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Welcome everyone to the sports gambling podcast.

I'm Sean stack and the one at Greenville ismy partner in pigs.

Ryan, real money.

Kramer, what's happening? Crime dog.

Sean, I tookyour note from last episode and I did not look creepily at the audience.

I think it'sjust weird when I'm talking.

You're just staring dead at the camera.

In fact today, I don'tthink I'll make a single bit of eye contact with our audience because this side of theneck, Sean, yeah, it's in bad shape.

Really? What happened? We've had some mgs to try tocombat the stiffness that I want to turn to look at the audience, but the whole body sellthem on your point.

Uh, yeah.

It's important to make eye contact and do this with yourhand.

So Ryan's running for office.

I don't know what happened.

I do know that it puta damper on the day that his selection Monday, Sundayselection Sunday, but it's on a Monday night or like the NFL selection Sunday, Monday nightedition, Thursday night football, Saturday edition.

You're here in the college basketballtheme because it is S GPN bytes bracket selection show.

Of course, this selection show broughtto you by are good pals over at mine, bookie daddy G play weird and get paid over by bookiedeposit withdrawal using that sweet sweet crypto currency.

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Also free pigs everyday.

Call me Dan and crew NC.

Nick, Patty, see cranking out the free college picks orsports gambling pack has dotcom, Twitter at gambling podcast.

Again, my bookie dad energyplay win and get paid.

You some promo credit as G Vwe're here.

We're in studio.

What is the bites bracket selection show? Well it's the announcementshow, the announcement show that precludes all other announcements.

It's big.

It's important.

We are going to list the 32 sound drops that made it into the contest and of course sincewe are hashtag dead Jens only, we will be putting up a sweet little prize.

No that prizesof course.

$500 wait, Sean, last we had talked the prize was entertainment.


Have thingschanged? Well last night and yes, I was doing our taxes.

Went to a tax appointment on Sundaynight.

Shout out to Burbank tax guy does this.

I'm sitting there, I'm watching the NBA allstar game again.

Cashed a cold brew in your hand or something.

Now did not have cold brew, but again was untapped.

I was turned in all our paperwork.

He's like, what is this? Whyare you giving the all this audience or all this money to the audience as your financialadvisor? I can't in good conscience allow you to giveall this money to the listeners that I go, sorry putty.

I love the listeners.

I don'tcare what you say.

I'm going to take your dirty accountant money now.

Actually, theguy is a cool dude.

So shout out to tax.

Totally not dirty.

No, he's a very uh, meticulous, great accountant.

So you're in the LA area.

Drop me a line, I'll hook you up.

Burbanktax free promo for the Burbank.

Not only are we giving the audience cash, we're givingBurbank tax free promo.

He's ready.

He said he's going to check out the podcast.

So we'llshow a hundred thousand dollar draft King lineups and tax accountants.

What don't youdo, Sean? Stack in the money green.

What don't I do? I'll tell you what I do.

I want to goto mess around when it comes to brackets.

So we've selected 32 drops.

We have a Eastregion and a West region.

Seated one through 16.

Um, and yeah, I think, uh, we gotta wegotta just jump in and, and get 'em out.

Couple a couple ones did not make the list.

Uh, thisone, which I'm pretty sure it didn't make it in the clapper.

Again, that's kind of anew drop.

We'll see.

I have a feeling these second annual bites bracket, that could bea, a a sound effect we'll be hearing from prices.


Losing horn, very apt for theprices.


Losing whore did not make, it was, it was on the bubble watch again.

It had the pedigree.

We just wanted to see a couple of bigger non-conference wins forthe prices.


Losing whore.

And again, that drop in particular net, the most originaldrop interrupted.

You know what that drop is?That drop is Seth Greenberg and my Virginia tech Hokies for like three straight years.

Bri bridesmaids, unfortunately never the bride.

Maybe it will make a, yeah, maybe it'll makea run over in the nit and the clapper and not getting the bid is just perfect clapper.

It's just him classic [inaudible] on the side.

This was one that I thought would make it.

We were doing the, uh, the final selections.

Uh, I mean let's go to the school.

They onlygo to the school and they get in, but I want to see more of them go into the school andthem not getting it.

Let's go to the school and see the lawnmower.

Oh, put it in the shed.

It did not get in.

That's going to be controversial.

That is a mid-major with a great resume whojust got bumped.

This is the soundbite of the classic lock sound effect.

Colby is making a case for this team come March saying it's, this is the team that likeshould be a, this is the UCF of sound drops.

It's a team that probably should be in there, but again didn't, didn't quite have the pedigree mixed with yay.

It's a, it's a fine art.

Decidingwhat actually gets in, what actually doesn't get in the art of committing is tough.


It was, we had that job.

I feel like we were pretty much on the same page as far as whetherthis drop was either a top seed, a bottom seed, or a mid seed.

But within that rangethere was, there was some discussion behind behind the curtain.

