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Speaker 1 (2m 14s):Welcome everyone to the sports gambling podcasts.

I'm Shawn stack in the money green with mypartner and picks right real money Kramer.

What's happening creme Speaker 3 (2m 24s):dog? Not much on just happy to be here happy for you to be here happy for our guests tobe here Speaker 1 (2m 31s):joining us in Studio Number 15 seated.

Call me Dan aka the dant abase.

What's happeningColby Speaker 3 (2m 40s):XFL pay their players guys.

Speaker 1 (2m 43s):Yeah, they tweeted that out.

There was big news.

Hey, we've paid our players which it'sI get it.

Maybe your maybe you're making fun of the AF, but maybe don't maybe maybe actlike you've been there before XFL.

I'm enjoying the except it's good fun.

No, but I thinkthere is some weird aspect they're going on.

I love the XFL.

It's been it's been superenjoyable.

I love caching all this money.

I love the fact that we're all in on all undersgo And six into against the spread.

I love that there is a weird thing becauseI'm sucked into XFL Twitter.

Now, I'm following all these different beat writers and differentaccounts and there is a weird thing going on where people are acting like they've beenfans of these teams and the league their entire lives and there's there's already like peoplesucking up to XFL beat writers and like social media guys and some you know, no one doesit more than XFL 8 3 5 Kevin Jim 84 this guy no one breaks XFL news like him.

He is grinding it out there.

He's puttingin the work day in day out getting you the XFL news like Speaker 3 (3m 53s):okay.


Can I say weeks in like I take the Baton has been fun from XFL eight fivethree be writer there.

We had the decency in the responsibility as a journalist to validatethe news.

He was break.

I saw some of this to Sean they're talking about how some ofthese beat writers.

They're not responsible journalist.

It's like, all right, guys.

Meanwhile, Speaker 1 (4m 22s):I have an awesome DFS line up with the exception of the quarterback.

I started turns out theguy didn't start like I'm on Twitter.

I'm a degenerate.

I'm all in on the XFL.

How doI miss this? I'm following multiple sea dragons and battle Hawks guys and Renegade Renegade Speaker 3 (4m 41s):Jim.

Wait what you got? Be careful.

I'm sorry Colby You Are The Guest I you will get a chanceto speak but what you have to be careful is for whatever reason the beat reporter positiongot really popular sometime in the last Speaker 1 (4m 58s):couple weeks fighting to be the whoa GIF XF Speaker 3 (5m 1s):@ Well people are pretending to be beat writers when there's just a dude at home with a bunchof Google Alerts.

Say a true very true.

I think I'm going to go on record.

50% of quoteXFL be replied reporters don't have a full-time job.

Speaker 1 (5m 20s):Oh, yeah, I would say I mean that a diva Speaker 3 (5m 24s):I'll even say if you're getting paid by a publication to cover the XFL that counts.

Yeah, but I don't think that most of Speaker 1 (5m 33s):it those are all part-time jobs, but I don't mean to say this as if I don't like it, it'sjust funny how people are acting like they're all In and lifelong XFL to and that's a goodBuzz to have though there is a guy on Twitter like talking trash.

Like I look at the XFLmemes.

It's like oh that's classic battle Hawks fans.

Like what do you mean? Is it twogames? They have you played a home game had the one guy was talking shit.

He goes.

Oh, yeah, like I'm going to listen to someone in the least earn conference.

I didn't even know they were conference.

There'seight teams.

What do you what do Speaker 3 (6m 6s):you mean? No, but okay but back to the original thing that the Tweet but Speaker 1 (6m 10s):it's not it's fun, but it's not it's funny.

He liked the Speaker 3 (6m 13s):people on there's a reason the windshield is bigger than the rearview mirror.


Hekeeps using that hold on do but like ever saw, you know say for Colby that he's heardme every possible times ever saw the guy who started the AF was originally working withVince McMahon and then they had a disagreement.

He started his own league and he tried tobeat beat the exit of the punch.

I think there's some bad blood there.

So they're trying todo a little fuck you.

Speaker 1 (6m 43s):Oh, yeah, I get exit.

I get XFL social.

They have a little pro wrestling in them a littlelike hey Stick it to the AF all the ratings came out we gotta we gotta make sure it'sframe properly.

So everyone's buying it.

Can I make a comment? I like it.

I'm gamblingon I met Joyce feel Speaker 3 (6m 59s):like you're watching wrestling when they're not watching football.

I do feel like whateverdirectors or directly to me when they're not watching football or and when we're not watchingfootball when when we're watching sideline.

It's when we're watching locker room cameras.

It feels very much.

Like the first except.

Yeah, Speaker 1 (7m 17s):first Next Level felt like wrestling Speaker 3 (7m 19s):not saying it feels like I'm watching a wrestling event I'm saying it feels like they hiredsome people from the video team that does that produces the wrestling events, but justthe way an interview is shot in the locker room typically on Fox or NBC or CBS is donea certain way and they're doing it the WWE way Speaker 1 (7m 38s):well and and and not to interrupt but I think a great example Of your point and almost thebest version of it was when they interviewed Matt McGloin during halftime there and hesaid what do you have to do differently? We have to get rid of our entire offensive gameplanted including apparently Matt mccleod, but it was Speaker 3 (7m 60s):a lot of piece of shit.

What does she Speaker 1 (8m 1s):do quarter of everyone he was just out of quarter to they Speaker 3 (8m 5s):interviewed him and he still like explaining to the coach like look they got to get onthe same page like it's like dude.

What are you going to take responsibility for? Someof that shit yourself not the first time that been a part of a program that had to completelychange the game Speaker 1 (8m 18s):plan.

And this is why this is why Guardians football is just known for dysfunction.

Theythis is the history that we have in for your Speaker 3 (8m 27s):team your team creamer.

No not my team.

I'm really not happy about this, but I'll callit out.

Thank you to the damn US Postal Service for delaying my Houston Roughnecks Speaker 1 (8m 42s):wet.

Or I would be Speaker 3 (8m 43s):wearing that tonight.

Yeah, you know what not hard to find a lot of size small not alot size large.

Speaker 1 (8m 51s):How about that kid Phillips? You best play bam three fucking touch doccy, baby.

You know, what else is exciting guys Speaker 3 (8m 57s):go.

He's turning us down Kobe.

Speaker 1 (8m 60s):Hey, everyone's got roughneck fever.

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We're going to be going heavy into ofcourse XFL week 3 recap and week to we've already touched on it.

There's still a couple fun sound bites andstorylines to get to but quick sidebar here.

Make sure you check.

Sports gambling podcast.

comslash Speaker 3 (9m 44s):brackets to enter Speaker 1 (9m 47s):to enter your bracket in for the hashtag bites bracket challenge where we're selecting.

Wehave 32 sound drops and we're selecting a number one and it's going to be you guys votingyou have until Sunday at midnight to get your entry in 500 dollars to the person who submitsthe most accurate bracket, but people are already kind of weighing in on Twitter atGameXplain.

And podcast Speaker 3 (10m 13s):kind of set Speaker 1 (10m 14s):there's a lot of I mean there is a lot of lot of heat Ryan as you like to say a socialmedia blowtorches overtaking the feet as everyone's weighing in there's been a couple by the fiveseed hot hot hot.

There's been it to me.

I think Speaker 3 (10m 34s):hashtag ditches only Speaker 1 (10m 36s):look out for that soundtrap just look out.

We may have been seeded it, but it just came.

In so new I mean that's literally the drop is not even a month old.

It felt weird toput it in the top for the top five of the top.

Speaker 3 (10m 51s):Six Sean.

How far do you have be honest? How far do you have them Speaker 1 (10m 54s):going? I had them going pretty far.

I got to pull up my bracket, but I think I havethem it's when you actually do the bracket and the brackets are kind of fun one per email.

I know guys are already itching dying to get that second bracketed much like Kramer whoplays like nine best ball leagues or I got a player going at every game.

Speaker 3 (11m 14s):Yeah.

All right, so not to talk about basketball, but I may have entered in my first slow draft.

It's only February but I the draft hasn't happened Sean.

How how far do you have themgoing? Speaker 1 (11m 30s):You know, I have hashtagged engines only.

I have them beating Sam Bradford is not afranchise quarterback in spite of the fact and again, I'm not looking at it buys in spiteof the fact that I hate Sam Bradford and it's the my only author drop in the contest buthashtag decisions only is just so good.

I still remember the pure joy, I got when theguy on Fiverr sent over the clearly mispronounced version.

Of DJ ends only and but then I havehim losing to Long Cox in the following round me and Speaker 3 (12m 3s):I gotta beat in Long connection.

Speaker 1 (12m 5s):Yeah, I get it.

