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you'll love this roulette system ithelps you capitalize on good streaks while keeping your losses at minimum onbad streaks Mongoose admittedly a strange name for a nice roulettestrategy yet the Mongoose system is a sweet simple and smart betting plan forthe even chances or outside bets which are red black

high low and even odd it'snot very risky and you can play it with minimum bankroll by the way if you wantto learn how we won nine thousand dollars in under 20 minutes betting onsimple chances check out the video in the description now back to the Mongoosethe idea is

that every time you start a Mongoose progression there are twopossible final outcomes either lose one chip or win five chips this means youcan expect to win the Mongoose less often than a normal even chance but whenyou win you gain a larger amount of chips as profit 5 times

your initial betI have simplified it graphically as you can see I have drawn seven rectangles toindicate it seven steps and the yellow circles in each step show the bet amountfor that step as you see in the first step first bet amount is 1 units if youwin the first

step you go to second step if you lose then you go to first stepand bet one unit in step two your bet amount is 2 units if you win there yougo to step 3 if you lose you go back again to first step when you are in thethird

step your bet amount is 1 units if you win the bet next bet amountis in step 5 if you lose go to step four in step fouryour bet amount is two units if you win go to Step five if you lose start overfrom step one when you are

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in Step five bet amount is one units as in the yellowcircle if you win the bet at Step five you have successfully completed theMongoose progression with five chips profits and you can start over from stepone if you lost Step five then go to step six when you are

in step six youhave to bet one units but when it's step six will direct you back to step five aloss will direct you to step seven when you are in step seven there are twopossible outcomes win or lose in either case the Mongoose is completed if youwin you

have successfully completed the Mongoose progression with five chipsprofits and you can start over from step one if you lose you have lost theMongoose progression with one chip loss and you can start over from step one nowI'll show you an excel sheet which I have developed to play the

Mongoosestrategy in this excel sheet at the cell your bet amount to type the amount ofyour first bet then in the blue column your next bet it shows the amount ofunits that you have to bet next here it shows one units so you have to bet oneunits in any

even chance meaning you can place the bet on red or black odd oreven one to eighteen or nineteen to thirty six here I'm placing bets in redand black then in the second column you type if the bet is won or lostif one type W if lost type L

the green column shows your current profit or lossthe blue column will show your next bet amount now let's place bets on theroulette table here my one units is $100 I place one hundred dollars on red it's number three and red so I'm on theBET now I type W

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in my excel sheet then I'll show my current profit and next betamounts two units then I go back to the roulette table and place two hundreddollar bets on red it's sixteen and red so I won my second bet – let's get backto the excel sheet and type W

because I won it shows that my current profit isthree units and next bet amount is one unit I placeone hundred dollars in black and I lost I type L in my excel sheet the bluecolumn shows the next bet amounts to units from here all fast forward thevideo so

you'll get an idea how the game develops as for the ideal bet selection I usuallybet the same as the last outcome this means if the previous outcome was red Ibet red however in this video I bet randomly because I want to showcase theMongoose betting plan and not a

specific bet selection the important thing toremember is that for every one Mongoose attack we win five units profits whilewhen we lose the Mongoose attack we lose one unit to win we need five even chancewins to come in clusters of five not necessarily consecutive but close toeach other the

Mongoose is great if we have a lot of even chance wins it islosing when we don't win often or if our wins are spread out and not in clustersof five to understand what I mean see these two scenarios a and B imagine thatwe bet on red in both

scenarios we have ten wins and 10 losses but in scenario a we went ten unitswhile in Scenario B we lose ten units so it is not about how many spins we winbut in what form our wins come the reason why the Mongoose is a goodsystem is because usually

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win and losses come in clusters and this system cantake advantage of this by the way if you liked this video we'd really appreciateyour thumbs up you here's my excel sheet at this stagethanks for watching and don't forget to check out our other videos if this wasuseful to you

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