Phillips.

He went to Virginia tech.

I've told you he's a very good wide receiver.


We saw it on display.

Nine targets, only four catches that will regress.

Of coursehe did have the long touchdown, but I have rough neck fever.

Colby didn't know you likedriding.

Guys finish there.

Hey, did you, did you, uh, did you win any money last week onyour DFS? I think I, I think I entered a 10 or $15 contest and I think I cashed 10 or$15 whatever though I took, I took top prize, huh? Yeah.

I didn't have a great lineup.


Nelson spruce, my first receiver, he's 10, 400.

I just think this guy is, he's just the guy likehe, he's, he's a guy.

None for sound too much.

Liketoo much like my boy John.

It's a guybuy a beer at a bar, right? Nelson spruce is a player.

He's at home withthe Wildcats.

They've had their struggles, but this guy is going to get the targets.

He had 15 targets, 11 catches for one Oh three did not get a touchdown.

This man is due fora touchdown.

So I think the touchdown, uh, that he's going to get in this game is goingto carry any sort of PPR regression.

So give me Nelson's first.

What was this price? He's10, 400.

He's, he's pricey.

I also have him because why not? He was clearlythe number one.

Yeah, it just fit the, the level of comp is good, but the level of compis not good enough.

When you have a guy that's just going to be wide open over the middleof the hole.

Yeah, he's a, he's like an Edelman type.

He'sdominant in PPR situations.

Who's your second receiver? Colby?Uh, by second receiver is Austin prole, which, you know, I I I'm thinking about changingthis one up when, when you told me Daniel's, cause Daniel's, I don't think throws as goodas the a as silvers.

So I, I don't think he is a slot receiver though.

But let's ride.

Let's ride pro fray.

Now I might do an update, a tweet going on here.

I looked to the Houston roughnecks for my a second receiver and I, and I think thisguy will actually be the number one receiver in Houston that is a collegial Louis [inaudible]six targets, five catches, had a touchdown, a 45 yards receiving.

But he also had thetwo point conversion.

I noticed some chemistry between him and PJ.

So I liked the price point.

I liked the opportunity.

Again, I am Renegade's probably a little overrated here in this situation.

Houston, back to back home games.

I think they get a little bit of mojo going.

I likedthe momentum and I think Louis is actually kind of the GoTo receiver in Houston.


But that's the way I'm leaning right now.

Who's your first flex spot? Colby?And I'm going to correct it.

I'm going to go with Lewis over parole because, becausehe's cheaper and also parole, like I said with BJ Daniels there, I remember him at SouthFlorida.

He's a electric, but I don't think he stretches the field much, uh, verticallypassing game.

So, so I'm gonna make that switch now.

Uh, what was my other question? My nextreceiver or my flex is a, a guy by the name of, uh, Flynn Nagle wide receiver for Dallas.

Look, Dallas couldn't move the rock last week.

A lot of that was the backup quarterback hands.

God is good change that Nagle's pretty much like spruce and a and parole.

I guess the, he's white.

He's going to find, he's going to, he's going to be be a, what's his name?A amygdala.

Find little cracks in the cracks in the zone.

Defensive pepper Jansen's gone.

They're going to be able to, you know, throw the ball around.

It does seem like you want a little piece.

I uh, I went, I don't know what the KentuckyWildcat Jeff, but that Baudette but day by day is a silent to you, right? But day, uh, again, you want a piece of this.

It does feel like there's going to be opportunity.

Uh, I'm very brokenhearted over the pepper Johnson firing.

What happened there? Callie got reallyworked up.

Why did he fuck his wife? You never know.

It is Los Angeles, so I'm going to take[inaudible] for 8, 700.

This is a, again, I normally don't do this.

I normally don't advisemy clients to be involved in this, but I did it.

I did the disgusting act and I pickeda person on the Dallas renegades, Lance Dunbar, Lance Dunbar leads the league in targets andreceptions from the running back position.

He's only $4, 600.

He's going up against thatled fence, which uh, as we know is suspect.