We were, we were goingback and forth each kind of making the case for our particular traps, uh, that, that wepersonally liked.

Or again, we listened to the audience.

There's much like the all star game.

There is an audience vote.

Oh, and a shout out, shout out to me for giving out on the NBA all star pod.


Out of bio plus 1200.

So between that and our XFL picks, which will XFL week three coming up later in the week, I think we had a pretty good weekend for the listeners.

Do we have a moment to tout? Yeah, let it rip Ryan, because at one point this, this weekend I was [inaudible] Oh yes.

Andyou know what I did on Saturday, just for fun, because not every word was allowing thepar lie.

I was able to find some, I went, I had a four teamer in the XFO Shaun.

Oh myGod.

That's the dream with the money line.


That really is the dream with the, it'slike I'm betting funny money on this silly league.

It doesn't feel like real money.

Somehow the XFL, and maybe it's just because I've hadgood luck so far to and in the locks.

What does luck have to do with it? The unders, the locks and make sense and tweeted out a, a, a sweet, sweet, a meme of a, if you'veseen these Steph Curry with his wife, Oh man, did not have a, he's one of those guys whowill get penetration.

Do yourself a favor.

If you haven't seen the Steph Curry and hiswife, they're like, he's not wearing a shirt.

And he's like wearing Jean shorts.

She's ontop of them.

They put out this photo and they're these clearly, uh, he's clearly aroused inthe photo.

And so people have been mean, uh, you know, Steph Curry, uh, his wife and thenhis boner.

So I did one for the podcast.

Me is of course Steph Curry.

XFL is his wifeembracing and then the boner texts is six and two on the unders.

I'm really proud ofmyself for that one.

So check us out over on us Instagram again, this is a good toutportion.

It's healthy.

We got to stretch.

We got to warm up.

And again, reminder, allof this is fucking free, so you're welcome everyone.

This is also the poorest portion of the show where they had crowbar in Charles Barkleytalking about college basketball.

That's terrible.

You know what? That terrible Ryan.

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Frame dog.

Let's do it.

Do, do we have dramatic music? Yeah, we were just playing it.

Thatwas the, that was the dramatic contest.


Well, not for the ad read previously.


We're gonna start in the East region, AKA AKA the Jason Garrett region region.

It almostshould be the Jason Garrett Memorial region.


But he's still in the league.


And he's still the giants.

We are inaccurate in way.

It's not going to be funny anymorebecause he's going to be so good.

I'm good man.

I really walked into that one.


Let's do it.

Kicking off the 16 seed in the Jason Garrett region, we havekind of a slow start.

The master's theme music again, you know it from, uh, Eli Mandaeanseulogy.

Anytime we have a serious moment on the show or actually a big serious moments, the masters theme song comes on.

It's a lot of fun.

16 [inaudible] don't expect to seeit moving on against a one seat, but it's there.

It's there.

It feels part of this program.

Classes up the joint.

Definitely a participation trophy, right?Yeah.

And it was right on the edge there.

Some of the, there couple of music cues slippedin some more fun than others, but a masters, again, utilitarian feels like we've used alot over the years.

So coming in at 16 they masters music.

This one surprising 15 seed.

It's got some upset mojo.

TheColby, Dan Danta Bay sound effect.

A 15 seed.

What do you expect Callie's reaction is tobe, I think he'll be honored along the 15th yeah, that's what I want.

I'm Lehigh goingup against Duke in 2012 I mean, his life is advocating for the 15 seeds.

So it's onlyfitting that the dancer base is a 15 seed.

It not, Oh, although it does play in everyshow, a couple too many white guys on this team to move on from my liking.


Uh, do we, so are we going to just go reverse order? Are we going to throw at who they'replaying? Well, no, I think we, I forget how do we do this? We count it down to one andthen we can, we'll do a quick, uh, match like a catalog.

This is dramatic.

You don't, youdon't reveal the one seed, the end.

You're right.

This one, it is a music cue, but it'sa classic.

Oh, it just never gets old.

It is the sounddrop that helped derail the New York football giants.

Give it up for the girls.

Gone wildtheme, AKA the boat trip music.


Lot of fun.

Very festive.

Very festive.

Second teamfrom a small conference.

They've cut the video now at this point.

And people are going absolutelyape-shit.

They are celebrating like they don't give a shit about winning a game in the Torney.

But I had to be.

This is, yeah, it feels like Vermont.

It had talkedyourself into, Oh, they've got guards.

They can, they can hit their free throws.

They'vebeen playing with each other for four years.

That's, that's how you're selling yourselfon the, uh, the number 14 poetry music.

Susie like to lost Princeton team.

Yeah, right.

Somewhere in the New Hampshire, new England area, lack it up.

Number 13, you could makea case that they maybe didn't deserve to be in pedigree, pedigree, pedigree.

It's, youhear it all the time associated with many, many wins over the years are patented.

A locksound effect.