I get why you would have that but long cocks gun cocks to me goes all theway to the finals squares off against baby – well, we'll be rolling bracket Jean-Georgesalready tweeted out and shared it on Speaker 3 (12m 18s):and so, you know, obviously Sean a lot of people don't know how to use computers thatlisten to Speaker 1 (12m 23s):us or even work for us.

Speaker 3 (12m 26s):But yeah is that he's taking a fucking Speaker 1 (12m 28s):dead.

I'm just sitting over here quiet.

I'm gonna head over here.

He's a little he's holdingknows how to use Instagram.

Call me.

How do you feel about your match up right now? Youare the of course.

You're the what do we got you at? The number 15 seed? Speaker 3 (12m 43s):Well has Colby looked at the bracket correction.

I mean I saw other people's brackets.

Thereyou go.

Okay, you know and then I had the muzzle myself as I was going to respond.

Speaker 1 (12m 55s):Like Speaker 3 (12m 56s):you piece of shit.

Yeah, first off you were not a member of the committee.

Are you happywith the committee expanding the field from 16 to 32 drunk? Yeah.

I think you should evenexpand it a little more.

You know, you have a you have a Speaker 1 (13m 12s):very tough matchup you're in the east region.

The Jason Garrett region the number 15 seedyou're going up right out of the gate against baby at some of it.

I don't appreciate you.

I don't appreciate that 2015 seat.

It isn't I feel like you I know your love of collegebasketball if anyone loves the underdog the 15 seed, it's you you love the mid major.

This is someone who I guess San Diego State not this year, but like someone who randomlymade, Speaker 3 (13m 40s):this is Hampton Iowa State exactly where we that's what we need to call me to go deep.

Speaker 1 (13m 45s):This is Cal State Northridge on a good year coming in who reppin he's going alumni here.


He's back to base as Speaker 3 (13m 53s):a 15 seed.

Shut up.


Yeah with CJ Martin.

Hey, maybe dude.

Speaker 1 (13m 58s):Yeah member the beets and beet to will they beat Duke again baby – well I think is gonnacream.

Speaker 3 (14m 4s):It's who you match me up with that.

I don't appreciate you Speaker 1 (14m 6s):know, yeah.

Yeah, that's that's the committee.

There's only so much we can do.

What werethe other two seeds the other to see other to seem sorry.


Well, I think Speaker 3 (14m 16s):long actually I'd rather I'd rather go against baby – wailing.

It's a baby fucking Wheelman Speaker 1 (14m 23s):mean Boston Capper was online making oh a real case for baby – whale he wanted somehowpartial credit because we said like it's he is the original baby – whale he also wantedcredit for I want me some glory hole.

Let me some Glory.

Oh, yeah, that's like one thatsent in the Jerry Jones dropped.

That's a real sleeper to me.

Speaker 3 (14m 44s):I'm with them on that like the glory hole is Speaker 1 (14m 46s):underrated.

Well, and again, this is the first year.

We just gotta do we need to expand ourfirst what this is, Look out.

I got to write this down.

Look out for 2021 potential likefour seed will get a solid year – this up Speaker 3 (15m 7s):man.

But yeah, I mean look I get it like being a 15 seed.

I just thought you know, Miss whowas the panel the committee was Kramer and I was the Speaker 1 (15m 17s):committee there's Speaker 3 (15m 18s):the flaw there's the flaw.

Speaker 1 (15m 22s):All right.

We'll get it jump over.

We talked about week 2 XFL recap how awesome we didhow much money we cash part about having a ton of cash, and it's pretty awesome.

Youknow, what else what else makes you feel? Good smelling good? That's right.

You stillwearing that Polo Blue from your high school girlfriend.

I opened up my medicine cabinettoday and I was clearing some things out expired pills try to try to just to make sure thatthey were expired life.

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Dad CEO.

That's H.

Awt hor any dot Co use our code SGP to get 10% off Hawthornegot Co promo code Speaker 3 (17m 24s):SGP.


Yeah, great news, one of the little ones smelled like crap today after school.

Just Speaker 1 (17m 31s):just took some of that Speaker 3 (17m 32s):Hawthorne cologne sprayed it all over she Speaker 1 (17m 35s):spelled extremely spicy.

Now, did you use the work or the play because that's that'salways it's a fun little conversation.

Speaker 3 (17m 42s):Well, I asked her I said are we going to work or we hate about to have some fun? She wentwith the fun? So slice it was and I have the Speaker 1 (17m 50s):same thought process every time before I come to show is it work? Is it play? I think it'splay because it was pretty fun week to in the XFL The Defenders 27 Guardian zero CleanSweep.

My Defenders baby.

DC – 7 col be made it his lack.

We were all in DC – 7 felt likea low number here even for even for how new the XFL is initially you want to lean dogs, of course the under hit but the Defenders defense really carried them DFS.

They had 25 points.

Oh and this Guardiansteam looks to be complete trash Speaker 3 (18m 29s):Kramer.

Yeah, there's there's this DC's playing for a championship.

You're a guardian to you.

I'm not a guardian.


Me and Shaun have decided the Guardians.

Why Speaker 1 (18m 41s):are you Guardian? Guardian Kramer over Speaker 3 (18m 43s):there? Just because you classic Guardian route for a guardian tonight doesn't mean I'm gonnaroot for a quarter of the league.

I don't live in that area your Guardians come downand play my Defenders.

Oh shit.


Shut up.

You want to create a rivalry here? I'mnot rooting for a gargoyle.

Defenders fat is not something I'm into it changes now Yorksucks New Speaker 1 (19m 6s):York sucks.

It was better better New York quarterback right now you lie Manning or mathMcGloin or Speaker 3 (19m 16s):Oh stop.

I'm just trying to help.


Jones in the fights bracket Speaker 1 (19m 19s):everything.

I think Eli Manning versus Matt McGloin is a serious Speaker 3 (19m 22s):everyone who listens to this podcast knows I have roughneck Speaker 1 (19m 28s):fever.

Look if you're lucky.

This is Ryan the I the roughneck fevers taking it over.

Speaker 3 (19m 40s):You're lucky, you know, I was never mic'd up like Matt McLean.

He would have thrownhis table under the are his team under the table.

Speaker 1 (19m 46s):Any of plenty of times trust me Seattle dragons 17 tame dragons, Seattle Dragon 17 Tampa Bayvipers 9.

I don't know why the sea dragons or plus two and a half dog all over that.

They of course, we're my lock at two-and-a-half pretty easy kind of noticed super pretty game.

READ  ✅ Леганес - Бетис 0:0 прогноз|16.02.2020|Leganés - Real Betis 0:0

But this dragons team.

I think there is a legit home field advantage for this Dragonseemed plain, 30, 000 and At the that stadium in Seattle CenturyLink.

I want to say or something said you feel andI mean, they were jacked up.

The fans are all in and just a handicap in this game TampaBay to Seattle.

That is a long flight, especially on the Southwest or coach or whatever SpiritAirline.

I have airplanes.

I tweeted they said but it's conveniently the the like themthe photos of them getting off the airplane.

It's conveniently Photoshop so you don't seethat.

It's just like Regular airplane.

There's like some guy.

Hey, I'm in be 48.

I'm sorry.

I got your seathere.

No, it's not.

They don't know that but flying first class like the playing the majorleague Yes, actually, Speaker 3 (21m 1s):yeah exactly so found they have to pay their players.

That's Speaker 1 (21m 5s):not the pilot.

That's what's Charming about the XFL Seattle salad defense the Tampa Bayvipers.

They Speaker 3 (21m 12s):just they have a good defense glaybels got a good defense.

They do we really Speaker 1 (21m 15s):do.

And the offense moves the ball.

They just can't convert in the Red Zone.

That's reallywhat it is.

The the Vipers are snake bitten by their heads owned Pressman.

Speaker 3 (21m 26s):You can't be like flowers looks good one possession gets pulled out and it's like he doesn't playfor like five more possessions.

He's switching quarterbacks every other can we get him outof the league Mae? Clampett the head coach.

All right.

Yeah, Speaker 1 (21m 37s):the Glanville double headset is really been I mean pretty Speaker 3 (21m 41s):awesome make him the head coach.

He's better.

He's had more success in the NFL.

Wait, we'realready calling for someone to get fired.

Yeah Pepper.

Jack's already got fired.

It'sa Trestman needs to be next make lamb.

Tampa Speaker 1 (21m 54s):will move to my favorite team.

I'll have three teams Speaker 3 (21m 56s):- they make landfill if they make Glanville head coach.

I'll have Speaker 1 (22m 0s):through he's gonna make Elvis Dee's defensive coordinator ready to take over.

Speaker 3 (22m 4s):Yes my magenta quit, my bad.