So gimme lands Dunbar at 4, 600.

I like thecowboy.

Really? Is your dad not listening to the XFO shows? I like the, eh, the, thepast catching aren't running back.

They're a sucker.

Uh, or I'm a sucker for them indraft Kings.

So yeah, give me Lance Dunbar, 4, 600 Colbert.

Who's your second flex spot?I'm going with Jarell Presley.

I think he's going to have a [inaudible] better week thanhe did week one.

A defender's running back.


I think, you know, guardians are a littlebit, a little bit careful.

So Vipers were just that bad.

I think press is going to gethis, cause Carl Jones passing attack with sharp Rashad Ross gonna open up so then they'regoing to be able to run the rack better.

What's on you're it on Jones? He got better as thegame went on early in.

Early on.

I was a skeptic.

Be in the NFL.

I think so.


Yeah, right.

I think him Anne Walker, I mean PJ Walker's legitimately going to be in the league.


Let me look at me it with Gilbert and the AAF.

Last year he was the second string onCleveland.

Yeah, yeah.

No, I mean some of these guys will get a shot and it's kind offun getting a look at them now and I, and I think that'll be key to keep the leaguearound.

Kramer, what's your second flex guy? So I, as I was making this lineup, I realizedI didn't have, I didn't have a D C defender and I really, I like this.

I like, I likewhat they're doing and I think they have a tough match up coming up here with the guardians, I think.


They're going to take New York, they're going to take him to the wall.

I wanted to, I wanted to grab something here.

I didn't have a ton of cash, so I went PumphreyI'm thinking he's horrible.

He got blasted set for EXITO highlight reel.

So Tom are, you know what? I'm going to go back to my original guy.

Come on, go withtolerber.

I went with them last week.

Uh, he was eight targets.

He didn't, I wouldn't say he converted every opportunity cause you only had three catches, but he clearlywas involved in the offense.

I worry though, because nowyou know Tampa Bay is crap.


I need to pivot.

I'm already off of the Tamar trip, man.

It's a fun trip.

But here's the problem.

We gotcaught up with their outfits.

We got caught up with our outfits.

The global thing gotme a little bit too Trestman got, I was like, Oh yeah, he knows office and bill Glanvilleand dress man.

The unbeatable cow route for Jerry Glanville.

All right, my man.

All right, so the tamper right strip club, capital J, fashion.

Those two Glanville is like, Hey, let's go Mark.

I know a spot.

It's hard not to imagine him at a strip wall and also stillhaving the two headsets.

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Trust me, you won't catch clear bill jerking off in a parkinglot.

He's going to get the real action.

No, totally a lunch buffet strip book day.

Let'sgo to see the targets even though it's the backup quarterback.


All right.

Not a bad play.

Alright, thanks Colby.

I'm going with the guy de Mornay, Pearson L you're saying, who the hell is that guy? I'll tell you.

Is the receiver for thest Louis Battle.

Hawk's not super high on them as a team, but you know, they're playingagainst the rough decks.

Rough decks did let up a couple of big plays last week.

Uh, defense, uh, Devens didn't really have to do much and they still gave him some points even thoughthey had PJ Walker deep here.

Uh, they Montay Pearson L kind of a speedster and he's comingoff a decent game with the battle Hawks.

Four for four on reception.

Start at 64 yards, including a 41, uh, yard catch.


He's also been involved runningthe ball a little bit.

And, uh, he's a big word man.

Small guy, but he's a speedster.

He's going across the slot, the slot.

How's the slot?The Raiders liked him.

He's, he again, he's a speedster guy.

He set the Nebraska ballrecord for receptions, eight versus USC in the 2014 holiday ball.

That's the kind ofguy won by draft Kings lineup.

Colby, who is your defense? This is the, this is theplay you guys got to do, right? Just listen to me here.

All right, I'm listening.

D Cno.


The secondary is the best secondaryin all of the XFL.

Raheem more and dare I say Elijah Campbell, this kid from NorthernIowa block the punt.

Got a pick six.

I mean, this kid is good though.

