Legalizing Sports Betting, Paying Students Athletes


[Music] senator Roger Chamberlain is promoting legislation to legalize sports betting and to allow student athletes to be paid for their name image and likeness he joins me now to talk about both measures thanks for being here good to be back thank you good morning let's start with sports betting you introduced this bill last session but you've made some changes since then what's different well a lot a lot of its technical stuff but there were one two primary changes maybe we'll get to it later one change is that we're not including mobile this one and secondly we are going to say that they had to go into the well the second one becomes moot if the first one isn't there right you'd have to go in – yeah mobile you go into the casino and and open an account I should back up we do include mobile and we change to say that you have to go into the casino – to open an account to use your mobile that's a couple things part of is accommodating the tribes and others you want people in your place a business and secondly it's also easier to verify age and whether someone's not the legal right to gamble at least place so if I wanted to do some sports betting initially I would have to go to a casino or someplace like that to set up my account verify my age all of that stuff and then at that point could I use my mobile right okay so this is just that initial step right and then that would be geo-fenced in Minnesota so you can use your mobile and they know where you're at and you can only do it from within Minnesota and Minnesota casinos you cannot do it from Wisconsin or Dakotas or I we have to be inside Minnesota now when we talked about this before you did not have the support of the 11 tribes in Minnesota you mentioned them in this answer does is are they more amenable if people have to go in in order to set up accounts I think they are more amenable none of the 11 tribes are necessarily for it yet I continue and we continue to say that this will enhance the business model it'll improve it it won't harm it we're there to protect but they are not none of them come out and said we now support it but that's the basis and the negotiations you don't give up your position until I absolutely have to but they're amenable and I believe eventually we'll get there but you know it's frustrating I mean they don't need tribal support to pass a bill but they are an interested party and you are trying to accommodate them sure according to one testifier Minnesota would be among a minority of states and allowing sports betting at age 18 the majority of other states are age 21 considering your views on social media addiction and the preponderance of youth and gaming are you concerned that being able to do sports betting at age 18 could lead to problems for that demographic in particular well first you know bills and bill expecially bills that are this complex and deal with a lot of different issues their initial offers you go in and as it goes through the process and this bill will go to half the committees in the in the center of the house you find these issues you make changes and make fixes some of our oversights so yeah I mean 21 is fine that's not a that's not a hard and fast rule we can go to 21 easy enough that's not something that we're against them anyway but 18 is just the starting point you can join the military and get your head blown off at 18 so but you can't smoke can't drink and you're not supposed to gamble but you know do everything else sign a contract and it's not just the world we live in so you mentioned also that one of the reasons for legalizing sports betting is to defund the underground economy and then provide consumer protection why is how much gambling is really going on they submit in the state of Minnesota is roughly a little over a million people may be engaging in some sort of sports betting I know the people personally that do it and it could be around two and a half billion dollars give or take so so that's about how much sports betting is going on and people are concerned about expanding gambling that's one of the issues expansion of gambling it's a bad thing it's terrible for people is it I'm the scale of zero to negative zero to positive is it something that's gonna save lives benefits society I'd say you around 0 to 0.

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5 or point minus 5 really small but it's something that is people enjoy doing engaging in expressing opinions they get part of that and join sports and enjoying the wagering on sports but it is a I'm sorry what's original question oh it's just it was just to get you to talk about why it's important but let's let's take this moment then to move on to paying college athletes we talked about this last summer now there's a bill in both the House and the Senate has bipartisan support why is it time for college athletes to be able to be paid for their name image and likeness because they because everybody else is getting rich now I gotta make clear from the outset is that this is not the college and university or NC double-a paying the athletes this is a these are athletes who might get some endorsement money from third parties then endorsement money could come directly from a Nike or a local auto dealership whatever the case might be or it could be situations where they go on YouTube and do anything maybe they're not even doing anything with regarding sports and they have enough traffic they start to make money from that everybody knows how YouTube works or the somebody uses their name like and likeness an image to sell video games so it runs the whole spectrum there's a lot of things here everybody else is getting rich these are the only people who aren't allowed to make money for their labor and talent I miss college musicians in college journalists can go out and make all kinds of money on the side and they gets they have scholarships but the college athlete who's making a ton of dough for the university is not supposed to do that that's right you have to be paid for what you do this is fundamentally basic human right an idea of our system of in the society now maybe this wouldn't happen maybe it would happen but there could potentially be a conflict of interest let's say gopher star football player Gophers playing TCF Bank Stadium u.

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bank once the ones to pay them to endorse u.


bank are you worried about any kind of conflicts like that arising I'm not that's not our role is to to open up and create the opportunity and knock down that barrier and create the opportunity the the legal system and the third and the parties involved will work that out and I think it would be worked out just fine we deal with much more complex things out in the real world right now that's not a concern if those things pop up that's for the market and for the athlete and the agent and the college university institution to work out so there's some movement at the federal level the NCAA has asked the feds to step in because as you know California was the first to do this now about 20 other states are considering this legislation would this benefit most of all from federal legislation so that all states are equal should we wait for that or should Minnesota go ahead first of all we should not wait for it because god knows when I would get done up there secondly states connecting their own thirdly I don't trust the n-c-double-a and I certainly don't trust the federal government to get this done and get it done quickly and get it done right our the effect of data are the effective date of the California legislation is 2023 we even won one year further than that to say because not only does it give time for everybody to work things out but also we can ride California's coattails with that momentum as they go through it so we have a long it's 3-4 years before it become effective a lot of things in B take take place and get get done and if that's the case great then we don't need the bill senator Chamberlain thank you thank you very much [Music].

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