Pressman not a good coach Speaker 1 (22m 11s):know the Vipers super awesome logos, super awesome badass scary snake helmets visor.

Other than that, it's a it's kind of been down his Speaker 3 (22m 21s):Seattle.

Like are they right on the outside looking in of that top two teams? No, I thinkI think I think st.

Louis is a little bit better, but Seattle's right there.

That'sa they are coming up later.

Not a pretender.

Yeah Silvers look like shit, but once againlat Got a good defense.

So there's a little banged up.

Speaker 1 (22m 42s):Well and much like the Seahawks to a certain degree.

I think Seattle is a team.

It's goingto be tough to go into Seattle and win.

I don't know if they have the talent to reallycompete on the road and the Roughnecks.

They've been looking great.

You have rough Nick fever, but I think there is some legit questions about their defense.

They've led up six Speaker 3 (23m 1s):touchdowns, which scored Speaker 1 (23m 3s):nine.

Yeah, they've scored nine but second in the league for as far as touchdowns lab, so something will get into when we start talking.

Talking about DFS Roughnecks kind of maybethe Kansas City Chiefs.

We got you got PJ Walker Poor Man's Patrick Mahomes.

I don't Speaker 3 (23m 18s):know.

Once again.

I'll State this on every podcast we do this PJ Walker is better thanSam Speaker 1 (23m 24s):Donald future Walker I think will be a starting quarterback in the NFL come this season.

Thehell is this guy out of the league? I don't understand now at the dudes looking reallygood and maybe it's just the competition so bad, but I just like the way he runs aroundthe The way his lead this is MM is ball placement the athleticism like I don't know how thatdoesn't translate to at least some job.


Maybe I'm joking Speaker 3 (23m 48s):with the darn old thing, but Trevor Simeon, is there back up? You cannot tell me thatTrevor Simeon is better than PJ Walker.


No, that's Speaker 1 (23m 57s):what I'm saying.

Like, there's no way I'm really busy.

No way.

Well and again, that'severyone goes that argument when they when they start talking about Kaepernick who didn'twant to play in the XFL.

I mean sure he said demanded 30 million or so 20 Million dollarsthe League's only worth like 10 million dollars.

Speaker 3 (24m 13s):Can I ask a serious question is why wouldn't he play if he's trying to get want to play Speaker 1 (24m 21s):I like what you're doing there ride, but it's very obvious.

Colin Kaepernick doesn't wantto play football here.

You want to show everyone what a instead of you know throwing at a highschool gym.

Did he get 20 million to throw it that High School field? No, yo, take thetwo million.

You're going to get the exfil show everyone like hey.

I can ball the fuckout put me make me weak ones starting quarterback in the NFL Speaker 3 (24m 44s):20 million is he's not being serious to EXO and never paid him 20.

Speaker 1 (24m 47s):No, but I think he I think he is being serious because that's he's getting 20 million a yearfrom Nike.

So if he plays in the XFL and looks like dog shit and loses his NFL is Nike sponsorship.

It's going to cost some 20 million.

So I think that I think he's actually making a good businessdecision by saying listen.

I don't know if I'm still going to be good anymore.

I'm realistic.

Eric if you really thought you were to be that good Speaker 3 (25m 12s):you there's one thing we know that PJ Walker is better than Colin Kaepernick Speaker 1 (25m 16s):100% And he says he's starting the NFL there's a lot Speaker 3 (25m 23s):is that you want to be on record saying that yes.


He jaywalker is better than Coachellagames know we're two games Colin Kaepernick once played in a Super Bowl Philip rpj.

Walkerwill be playing in the Super Bowl or and an Very soon.

Speaker 1 (25m 41s):So did I so did Big v the backup right tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles? It doesn't meanhe says started left tackle in the Super Bowl and unlike the 49ers the Eagles won.

So it'seasy to like kind of fall off the mountain Banks took a snap and a Super Bowl man.

Speaker 3 (25m 59s):I don't know if you're trying to help or hurt your argument, but Speaker 1 (26m 3s):let's recap on the Roughnecks battle Hawks Kramer.

Had Houston – eight Colby and I correctlyhad st.

Louis Plus 8, although the like a little bit of a back door cover there by thebattle Hawks the only over of the weekend.

I actually know man that was offsides theymystical on a pick.

Speaker 3 (26m 26s):She had Tama through a picket was almost a pick six.

They tackled him at like the 5-yardline and the defendant is clearly all sides.

Speaker 1 (26m 32s):Well, I don't know so we would have covered regardless I'm saying.

All right.

Well, I'monly we're doing eight points and points felt a little high cuz I think the battle Hawksare salad.

And again Houston teams are putting points up against this Houston defense.

Justsomething to keep a lookout for as we continue on this season, and there are there a coupleteams that have been I have only had home games and vice versa.

So that's also somethingto consider.

Everyone's Speaker 3 (27m 0s):got the the Roughnecks.

Number one.

No one's talking about the DC defenders in that possum.

Trishul teams.

Great defense, you know everyone look I saw the power rankings and all theseSchmucks all these schmucker's 18 Twitter.

Everyone's got the Roughnecks ahead of theDefenders.

I'm offended.

All right.

So I think if you see rankings that have the anythingbut the Defenders and the Renegades of the top then you can start randomly.

So afterthe rough, I'm sorry.

I have roughneck fever that really gave people not Renegade food.

If you see rankings at don't have Houstonand DC at the top there's a problem there.


Now if you want to if you're tellingme that everyone's got Roughnecks whole way Dan to baste and really this is This is yourJohn Elway.

This is you.

Just you picked a walker or cryogenic these Hills to die onwhy who cares what you games in DC to me is a slight favorite right now against the Roughnecksthe Roughnecks, but I'm not mad at you.

If you're putting the Roughnecks ahead.

NoI'm saying right now.

If I'm using the database only look at the resume of games played DC'sbetter.

You can't argue that DC based on their defense is better.

I thought you had a roughnight fever.

I'm really liking what happened to me.

I have roughness and I do believe it'sgoing to be difficult.

I'm gonna see I'm gonna google roughneck favors.

I just can we buythis to me? It's on Urban Dictionary for sure.

Oh, Speaker 1 (28m 38s):there's a extreme Speaker 3 (28m 40s):violations.

I don't know if I can click on that.

Well Speaker 1 (28m 43s):there it will.

There's actually there's A team in Calgary called the Roughnecks a lotof that's going on Indoor Football League.

Yeah, so return of Judge roughneck and dubspecials.

All right interesting.

I'm not again.

I'm not going to click on Extreme violationsto roughneck yellow fever.

I feel like that crosses a lot of lines.

But yeah Houston, they totally remind me of the Chiefs right now as far as a team that's similar.

We'regoing to get to the last game of the XFL Rico.

Wildcats Renegades a game that you were atColby.

That's right before we talk about that time to talk about her Pals over at SimplySafe.

Earlier Colby had trouble getting into the studio.

You know why Simply Safe securelocation? It's locked down now.

I'll joking aside.

We do use simply safe here in the studio.

Ryan has a tremendous amount of very valuable Electronics in here podcasting here for giant56 inch TVs Kramer.

I know you just got these Simply Safe videodoorbell and did Speaker 3 (29m 55s):how's that working out for you? It's a video doorbell.

It's great.

I love it.

I like Idid.

I took me a while to figure it out, but I wanted to go with someone I could trustI don't want Amazon watching my video of the front of my house.

I don't want Google watchingvideo of the front in front of my house the other day.

I was having a conversation aboutsomething in my car.

I get home bam Amazon's trying to sell it to me.


I can't do that.

Speaker 1 (30m 22s):No, you need simply.

Say the keep you safe.

Keep you secure.

Andrew motion glass breaksensors and then again what's cool about it is the video evidence.

So if someone breaksinto your house, we called the police they go.

Hey this guy wearing a hoodie some weirdhat.

Like I think he's the Dan to base.

He's broken into our house the cops go.


We'revery familiar will be right over because there are a lot of false alarms in the alarm BurglarAlarm game, but the video evidence that Simply Save Sakura T professionals use results inthree hundred and fifty percent faster than a normal Burglar Alarm again.

You set it up.

You set it up yourself veryeasy to setup.

No tools needed.

Do you have this at the green household? Yes.

Just gota Simply Safe hooked it up worried about Juan.


You never know who may be coming aroundprowling is a cat that possibly dangerous and there's some local teenager's I'd my bikestolen.

I wish I had simply say before.

So who steals a man's bike? It's happened tome before to Venice.

I gotta get I mean, I do have Simply Safe now.

I wish I would have had it for years ago whenI had my bike stolen but alas ride like you said it's all about looking through the windshieldand the windshield I'm seeing it's not having any of my shit Stone.

Thanks to Simply Safe.