Greg Makel McElroywas saying that, uh, uh, Greg Mackelroy maquette McCoy.

What am I makin McElroy.

Yeah, thequarterback from Alabama.

Um, he was saying that, uh, this dude should already be in theNFL.

The only reason he's not excused from Northern Iowa.


I was really impressedwith the secondary though.

What's he re he more plan ball too.

The fenders are good defensedude.

I told you, I mean, I don't know if you're listening to the show earlier.

I saidthey are in the championship with the roughnecks.

Well but check this out.

The battle Hawk, I mean not the bad guys.

The guardians only scored what, 17 points last week and it wasa, they had a defensive touchdown at a bunch over turnovers cause Aaron Murray will, CornellJones isn't going to make those mistakes.

This defense is going to shut down this NewYork guardians all fence.

I'm also on the defenders 23 points.

They're at home.

Whatwas it? 23 garbage points? Yeah.

I mean there's only eight defenses.

I like to go home defense.

So that kind of narrows it to four the 4, 400 but yeah, give me the, give me the DC defense.

Pulling back the curtain.

I don't really, yeah.

What's your defense? Well, this Tampateam is trash and you know, we gotta do time out a lot of places that are selling you thosepictures.

What do they do? They tell you to, to ride something like a stock and then theydon't know when to sell there too.

They're so proud and they so much want to lean intonot me.

This Tampa team is shit.

They are absolute shit and I'm a little worried thatquarterback change could help them.

But give me Seattle, like you said, long trip acrossthe country.

There's somehow Lang points again.

How are they favored? I don't understand.

This is a reality show, right? Didn't look that bad against DC.

If pro doesn't foughtout on that route, he slipped on a on like uh, going over the middle and the ball, itgot to pick six.

And what about closer games? He sees one of the better teams, so I thinkthat's fine to lose like that to them.

Give me the dragons or asyou call them, the sea dragon.

It is kind of confusing because it's the Seattle dragons.


So it says sea dragons on there.

Very confusing.

You know, it's not confusing.

Newplayer in TFS.

That's monkey knife bite.

Again, you'll have gambler.

What more do you needto know then you just want more opportunities to play games to get involved in daily fantasy.

And of course you want to get involved in daily fantasy.

You gotta check out monkeyknife, fight.

com that's right.

New leader in DFS.

It's fun.

You know, instead of it'sa salary base like some of the other places.

It's just DFS propositions you're playingagainst the house.

It's pure awesomeness.

And again, it's more fun than watching monkeysfight it out with knives.

Are you going to do head over to monkey knife by dotcom? Usea problem gun SGP.

Receive a hundred dollar match bonus up to 100 hours.

Use promo codeSGP at monkey knife, fight.


Great episode of the Simpsons as well.

Monkey knife fight, fight deck.

Promo-code SGP.

Let's do it.

Rapid fireon these XFL picks.

Kramer guardians, defenders take it away.

So this guardians team mightnot be bad.

I'm still, I'm still skeptical about Marlon on this defenders scene.

Let'sgo lay this play the points.


I'm going TC lay in the seven great teas opportunityhere with the under.

Ryan didn't read the spread.

Read a defender's seven point homefavorites.

I'm sorry.

Total sitting in 47 looks off Saturday 11 eight he said the matchup and then threw it to me so he threw me off.

I'm sorry.

Oh yes.

The two.

Do you want, do you want to tell us what you like about this game call because you're on the defendersas well? I'm on the, yeah, one of the fenders wa let's crowd is lit and then you got, thenyou got look Tampa.

So bad.

They're making New York look good.

I don't, I watched thatgame.

I was not overly impressed with the New York guardians.


They dominate.

That was the worst one on the weekend.

Yeah, easily.

Usually the worst one on the weekend.

The telescope anyway, D C lay the point.



I'm also an IDC.

They have momentum.

They have the home crowd, a decent offense and yeah, I think Colby nailed it.

I thinkit was more about Tampa Bay be bullshit than New York actually being good.