Go to Simply Save.

com /s G P2 today to get free shipping on your order plus the 60-daymoney-back guarantee that Simply Safe.

Dot-com such as GPS ampl I saved a cop / SG Speaker 3 (32m 1s):P.

Was that the same bike that you bike to San Pedro to be a part of my Speaker 1 (32m 5s):pilot.


That was I was I was framed for a Speaker 3 (32m 10s):DSM Pedro, dude.

Speaker 1 (32m 12s):Well, it's someone who was on the bus, but it's 45 La miles, which is a tremendous.

Ifyou if you if you're not familiar with the landscape, it's like a one and a half hourbus ride and like an hour bike Speaker 3 (32m 25s):ride combined then he was like psyched.

When we gave him a ride, of course, they're gonnagive you a ride.

I find that your bike the San Pedro.

I could not find roughneck fever, but I could find roughneck panty dropper a red, man.

That bitch is drop their pantiesFortune.

Hold on Colby.

Let me use that for you in a sentence Oh that Mike Claxton.

Heis a roughneck panty dropper for sure.

You'll need to bring an extra pair unless you don'tmind sitting in a puddle.

Let me tell you something Speaker 1 (32m 56s):that PJ.

Here's a roughneck panty dropper.

All Speaker 3 (32m 59s):right, because he's throwing times all over the field.

Speaker 1 (33m 1s):Well, let's get to the game.

You were at Colby the Wildcats came up short 18 to the 25 forthe Renegades.

You and Kramer had Dallas – for even though you were going to support theWildcats you pick the Renegades the hated Renegades but Wildcats I had the Wildcatspost for came up short.

What was the XFL game day experience watching at home? It seemedmuch louder than any Chargers game.

Wait watch and I've watched them all because we're friendsof course with San Diego.

Superchargers chart number 60 Justin Decker.

I mean, I was Speaker 3 (33m 38s):really surprised that that many people showed up and like once again like I got there aboutan hour and a half early people were tailgating really really Speaker 1 (33m 44s):surprised.

There is not much tailgating when I went to the Chargers Eagles game.

Speaker 3 (33m 49s):Yeah.

I don't know just maybe the ticket pricing is bringing in a you know, some some Speaker 1 (33m 53s):Hooligans that Speaker 3 (33m 55s):are for good fun people as the ticket price.

Well, I went I went to up top dollar for us.

What was top dollar fifty dollars sixty walk? And where did that get you seats like thirdrow third row 50-yard line.

They were trying to push their were trying to push 20 on me.

Well, here's here's what's crazy is XFL Jim who I met up with one of her fans.


Heshout out to XFL Jim.

He bought one for like 20 and then he just walked up and sat nextto it.

It wasn't a sellout.


No, but I like I said, you're telling me itwas pleasant.

I thought coming into it.

I had over or under on.

I was guessing 6, 000fans know they almost hit 30.

That's what I'm saying.

Like I was really impressed.

Ihave to pry this is an open letter to Vince McMahon and the WWE / XF L.

When you're whenyou're spinning up a new football league and your goal is to cash in.

On kind of similarto the AFF like get some of these college studs, you know, it would make sense to attacksome of these like Speaker 1 (34m 60s):sports Speaker 3 (35m 1s):starve cities like Seattle 2 Houston.

Huge Market can support more right? Obviously Dallas.

This is football New York, huge City, whatever l a huge City, whatever what are we doing?And then you come and just copy the soccer logo.

You just copy that LEF cbo's true, butI bet you he was looking at the sucker turnouts know he was Looking at Speaker 1 (35m 24s):why did he was telling people? Why did they not put this in San Diego? And then all theformer Chargers fans could go.

Hey, you know what, we want to say fuck you to the Chargersand embrace the Speaker 3 (35m 35s):Wildcats.

I think the aaf had some type of contract still with something.

I heard OliverLuck to talk about it something where he couldn't go in this Speaker 1 (35m 42s):year just and then that was like right before he sent a care package to his son backpackingthrough Yugoslavia.

He did your needs his granola bars.

Please my son you said you therethere's some there's some of the other Backpackers are being a slave Speaker 3 (35m 57s):has been a country since like 1992.

I love this.

He's I need this to get there in twodays.

He lost like shakes of the Harry Paula Speaker 1 (36m 7s):Potter trilogy.

So some Hooligans stole my son honey a sport.

How do you pack the granola?Didn't you he knew he needs gorp.

He's a growing boy Speaker 3 (36m 19s):Shawn.

I think we need to start having I just thought of the greatest bit that it's thesecond greatest bit after the bytes bracket.

I think Andrew Luck needs to start callinginto the show and leaving us voicemails from this Speaker 1 (36m 31s):trip.

Yeah that and I still wants got tolls in.

Yeah, we're trying to track down Scottuntil Zine.

Well, there's anyone within the Badgers.

I'm going to do a Freedom of InformationAct request because I think their public school and I think they have to respond with Scotttells email address.

I've been on their website a number of times and I can't crack the code.

It's got tools in like the coward he is is not on Twitter.

For social media, but if youknow Scott till seeing if you're in Wisconsin, we have this concept fans.

Someone has to know Scott told zeners oneof his friends over or Speaker 3 (37m 6s):just the aedes ocean.

You guys are both hot over the Sean for sure.

We just want to askhim some questions.

Yeah gonna be anybody that's seen in a way there's not going tobe Speaker 1 (37m 16s):any violence.

Okay asshole, Speaker 3 (37m 19s):but he needs to know he needs to know what happened.

He needs to know that after he threwthat pick six.

Is he altered the life of Shawn stack in that money Grand? Do you know hemade someone's Speaker 1 (37m 31s):dream come true and then he cost me 800 Grand.

So Speaker 3 (37m 34s):anyway back to my people happy with themselves.

Hence XFL team gets capital Z, please don'tdon't just go to the big market and I could have told you this was going to if there'sa reason it's not failing them.

Oh, no, the XFL is not failing and say I was pleasantlysurprised with that.

You weren't like thinking damn 15, 000.

No, I just think it's going tofail because people don't care about this kind of shit in La I was out there tailgatingwith the Wildcat Bunch.

Let me tell you Speaker 1 (38m 9s):but your Wildcats much a wild cats out there.

That's a Miss GP liner.

Yeah, Speaker 3 (38m 13s):who are these people though? Because they aren't ruining these people know they're alot of them.

I there was a strong amount of it's just like the hipsters actually get thisget this man some of the pads tag ditches.

Absolutely, that's who they are half the Igave away like five or six letters to a group from Vegas that came out because they didn'twant to sit like this is their closest XFL team and they're all about the XFL.

All right.

All right, but also but then there was a lot was doing a lot of Latinos there, you know Speaker 1 (38m 43s):sitting there you gotta get some video of call this an Latinos but barbecue and I wasasking where the women Speaker 3 (38m 48s):were, you know what I mean, but Speaker 1 (38m 49s):where the ladies at.

Yeah, we better women are buying into the XFL and a trap, but they'llfollow they Follower women who listen to this podcast or buying in so shout out to the forfemale listeners we have thanks for supporting the new XFL League.

All right, we're goingto any any other thoughts on the game.

I mean, I watched it Wildcats well cats the kind ofhurt themselves.

Josh Speaker 3 (39m 15s):Johnson wasn't sharp and he was injured he rushed him back.

Yeah got better as the gala Speaker 1 (39m 19s):look good.

READ  Lịch Thi Đấu Bóng Đá Của ĐT Việt Nam - Danh Sách King's Cup 2019

Second half Renegades kind of nice and and I had Nelson Spurs there isn't he'sa player he made some great catches and then Renegades Dunbar and then Curtis Payne orwhatever.

Yeah, they've both been like great players DFS.

I actually liked that play Speaker 3 (39m 39s):DF.

I mean we're going to get there DFS wise though a fading the the run defense of Lawas not very Speaker 1 (39m 45s):impressed.

No, no, certainly not.

So if you're looking for a DC part of a are Speaker 3 (39m 51s):you impressed with like I said 15, 000 fans Nelson Spruce Josh Josh Speaker 1 (39m 57s):Second half Speaker 3 (39m 58s):Spruce is good.

All right, let's talk about Speaker 1 (40m 0s):games.

We will let's talk about it.

Do you want to move over to the yeah, let's do alittle week three DFS slate for we do that quick shout-out to Vince era watches.

Lookat that.

You're watching the youtube.

com slash Sports gambling podcast.

You're seeing a man.

It's 12:15 a.


I feel alive.

I feel on top of the world because I got this watch thesweet Ventura watch giving me confidence.

It's it's just I love the word timepiece.

It feels Colby.

You're an old school guy, right? It don'tdon't don't like the digital world.

Yeah, even things old school and nice watch a nicestylish watch really is is a key to like having a cool look letting people know you're oldschool.

I mean, it's stylish bold built to last normally that costs a pretty penny evenSarah watch is they're changing that you deserve to look good.


Well, You deserve to look Speaker 3 (40m 57s):good.

That's what they say.

Speaker 1 (40m 59s):No matter what your budget is Ben Sarah great exceptionally crafted watches they do withoutbreaking the bank.

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Remember subscriberate and review again free shipping 30-day returns, but you're not going to need it.

They guarantee your watch for two years then Sarah watches.

com promo code SGP 15% off doit.

DraftKings DFS quarterback, call me.

What are you doing? Who you starting this week? Speaker 3 (41m 57s):I'm going to st.


I think there's value in Jordan Tamil.

I was really impressed withthe way he played in Houston.

Like I said, one of those interception should have neverhappened.

Yeah, and as the game went on once again, I really thought this due to stud man.

I think he's probably second or third best quarterback in the league now, they're cominghome to st.

Louis this place.

I from what I understand.

Once again, you never know thesource you're reading this from on the aunt on Twitter.

I sold out and Stadium sold Speaker 1 (42m 23s):out.

Yeah against St.

Louis is a great Market because they really were free market throughthe NFL.

We love football.

We're gonna embrace the XFL and they were even shown like videothere watch parties.


I mean, yeah and then it will lock Beaver fun fun town andit's cool.

They got a team in the rally.

I Speaker 3 (42m 42s):think there's good value for him right Speaker 1 (42m 43s):now.

Yeah against the Renegades defense at home.

He's Speaker 3 (42m 46s):$10, 100.

No, no, he's playing a play in the Guardians defense.

What did I say? So sorry.

Yeah, you run dear Speaker 1 (42m 54s):Guardians.

They're all running together Kramer.

What are you doing for your Speaker 3 (42m 59s):quarterback? Well, I think you can go to angles.

I think you can look to play the angle.

Ithink you're looking to do which is that Tampa Bay fade the Houston defense there has beenopportunity.

But who's playing? They've been using three different quarterbacks? Well, that's a bee don't overthink it good thing.

Let's go with Walker again.


I'm payingup.

I have a bay is hot glad those got that defense playing ball though, two things weknow.

Hard hard hard hard hard luck.

Well, two things.

I know we we know thereto two good teams and we know there's two bad teams.

Yes wipers are one of those badteams.

So defense is really not bad.

You watch both games the first game in New York.

Theyonly gave up like I think 10 points the own defense and then last week, I mean BeforeFlowers those that interception in the end zone, you know like rough.


I think Speaker 1 (43m 56s):I have I'm also starting PJ Walker.

He's 11, 500 but the guys electric a really this is forentertainment purposes.

I like this very same like watching the guy play.

I'm gonna throwI'm in the lineup.

We'll get to it later.

But cam Phillips is questionable.

So I thinkthere's a bunch of value in some of the other Roughnecks pass catchers and we'll hit onthat coming up.

But Kobe, what are you doing at your running backs Speaker 3 (44m 22s):lat? All right.

I'm going to live and die with this guy because he's kind of burnedme the first two weeks.

So I'm going Presley from DC just strictly him strictly based onLSD run defense being bad.

I think it's one of the worst friend Ethan got Speaker 1 (44m 34s):23 career carries for 63 yards a night a Stout 2.

7 either the winning money Speaker 3 (44m 41s):when I pick this guy so you maybe he's a good luck charm.

He's a glue guy you need them.

What's got you pick? You got to play.

I mean don't you play one of the DC running backsthis way? I think you have to write.

Speaker 1 (44m 51s):I mean Donnell Pumphrey at your own at your own Peril.

What are you doing Kramer? I alsoconsider also consider Lance Dunbar.

I threw him out last week.

It's a disgusting act tohave a cowboy but he's leading the league I think four running backs as far as passcatchers 12 targets.

11 catches 63 yards.

He also has 69 yards running the ball in thetwo games.

So he's averaged 12.

1 fantasy points per game.

Not a bad play at 6, 800.

I didn't have I didn't end Speaker 3 (45m 23s):up going with him, but would you do Kramer? I'm taking a guy from from my Guardians.


And that's mr.

Tim Cook who he's pretty good.

Actually man.

Whoa, press with him.

He's theone guy.

Yeah topped off the tape.

Not only that.

I think there's going to be some Tuneagainst the st.

Louis team and the price seemed good considering I think the pricing is tellingme that the marketplace thinks that or at least the person imagine being the peoplethat have to set these prices.

I mean, what are they they're throwing picklesat the window and hope and they stick.

I think this is saying Victor's the better player, perhaps more opportunities slightly higher price, but I'm gonna go Tim Cook 4200 tryingto save some money here.

Like the matchup for my Guardians.

All right, I'm going asI'm paying attention.

Oh, yeah, I've said my guardian.

They're not my team.

I only haveone day are your Guardians? That's why it made sense to Speaker 1 (46m 19s):me.

I'm going with James Butler Houston Roughnecks running back.

He's he's had some games.

Andagain, I think Kim Phillips being banged up could see Butler the running back having alittle more impact.

He's 8500 put he's averaging 14.

8 fantasy points per game.

Of course.

Andgoing into Tampa Bay but Butler had a touchdown receiving and rushing.

He's got a couple alreadyin the season.

Speaker 3 (46m 46s):So what's the latest on cam Phillips Speaker 1 (46m 49s):questionable? Yeah.

That's all I got.

It doesn't seem like they go deeper than that.

Call me.

What are you doing for? Your first receiver Speaker 3 (46m 57s):first receiver.

I'm going with one Nelson Spruce, you know, you got to just if you'regonna have a roster.

I mean, he's leading the league in receiving much like your PJWalker play.

How can you not take Nelson's first because they're playing The Defendersand their secondary is good.

I think Spruce of still get Speaker 1 (47m 11s):his Nelson has had 24 targets 17 catches 192 between the two games two touchdowns.

He'salso had a long of 44 yards.

I mean that was what exciting it felt like La was kind ofConservative then when they had their backs against the wall, they're like, hey, let'sjust throw it deep to Nelson Spurs.

Maybe we get more of that this week.

I also hadNelson Spruce 10, 900.

He's pricey.

But again DC they are two and Both games were at homemuch like the Roughnecks.

Now, you got to go to the website Rico's Huff environment.

Yeah, the Wildcat heads will be fired up.

They'll be the lead in the cage down a dignity Health's Port Charles.

This is gonna be thefirst Speaker 3 (47m 52s):game in the XFL where we CLA outnumbered there will be a number of DC fans there, Speaker 1 (47m 58s):you know, there will be a number Roughnecks travel they just do.

All right Kramer.

Whatare you doing for? Your first receiver you joining us Nelson Speaker 3 (48m 5s):Spurs.

I don't know.

I'm see Christian McCaffrey, right? It's is Speaker 1 (48m 11s):yeah.

Yeah, who's that? Who's that tool for the Speaker 3 (48m 14s):Patriots? I don't Speaker 1 (48m 16s):man.

Yeah, he's kind of edible but he is here to Speaker 3 (48m 19s):be on the were joking.

But this dude's gonna be on the Speaker 1 (48m 21s):page white guy just catches everything.

All right, call me.

Who's your second receiver.

Speaker 3 (48m 27s):I'm gonna go with the Holly and Houston.

I like this play.

I had them last week and andthe fact that Kim Fields is questionable.

That's huge.

I'm gonna leave my guy came Phillips.

I backed him for the Two weeks, but Holly, you know, he did good last week and if he'sgetting on more getting on the field more often, I expect him to put a better numbers.

Well, so let's talk about this because I think everyone like cam Phillips is an obvious studand the XFL Speaker 1 (48m 52s):he is a lunch pail type of player coming from the Cal Tech in Speaker 3 (48m 56s):Blacksburg.

Throw that in there.

He's gonna he's gonna play in Blacksburg.

I know he'sgonna be I know he Speaker 1 (49m 2s):knows how to play through Speaker 3 (49m 3s):injury, but who is the guy that would fill in for him because So I think no matter whothat guy is there's going Speaker 1 (49m 10s):to be value there well, and if you watch the game because I also have Holly and he's oneof those guys where some of the DFS sites actually had him listed as a running back.

He is a running back number but it's very clear.

He's a slot.

How's the slot? He's aslot receiver actually had him as a running back last week.

Yeah, and I think DraftKingsthis week switch to mobile receiver because he's clearly in the role of receiver.

So Ithink he is the guy and that's why I'm playing both the running back and the You were tostack with the quarterback Great Value in this guy 4444 a hundred seems really easybest, especially with the you know, whatever sort of stuff is going on with Camp Phillips.