I, I'm scaredof the seven but I think I'm not taking anything that's, I'm not taking a favorite.

That'stwo scores.

So uh, yeah.

Give me a DC minus M T I mean, can we tease, do they allow thesame teasers? Cause this is where you, you tease it with the under a period 2:00 PM Westcoast totals at 47 right now, 2:00 PM West coast kick.

Speaking of absolute trash, theTampa Bay Vipers, they slither crush short.

They slither across the country on that shortweek to take on the Seattle sea dragons where somehow Tampa Bay is laying two and a halfand the total is 43 and a half.

Talk about a Wong teaser in the XFL.

Giveme the Seattle dragons.

Sean, I'm doing a teaser this week.

Can we do it? Caesar, dothey let you do teasers now? No.


XFL teasers.

Oh no, of course you can tease it.

Why couldn'tyou tease it? The three point play, I don't know if are they're offering the same sixpoints.

He's give me the dragons plus two and a half.

I mean, this is, this is, thisis an easy play, right? It's almost too easy.

There's going to be a crowd for this one.

You know what I mean? I've heard that they got a bunch of ticketsand I, I've been, you know, I've been to that stadium.

It's a good stadium.

It's gonna getloud.

I mean, they support fucking soccer.

You don't think they're going to support actualfootball Seattle? The dragons will be, you know, spit and fire, come Saturday afternoon.

I'm all over the see dragons plus two and a half.

It makesno sense that the NBA was like, yeah, we're going to leave Seattle.


The fans arethere.


You see their [inaudible] of money there at the second they get thatniche, NHL stadium.

The whole thing with a, you know, stadiums now is like, can we sell the box suites? You got fucking Amazon.

Usually youjust say to Jeff pesos, like, do you want, do you want to call it the Amazon arena? Imean, how hard is this? He's got more money than God.


Anythingto add to that game? Are we moving on? No, we're good.

Dallas Sunday, slight shift inthe time, so make sure you set your clocks.

The Sunday games, those first one starts atnoon.

West coast where the Los Angeles wild cats are playing in the early game againstthe tower.

Right? Is it not right? I think it's right.

I'm pretty sure it's right.

Ithink that's why they, they're starting at noon and two, so they're going to have anoverlap.

That's weird.

No, it's noon in three.

I'm sorry that, that, that part's incorrect.


Uh, Los Angeles plus four at home.

Early click.

That's an early kick.

This is collegefootball.

Now you're on LA.

No, no, but how do you get on Dallas? Because Landry Jonesis back and because LA, sorry.

[inaudible] maybe another favorite.

No, I'm, I'm on a, I'm on a LA here.

Oh, Tom's.

Listen to this thing.

Dallas sucks.

Jess Johnsonupgraded the limited, come on.

Maybe he has a shot in a home team.

They're going to beat dignity health sports park.

You don't come into dignity health, sports Mark and pusharound the LA Wildcats.

Not on my watch.

Give me the Wildcats.

Plus four.

You still go intothis game? Call me.


If everything aligns correctly, I willbe at this game with you.

What do you need? Like the star.

Is it like an astrologicalsymbol? You know what I should've done? I was getting sloppy was I was gonna I should'veemailed from a SGP saying we'd like some tickets cause where's your page or did that, yeah, so that would mean you would have to use yourcompany email address.


See what I have to send in his invoice.

People would haveto get their shit together.

I work a lot of work because that work ishard.

Um, it's really cracking the whip over here.

This is an easy play though.

Take theDallas renegades, you know English over here.

You're getting foolish.

You're your hometown.

You know, you, you're just buying the hype.

What didyou see the, the renegades were at home.

I got their shit pushed in by the st Louis Battlehooks.

Now they go on the road to the West coast.

Thebattle Hawks are on the feed.

It's the funniest shit you sit on.

Like the wild cats as a homedog.

It's plus four.

Give it to me all day, baby.



Another one that I don'tunderstand.

Why this total so high of a 48 like which teams? Which teams scoring 24 points?I think Dallas is gonna light it up a little bit on offense a little bit.