It's a Kramer.

What are you doing for yourwell I II receiver Speaker 3 (49m 53s):so I also so considering Holly considering a couple of the other options.

I think youguys just talk to me in the Holly.


You gotta stack someone with Walker.

What I'llprobably end up doing is saving the money and making sure I can just put cam Phillipsin there when he starts because I think he'll probably still my sources are telling me becauseas you know, very plugged in with the Roughnecks organization, I love you know, this Sean, but I did have to turn the Roughnecks down.

They offered me a beat reporter job didn'tfeel like I could do it responsibly remote from Los Angeles.

So I turned them down, butI am plugged into the Shannon and I am being told the Camp Phillips is going to play.


So does that do you if he's going to play You're Gonna grab – absolutely.

He's beengreat for us.

The first two weeks man, I think and I'll pull the clip but I think I toldyou he is a great receiver and he was going to be great.

So Roughnecks.

Speaker 1 (50m 50s):Well right real quick quick sidebar with talking about pulling the clip.

We actually pulleda clip of one of the Wildcat Defenders doing a little sideline interview, and it was pricelessthe visuals.

He's very strong to so make sure you check it out or go to sports gamblingpodcast.


I'll embed it in the post so you can see the video.

But yeah, please playthe clip because it's a great.

It's a great reaction to a sideline Speaker 3 (51m 13s):interview.

Do you want your defense to a well but real different? You know Reggie Mars whatour coach Ma's wants his team to play with my heart.

We're seeing that early on Tom Howard.

See the Camp Speaker 1 (51m 36s):the guys looking right into the camera.

Like he we different we Speaker 3 (51m 40s):different we doing something different.

Speaker 1 (51m 43s):I loved it.

It was great.

All right.

Call me.

Give us your flax.

What are you doing? Speaker 3 (51m 47s):I'm on cook this running back from New York.


He's good.

I think I think he's a theonly bright spot.

like Kramer mentioned before I'm impressed by watching this guy run soeasy enough st.

Louis is see those defense still isn't like light in the word on footworld on fire.

You know Kramer.

What are you doing? I'm going back to Richard Ross.

I knowhe didn't do a ton.

I just La stinks Rashad rostow was open a couple of times.

They missedhim.

There would have been a deep like one of themwould have been like a 50-yard touchdown.

He's still not cheap.

Yeah, Speaker 1 (52m 23s):so well and he's a Defender guy, right? Yeah.


I'm going the other receiver there.

I'm going DeAndre time.

Kids I heard his name to all the bugs good man.

He looked very goodthis past week.

I coming off a nine Target six catch 92 yard game.

He didn't hide itin play the first game or at least didn't register catch.

So yeah season he missed theseason opener was a foot injury had a very strong second game or first game for him.

And I think going up against this led fence.

There's gonna be opportunities.

I think he cashes in and he's only 5700.

Ifeel like you're getting starting receiver.

T at deep deep valley Deep Discount I Speaker 3 (53m 4s):had him on one of my one's coming.

I did two lineups already is that if I reveal happyyou're getting into something called me how you got it, you know, thank you for participatingin these personnel.

And I guess Speaker 1 (53m 15s):who is your seconds? Who's your second Flex guy? Speaker 3 (53m 19s):He had a he had a bad week last week, but I'm going back to the well mainly becauseyou saw Nelson Spruce.

Have a great game against Dallas.

I'm going with Austin Parole.

Brandonsilver should be healthier.

So good.

What do you mean? Why you laughing and you justlove this guy? I love this guy what he's talking about.

He's got that East Carolina.

Yeah, Speaker 1 (53m 38s):he's half this awesome pearls haircut looks very odd.


Looks like a guy who shouldbe remember Abercrombie & Fitch.

Like there would be those guys like folding the shirtsin the store.

He looks like a dude.

That would be where I'd like a hemp necklace cargo shortsBirkenstocks.

Speaker 3 (53m 54s):Yeah, but look, I mean look Keenan Reynolds had a good day last last Sunday or Speaker 1 (53m 58s):Saturday.

He's got two touchdowns already.

Speaker 3 (54m 0s):So that was in week one.

He had a bad week last week.

I expect him Silvers wasn't healthy.

Silver's couldn't was really struggling a lot of that Speaker 1 (54m 6s):game.

Yeah bounce-back game.

And again, that's why I love the backup quarterback for Seattle.

I didn't think they were going to make Silver's play through it and they did so I was wrongthere Kramer.

What's your second Speaker 3 (54m 18s):slot or second Flex guy the slot through the slot.

How are we feeling about that that notto go back to bites bracket, but I have the more I think about this Lenny Dykstra.

I thinkwe under yeah.

Lucy Delaney is the character at the succeed no from a sorry.

I'm sure he'llbe around because I probably will end up having Camp folks, but I'm Shuffling around and formy Flex.

I like what you said earlier about the flexibility of just grabbing some of thesePPR running backs because these if there's one thing one consistent thing I've seen inthe XFL is everyone's getting their running back involved.

Even if it that running back is playing awide receiver position, you're getting running backs involved and that's you know, if wewant to talk about how this may progress the NFL that might be it Lance Dunbar.

Speaker 1 (55m 11s):Yes, 11 catches for organic High Speaker 3 (55m 15s):floor.

I my numbers are telling me that this this has some potential for there to be somepoints up there in Seattle.

The air raid spreads the ball out.

You don't mean spreads aboutso he'll get some who get some looks thank you Speaker 1 (55m 30s):for myself for my Speaker 3 (55m 31s):em close personal friends with Mike Speaker 1 (55m 33s):least.

You know, who else is Willie Nelson? There's a great photo Willie Nelson talkingto coach leech that like, Mississippi State Barstool posted and it was like, this is theonly photo that matters right now.

Would you not just want to be a fly on the wall thatconversation to just guys with just like fun philosophies hanging out Bigfoot.

Conversationmusic whatever I said I it would just be great here in those two dudes.

Just recap it up.

Speaker 3 (56m 5s):Absolute man.

Get Willie on the podcast.

Let's see what also like to know what Willie willhe's doing for the rest of the night.

Speaker 1 (56m 13s):It's getting involved in he's going to be hanging out with Greg, Speaker 3 (56m 16s):right? Why is he on ecology? Tell Willie to tell him Speaker 1 (56m 19s):to Vegas for March band.

Where is Willie Nelson get the score weed and Mississippi.

He's gottago to AK Stark Vegas, but My second Flex I'm going I'm picking up a Tampa Bay Viper.

Ithink this is really going with these vipers, huh? Well, I think Dave played two Road games.


They come home.

They're going up against Houston who I think is a very good team.

Butagain Houston's play two home games.

I think Tampa Bay has a more potent offensive performanceReese horn coming off eight targets five catches for 51 and he's pretty cheap.

He's been fairly consistent eight catchesover.

All 13 targets 93 yards.

I think it's a decent spot for them at home against thisHouston defense, which is kind of played soft $4, 200 good value.

Give me Reese Speaker 3 (57m 6s):horn.

I like it.

I like it Speaker 1 (57m 8s):what and now closing things out defense.

I struggled with defense because the top fordefense has are all on the road.

I have 4800 so I can get any defense except the Roughnecksin Tampa Bay.

There's only Speaker 3 (57m 24s):one play here, and I've Speaker 1 (57m 25s):told you it's different.

Andre straight Speaker 3 (57m 27s):weeks The Defenders have like what three defensive touchdowns already Speaker 1 (57m 31s):The Defenders are averaging 20 foot three and a half fantasy points per game.

I'm goingoff the grid because I'm trying to win this $100, 000.

I'm going with the dragons at home.

That is save a home field advantage.

We also know the Dallas sucks their only home gametheir last home game their only home game.

They put up 23 fantasy points three touchdownssix six six six.

I'm going to dragons at Against Dallas.

Well, so I Speaker 3 (57m 58s):wasn't really impressed with Landry Jones either.

Speaker 1 (57m 60s):I love yeah, I mean, I love the Defenders angle, but they're going on the road firstroad game in La isn't a road game.

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Here's the other thing La it's 70?.

There's a tonof sun in that stadium and your home jerseys are black you has gotta come on like thoseguys must have been adding.

Why would you sweat so much unnecessary better reason totake the Speaker 3 (58m 22s):Defenders? There is nothing dumber than that.

But yeah, you play in a hot area.

You needto know that you're not wearing dark Jurassic Period also Pro tip.

Don't copy the localsoccer teams logo you really upset about this.

I have three thousand dollars.

It was eitherthe Wildcats of the Vipers as you pointed out our kids.

I mean, they're my defense, you know, you went with the Wildcats defense.

We know I'm saying I had 3, 000 I had to choosebetween the Wildcats and the Vipers and as you It out earlier, the Vipers have at leastlooked like they can play the defense a hit hard to man.

So like their defense, you're probably wonderingwow, you're fading roughneck fever with your defense know it's the ultimate hedge job.

I've loaded up on Roughnecks.

So things go south.

I at least have the Tampa Bay defense Speaker 1 (59m 13s):the DC Defenders really carried me as far as DraftKings go.

Speaker 3 (59m 17s):Yeah.

Can you turn your back on the man? Speaker 1 (59m 19s):No, you know, sometimes you gotta come together.

You don't change horses midstream.

JoJo Speaker 3 (59m 24s):you with the horses Speaker 1 (59m 25s):Midstream you do when it comes to picking picking your DFS lineup.

All right, we gotour week 3 official locks dogs for the XFL lens courtesy of my bookie.

Hey, why don'twhy aren't you taking XF L Betts? Why aren't you booking XFL action? That's right.

If youhead over to a spearhead.

com / SG P.

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You need to connect with a spearhead.

com /s G Speaker 3 (1h 0m 21s):p– All right, John Saturday 11:00 a.


On the west coast the Tampa Bay vipers they hostas you point out their first home game.

Hmm against the Houston Roughnecks as they taketo the road for their first road game Roughnecks – 7:45 and a half is the total.

Wow, thisis this is what would we call this in the NFL? This is a this is where we make it or take Speaker 1 (1h 0m 55s):it the rubber meets the road Speaker 3 (1h 0m 57s):make it take it week.

It's in the rearview mirror Speaker 1 (1h 0m 60s):tenders and Pretenders.

Speaker 3 (1h 1m 3s):I don't see how talking about a rear view mirror right now is relevant Colby.

So maybepay attention to the fucking message.

We're looking forward so we Speaker 1 (1h 1m 12s):can give the clients Speaker 3 (1h 1m 14s):Cold Hard Cash.

In the form of these locks, how you how you locks doing this year? Mylocks have some room for improvement.

I Speaker 1 (1h 1m 22s):was update.

I'm five and three hundred percent locks Colby 6 into Hunter percent locks Ryan5 + 3 0 % lock Speaker 3 (1h 1m 33s):this clients.

Maybe they should look in the rearview mirror when it comes.

Speaker 1 (1h 1m 38s):I mean, I'm the Kramer is a hundred percent with his dog.

So hey Jay, you can pick a cardthat Speaker 3 (1h 1m 44s):includes illegal for 2 1.


Which we were all you're welcome.

You're welcome.

Yeah, we were you have anything else to add? Oh, what are you asking my opinion on thisgame? And what do you Speaker 1 (1h 1m 55s):say I'm going Houston Roughnecks – seven.

I know I made a case for the Vipers.

I thinkthe Vipers get some garbage DFS points, but ultimately the Roughnecks.

It's just too muchtoo much to handle the total forty five and a half fade Trestman.

Yeah, you got to fadeTrestman II don't like taking Road shock and the XFL but I think you make an exceptionfor this like Speaker 3 (1h 2m 17s):three different quarterbacks playing what the hell is going on, right? Tell until that'sresolved.

I'm all-in especially they're playing PJ Walker.


Well, it seems pretty clearto me that some of these teams took this seriously and some of these teams are like yeah MarcTrestman, he's got all these crazies revolutionary Concepts.

He wants to try out.


No, I likewhat Houston's doing.

It's hard to not want to play Houston if you can find that teaseraction in the XFL.

Once again, they are begging us to tease the hair.

Houston Roughnecks.

Yeah, I will next timeyou see me.

I will have a Houston Roughnecks sweatshirt on assuming everything goes wellwith the mail lady tomorrow.

You'll be able to watch it baby.

You got this i got thisdude.

We're all lined.

We can move on to the second game Dallas Renegades.

They're headingto Seattle tough spot here Seattle getting no respect for the home-field long travel.

Dallas – 543 and a half is the total.

I think we have to realize just how far Seattleis from the rest of this country.

We went up to beautiful the beautiful state of Washingtonto Pullman.

It is far and we live on the west coast.

So this trip from Dallas it's goingto be it's going to feel like a cross-country flight on those Spirit are ya planes and Iam a little worried about a team from Dallas knowing how to have composure and bring theirgame up to Seattle for a big moment.

Speaker 1 (1h 3m 58s):This is a battle Seattle sold the most season tickets.

I think they have a legit home fieldadvantage.

This is a money land playwright.

This is a home dog.

I mean, yeah, I'm allover Seattle Seattle to win outright.

I'm on the I like the matchup here.

I didn't seeanything from the Renegades that scared me.

So yeah, give me the dragons plus 5B likeso Speaker 3 (1h 4m 19s):This is going to be even more healthier.

That was huge.

Silver's look much better week 1and week to week two years ago.

I mean, well, I don't know if they've played games in Seattlebetween now and then but the last time I remember a team from Dallas going to Seattle or backdropthe extra point they Speaker 1 (1h 4m 36s):lost.

I think I think I compared.

Yeah, there was a moment there where there was definitelysomeone pulled the Tony Romo against the dragons on a missed field goal.

It was pretty awesome.

It's pretty awesome to burn Tony Romo.

No for no reason during just a random Februaryand that and that's kind of the the joy you get out of watching the XFL Speaker 3 (1h 4m 55s):things go well enough for the exit fellas.

Colby's ruin for we might have Tony Romo callingXFL you we go look out.

I'm not too excited about that.

Actually now, he sucks.

Speaker 1 (1h 5m 6s):Yeah, let's move over to Sunday where the New York Guardians head to st.

Louis the takeon those battle Hawks 12 o'clock Speaker 3 (1h 5m 14s):here on the West Coast.

Is that what a battle hawk sounds like I'm picturing.

Some sortof bird clanging iron like iron armor with a sword.

They are laying 10 points againstthe Gargoyles of New York has line jump a lot of God flowers 41 is the total St.

Louisby 10 really? This was a seven point spread 24 hours ago.

I know New York is that thedumpster fire of the XFL see Speaker 1 (1h 5m 43s):and again battle Hawks similar spot they started out with two.

Yeah, two Road first.

Home gameso I would want to go battle Hawks, but that number feels a little big to me.

I'm goingto take the Guardians plus 10.

They're coming off a shutout Ryan does the close your eyesspecial apply to the XFL because I think they underperform the spread they lost.

What wasit 27 to nothing? So they underperform the spread by 20 points.

Now the Guardians arecatch one of the points only 2000, right? So yeah, not Speaker 3 (1h 6m 15s):qualify for the close your eyes Speaker 1 (1h 6m 17s):special.

I'm going It's plus 10 but this feels like a good stay Speaker 3 (1h 6m 21s):away from me.

Yeah, give me a I guess tens a little too much.

Give me the Guardians plusthe plus the Speaker 1 (1h 6m 25s):tetramer you taking the Guardians.

I'm staying away too.

I think the battle Hawks win, butI think tenza hair.

Speaker 3 (1h 6m 31s):Hi my take on this is I'm going to take the points.

I believe this is our opportunityas an organization organization to step forward and show people Speaker 1 (1h 6m 42s):see that leaning into being a guardian.

I like we Speaker 3 (1h 6m 45s):need to fade the public we need to fade this This market movement people are starting tosee ho what I'm hearing all my Speaker 1 (1h 6m 53s):friends.

They're seeing the guardian sucks memes of our necks Speaker 3 (1h 6m 56s):and how they're just hearing about all this money.

You can win how easy it is to beenunder is on the XFL and I think we're going to see that influence the market and for thatreason, let's fade the public.

Okay Speaker 1 (1h 7m 8s):and real quick on the totals right now.

I'm seeing 45 and a half for Roughnecks vipersforty three and a half four dragons Renegades 41 only four Guardians battle Hawks.

Crazybecause the spread is 10 still I'm just going to write in here all unders and just keepriding this and see how long it Speaker 3 (1h 7m 27s):goes.

You gotta keep taking the unders.

I think that Speaker 1 (1h 7m 30s):is it.

It's like we're looking the gun down the barrel and we're just saying fuck youbring it.

Speaker 3 (1h 7m 36s):You think the numbers are going down and it's Speaker 1 (1h 7m 38s):trickier.

They're definitely going down but there's still over 40 over Speaker 3 (1h 7m 43s):42, but I think and I think some of these numbers are still being bet up over the Courseof the week.

Yeah, Speaker 1 (1h 7m 50s):I still wait till kickoff, especially when you have so Speaker 3 (1h 7m 52s):much like a quarterback play up in the air with the exception of like what two or threeteams Speaker 1 (1h 7m 56s):and I think Vegas or just the betting public thought that like, oh you can go for one twoor three points.