How mommy's goingto get this thing? The air raid, our guy, Mike, Mike one leach will tell you that.

Imean if you're not a team named the Houston roughnecks, which by the way, plenty of roomon top of the rough neck.

I'm riding, I'm riding off into the sunset.

That's, you knowwhat? It's a guy who like gets oil.

So if you need a good pump and you go to the rough, right? Ah, 3:00 PM kick on the West coast.

ThoseHouston roughnecks are laying eight points against the st Louis Battle Hawks total is49 Sean? Yes.

Let me guess.

You're not, you're going to, you're going to Zig here.

You'regoing to go against my Houston.

Roughnecks Hey, I love the rough necks again.

I madePJ Walker my lock, my DFS first ever inaugural DFS quarterback, so very prestigious.

However, you also like a good pump.

That's how I go to the pump room.

However, eight points istoo much for this paddle hugs team that's kinda decent.

So give me st Louis plus eightI'm not laying a points in the XFL yet.

We're not there.

We don't.

We didn't learn anythingabout st Louis last week.

I, I liked them.

I thought that as the game went on, they gotbetter and better.

Jordan taboo, right? No, I'm on the battle Hawks on the points too.

I, I definitely like the name.

I know you don't like the name.

Yeah, I do like the name.

I like that we get a [inaudible] battle Hawks verse rough next matchup.

But I'm all overthis and I'm teasing.

I'm teasing this weekend and the no acts Savelle teases.


I know.

I just found that out.

It's very disappointing.

Is it really on there? Then I'll let you teasethat combine.

Oh, I don't know.

I'll have to try it.

It didn't let me because of theSeattle plus two-and-a-half wasn't the teasel.

It's too easy.

They know date.

They know whatfree money is.


I'm a, again, this is the game that I think could go over really.

Cause I, um, as far as totals, um, the Sunday games, 49, 48, I'm going under the Saturday, uh, I'm playing all, I'll go over and you know what, no, I'll just, I'm going to blindlyplay all four unders again.

Just, yeah, that's, I was gonna say, I, I'm pointing out the oneI think goes over but still playing all 400.

Sean at the end of the year.

Are you goingto be a, you know, signing the petition to get a Philadelphia XFL? You know, really?I mean, no, I think it's a cute little league, but, uh, I don't know.

He doesn't have roomfor that in his life.


I'm not like, you call me, I don't need nine teams.

Justgive me the Eagles and fuck everyone else.

That's kind of where I'm at.

But I, yeah, you have one team, you know what I mean? Like, yeah, sure.

I'll wear the Sixers hat and Hey, hockey, baseball, it's cool, but come on.

I have one team and the rest of them and joinedfor gambling purposes.

If they got an X of L team, I'm sure I would support them.

I thearena team was actually really good owned by Ron Jaworski.

Now it made a nice coupleof runs.

I've won some money on the arena.

Football league, munch.

I come winning moneyon the XFL.

What, what does that all have in common, Sean? Green wins money.

You don'tflip though.

Stock is going up and listen.

[inaudible]before we get to the lock dog teas, I wanted to check in with everyone.

Are we lookingto acquire any other futures? Uh, the updated numbers.

Two plus two 25 for the defenders, the favorites plus 300 for the roughnecks.

I think it's still, I think there's stillvalue there.

I mean they're clearly better than the rest of the field in my opinion.

The next tier is then the Dallas renegades five to one at six to one.

We have the guardians, the Vipers, throw that one out and the battle Hawks, that'll Hawks could be good.

Eightto one.

The Wildcats definitely don't buy them.

Seattle Dragon's 12 to one they're notthat bad.

Bit of an overreaction one game only.

I feel like just out of principle, Iwant to add a little 12 to one stock to my, I think I have, was it nine to one Sean? Yeah.

Was that the one? So I'm pretty sure nine to one get some 12 to one on the dragons.

That's the stock I'm going to be buying this week.

Yeah, I love it.

All right, let's, let's do it.

Let's give out a lock and a dog.

I'll kick things off.

Lock dragons plus twoand a half at home.

Are you kidding me? You're making the tip of a biker's road favorites.

This is insane.

Feels trappy that's they're just getting in your head thoseno, no, but it's like a reverse trap.

Normally it'd be like, Oh, minus two and a half ofobviously so easy, but this is like, it's totally the take the two and a half spot feelstoo easy.

It does and I'm not gonna overthink it.

Giveme the Dragon's plus two and a half for my dog.

Gimme the Wildcats fade.

Dallas, I'mgoing to keep this going the entire season.

Whoever Dallas is playing, if they're roadfavorites, I'm going to be taking the home dog.

So give me the Los Angeles Wildcats plusfour right now.

Uh, Moneyline I don't see it out yet, but head over to my bookie.

I'msure they'll hook you up with a decent price there.

Colby, who is your, and who's yourdog this week? I'm locking the defender's minuses.

Then last.

A touchdown.


My dog is going to be the battle Hawks.

Ooh, okay.

Come on.

It's justtoo easy.

Sean lock.


[inaudible] minus eight.

Are you kiddingme? It's getting silly over here, huh? Yeah.

Andthen dog gimme Seattle.

Yeah, it's pretty pretty.

That one's pretty good.

My clientsa lot of stone.

I won't, I may just do it and do a Wildcatsbattle Hawks.

Moneyline I mean, dad is just juicy.

Are you kidding me? That is a tempting, tempting offer.

The rough necks are the best team.


Wellthat's good.

They don't play good enough.

Defense defenders are the best team.

I can'twait.

Can't wait.

I really hope we get to see shows in Houston though.

That's an advantage, right? Whoa.

I I, that's what was part of my analysis during the future.

I just hopewe get to play the game.

I hope we make it.

I have doubts.

I hope we make it.

You havedoubts for viewership this weekend.

I just hope we make it.

I think after last weekend, you got to think you're more optimistic.

My urgency to watch the games realtime wasn'tthere.

I still watched him.


Fuck it.

I just put it in a three team.

Parlay dragons.

You know what? I'm going to make this for.

All right.

I had the defenders.

They're actually a favorite.

I'll do money line.

Hold on.

Well while Sean's doing though.

Okay, I got, I got the dragons plus one 15battle Hawks plus two 60 Wildcats plus one 65 defenders minus two 7, 100 pays 2200 justput that in, but let's go.

All right.

Thank you for participating in the sports Gannonpodcast.

Colby, where can people hear you? Uh, the college experience.

I know, I thoughthe was going to fail the test.

And how do they get therethat you type in the college experience? So whatever platform you listen to podcasts on, except just the one we're having trouble with right now, Stitcher seems to have a problemwith the college experience at the moment.

We're working through some stuff.

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That's not cool.

But feel freeto email podcast@sportsgamblingpodcast.

com and we will handle it for Colbys year endreview.

We'll make sure we discussed with him that may, maybe, maybe you're into threehour podcast.

Maybe you're not in a three habitat in awhile, man.

But I miss him.

Imiss him.

Um, look, uh, if you like ACC basketball, check out NC Nick, we got see Nick writing, writing.

If you like ACC basketball, brought up a good piece, check it out and do I getthat on the sports game? I podcast network feed.

Do you get that to sports?Getting podcast.

com no, but your, your podcasts, where do I get that? Is that it's on the sportsgaming packets network feed, right? No, this is where you say we have our own feed andgood, that's it.

Then you said just type in the college experience.

What I'm trying toget at is to reiterate that you have your own feed people to subscribe to it.

Hey, worldout there.

We have our own feed, the college experience, checking out compelling.

We coverthe XFL college basketball.

Just subscribe, rate, review, share.

There you go.

Any othershit in your own personal feed? Thank you guys.

As always, for tuning in the sportsgambling podcasts.

I'm Sean stacking the money green and he is Ryan, uh, nag fever, Kramer's.

Let it ride.

I believeyou're going against my, uh, you think the roughnecks got it.


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