That'll move the score up when reality it's pretty hard to even getone point for these guys.

A two-point is from the 5-yard line.

So that's harder than theNFL and a three-point no one seems to do so the Wildcats got one they did but I thinkthey got a penalty on it as well to move them up five yards.

And that was a weird thingthat they actually went for it.

They were like, I don't Speaker 3 (1h 8m 24s):know.

How about the Defenders up 27 nothing with a minute left going for three.

Speaker 1 (1h 8m 28s):Did you get it? I really don't know.

Maybe they just wanted love.

I Speaker 3 (1h 8m 31s):love the power play and the fuck you to New York.

Speaker 1 (1h 8m 34s):Well, that's it.

That's it.

Classic rivalry you give it to in Houston, New York? Speaker 3 (1h 8m 39s):Okay, so we got one more game left, right? We are you guys are bantering I'm lettingyou better but if you're done, I will proceed 3 p.


On the west coast the Wildcats of LosAngeles will the database be in attendance potentially.

It's absolutely right.

Now Speaker 1 (1h 8m 54s):the dancer base will be there rooting on his DC Speaker 3 (1h 8m 57s):Defenders Kobe.

Of course a fan Speaker 1 (1h 8m 59s):mail Tire League his two favorite team will call we do you like the Jersey that's likecut in half of like one team look Speaker 3 (1h 9m 9s):kid that puppy.


I kind of threw in the towel in LA with a fire Pepper Johnsonafter week one waiting for Tampa to hire Glanville.

I still like la But the Defenders are MightyMen for someone who argues the most ridiculous points, you are just flipping around thisyou can wear the defense the court short and less Pepper Johnson fucked his wife and wedon't know that he didn't.

Okay, that would be the only possible excuse why I would Iwould yeah.

I mean, you also can't root for two teams and impersonate.

You can't Team league.

I have I'm gonna havethree and when Glanville becomes a head coach I get the logic as to why you'd want to takethe Los Angeles Wildcats as a dog here.

Now, they're garbage.

And unfortunately the twoteams we have identified as Championship contenders play the two teams that are clearly in thedumpster.

I'm laying both Road Chalk agree again, you can tease this.

Holy shit teaseit because Speaker 1 (1h 10m 8s):you're taking the Defenders – eight and a half when I watched you Speaker 3 (1h 10m 12s):guys are crazy.

You're going well cats again.


And Speaker 1 (1h 10m 15s):you last week? It's a West Coast trip DC does not travel we do that hands are gonna be thereman.

No, this will not be like a DC home game.

The Wildcats are a proud organization theirScrappy.

They're literally Wildcat you're missing the point Speaker 3 (1h 10m 30s):here deep Washington has not had a football franchise for like two decades.

People arehungry for this they're going to show up and I think you're under estimating like thisis a really good football team at all levels.

They special teams are really good.

They blockedthe punt get very close.

To my comment was going to be about both Houston and DC theyseem to be there being run like actual franchises.

Yeah, first road game true.

Speaker 1 (1h 10m 55s):Adios.

I mean he got Speaker 3 (1h 10m 58s):burned by the Wildcats last week.

He's gonna taste Speaker 1 (1h 10m 59s):though.

I think shogunate and a half Speaker 3 (1h 11m 2s):Sean is somehow he somehow has this reputation of being a gut handicapper.

Hmm, but he'sbeing very intelligent right here.

This is a great grab of an Speaker 1 (1h 11m 15s):Did number I just don't think DC has the offense to blow a team out on the road.

And I thinkshe was doesn't concern you that the LA Speaker 3 (1h 11m 21s):run defense gave up artist pain had like what a hundred Speaker 1 (1h 11m 25s):yards.

Yeah, but what did you see out of the Wildcats late? They started throwing the balldeep to Delson sporus.

But and and got some garbage points that kept him in the game andthey I think the Speaker 3 (1h 11m 34s):best secondary in the XFL with Rahim Morrow and company is not repent.

I can take thisif you want cool because I'm worried you I'm Speaker 1 (1h 11m 43s):workshopping Smith.

Advanced Speaker 3 (1h 11m 45s):analytics but these Advanced analytics tell me this DC secondary is the greatest secondaryin the history of this x Speaker 1 (1h 11m 57s):fo and Josh Johnson had a rough first half like you like you even said call me.

He'sgot he got better got better as the game went along the Wildcats fans will be emboldenedby having the SGP lighters.

But even the power will go out they'll be waving I gotta tella Speaker 3 (1h 12m 14s):shit about I got a wildcat tell but but there's also have the soccer teams logo Speaker 1 (1h 12m 20s):on it.

Speaker 3 (1h 12m 21s):Look the point is here is that the Renegades pass defense is not the Defenders The Defendershave legit great secondary good defensive line linebackers that make plays interceptions Speaker 1 (1h 12m 35s):big six.

This is a this is a Nelson Spruce late touchdown for the cover.

That's whereI'm thinking that know I like you.


Let me that's hard.

Speaker 3 (1h 12m 43s):Let's move on.

I mean I disagree but let's move Speaker 1 (1h 12m 45s):on.

No T's Ryan just the lock and the dog presented by my bookie.



I'll kickthings off my lock Ryan.

I'm still in your rough.

Nick fever.

Gimme Houston – 7 for mydog very easy Seattle money.

Lon Bad Dragon.

Sorry go Seattle st.


Come on.

That'swhy Speaker 3 (1h 13m 11s):he took our Seattle money.

Land man.

I Speaker 1 (1h 13m 12s):was all over that as well.

It's the most obvious one.

They're also the the smallest dog.

Theyhave an awesome home field and they're at home.

It's a great spot tough travel for theRenegades Kramer.

What are you doing? Speaker 3 (1h 13m 25s):I mean, I know I am the exact same as you I'm back on Seattle as a home dog.

I'm notsure.

I don't know what we saw last week that would lead you to want to double the numberthat you're giving Seattle and now and then yeah for my lock.

I'm not stopping with myroughneck fever.

I That I have it in one take it in my pocket for them to win the championship.

I did look into it Sean if there is no Championship.

I lose the bet I made included a no championshipgame.

Speaker 1 (1h 13m 60s):You're fine.

They paid the player.

He said nothing's gonna happen.

We're gonna be all Speaker 3 (1h 14m 5s):right.

I'm starting to think now is the time to get this sold on a secondary Market justin case Anyway, yeah, so what you guys both did Roughnecks and then we're not being fun.

We're going to be different even though I definitely think the Roughnecks is the obviousone because do you want to be different because different would be not giving out cash inthe form of sweet sweet XFL right pick Let's Go Chuck Roughnecks is the play the the livedog is Seattle.

Speaker 1 (1h 14m 35s):Wow, there's no way this is gonna work out.

Speaker 3 (1h 14m 39s):Shit going Speaker 1 (1h 14m 40s):mentally and you were the listeners you got to get your shit going mentally go to sportsgambling podcast.

com slash bracket enter the bites bracket competition for your chanceto win $500 Cold Hard Cash.

And of course as always thank you for participating in thesepersonnel and podcast subscribe rate and review Kramer.


Speaker 3 (1h 15m 1s):No, I was just going to say as we're talking right now Houston down to minus 6 and 1/2over a my bookie died aged Speaker 1 (1h 15m 7s):beautiful.

Oh my goodness.

In the podcast at minus-7.

We're moving lines here becauseof our live YouTube channel youtube.

com slash Sports gambling podcast Zoe's big.

Shout outto the dancer base.

Make sure you check out the college experience.

It has its own feed.

What does that mean? It means you have to put in the college experience into your AppleiTunes Spotify Google Play.

Speaker 3 (1h 15m 31s):I Got A plus 800 Defenders ticket to win to win it all I would high-five you but you seemlike you're attacking me with that.

Comment so I'm happy for you DC now down to plus 165Houston to plus 225 and if you're you want to ask me hey, hey Ryan.

I'm a little lateto the party.

There's probably not value in Houston, or do you see what should I do? Firstof all my bookie, you should uppercase the C and DC it's the capital of this countrybe respectful.

Secondly, if you wanted to get involved nowbattle Hawks plus 800 as shown pointed out.

They have not played a home game yet.

Seattle'snot a bad option Seattle at 12:00 to 1:00.


This is a team that I have identifiedclear home field advantage.

Yeah and the New Year play all that bad at DC.

You got a memberPaul slipped on some Turf and a pick six happened.

So they play was deceiving.

They played thefavorite to win the championship on the road.


So now you can get them at 12:00 to1:00 enhance your portfolio.

I cosine that well Speaker 1 (1h 16m 39s):for the sports gambling packets.

I'm Shawn stack in the money green and he is Ryan havea great night John.

I will Kramer let it Brad.

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