Little a trivia for the fans at home that actually comes from a eight Konzasong locked up.

I sampled that.

So enjoy, enjoy that little a piece of trivia.

Doesthat from back in the NAICS days? No, that is a no, it's just a, that's where I pulledit.


I won't make some glory Hill.

I'll play itone more time.

A little ladder.

I won't make some glory holes.

That of course is a Jerry Jones saying that he wants some glory hole again.

Clearly hehas no idea what the word glory hole means.

Uh, but yeah, I think he was advocating touh, have some glory coming in at 12 seed.

Ryan, do you see glory hole moving on?I think while it's not a scream like hit you in the face public 12 favored by two overa five seed.

It is.

It is the owner of the Cowboys saying glory hole and at the end ofthe day, glory holds her funny.


The idea is funny.

Making fun of the Cowboys funnyand these are universal concepts with the exception of Cowboys fans out there with atthis point, I assume there aren't too many or they just enjoy the beating.

I thinkthe Cowboys fans, they just spent that sit around on the podcast.

They're their trueD.

Jen's in the fact that they, except there, there's a mutual respect, right? Because theyrealize, Hey, if I was an Eagles fan or if a giants fan, I would talk a ton of shit onthe Cowboys if I had my own podcast.

So I think they be grudgingly respect our positionof being anti Cowboys.

You, I mean, yeah, some Pollyannas will say, Oh, every team's great.

I love every team.

We have hard, strong opinions.

One of which isthe Dallas Cowboys suck.

And Hey, if, God forbid the Cowboys ever do go out and runand win a few playoff games, I'm sure we'll be hearing it from these fans.

It would bea great bit for the sports gambling podcast.

That's for sure.

It would be a highly unlikelybut sure, anything's possible.

Be almost as good as the soy boy.

But coming in at 11 seedfrom bilber himself, it's a drop it around for a couple of years, but I think reallystarted breaking it in a, this latest, uh, playoffs, the NFL playoffs, bill Burr, uh, Patrick, my homes kind of went on a nice run here.

So I felt like this was a great timeto really get a lot out of a Showtime, uh, homes.

How do you feel about this as a droprod? Well, I, you know, I was talking to someonewho, uh, who was a friend and also a fan, Sean.

So you know, hard to, hard to know wherethe boundary is.

Hopefully we didn't get too inappropriate here, but the, I would say thefact that we created this drop yes.

Adds a bit of value, I think perhaps why it's allthe way up at the 11 seed.

This is totally grown traps I think.

Do get a nod from thecommittee.

They look at the program, Hey, these are guys building up, uh, doing things.

All right.

Yeah, this is Jim Bay.

Haim and Syracuse, gettingin for that play in 11 seed in a year.

They had no business getting there and then makinga run to the elite, getting hot.

So look for Showtime a homes.

We gotta get our shit goingmentally coming in at number 10 again, anytime we getto talk about Jan grin on the podcast, it's a lot of fun.

This was a, this was a newerdrop.

I mean, especially when you look at the heritage, the pedigree of some of theseother programs.

This to me feels like a, a, you know, like a Gulf coast university anda team that like you didn't really expect to see in there.

But then when you see himat the 10 seed, you look at their path to a title.

You could, you could see yourselfmaking a run.

And again, you guys are going to be the ones deciding which of these dropsand move on.

We're going to be voting, uh, each one of these games is going to be, uh, present as a poll question over at gambling podcast.

There'll be like a 24 hour periodfor you to get your votes in.

But of course stuffing the ballot box is encouragedand if you get a couple people to rally around a particular drop, you can really tip thescales in your favor.

I think if you've got like four or five of your friends who readtweet, get a couple of other people to vote for.

I'm just saying it seems like judgingfrom, uh, I feel like it would be easy to move, especially some of these smaller match-ups.

Now when we get to the sweet 16, the elite eight, the final four, it may be harder becausethere's going to be a lot of eyes on.

But this first round of 32, uh, therecould be some, I wouldn't be surprised if we get a lot of upsets around andthis will be a good time to remind people that if they're really itching for this, thenext iteration of this bite bracket conversation, they should head over to youtube.

com/sportsgambling podcast.

Subscribe to the, to our YouTube page so they get notified.


Oh yeah.

Cause we are live.

If you're watching the show live right now, do not go to sportsgambling, podcast.

com/bracket to enter your bracket because that is not quite live yet.

Uh, but of course if you're listening to this on a podcast, it's up.

It's ready to go.

It'scompletely tested.

There's no way anything can go wrong with the technical, uh, uh, setup we have going on there.

So sports gambling, podcast.

com/bracket to get your entry in backto it.

Where are we at here? We just revealed the number 10 seed of the East region in theJason Garrett region coming in at number nine, little controversy behind the scenes.

READ  NFL Combine & Bytes Bracket (Ep. 791) - Sports Gambling Podcast

Yousaid I had this seated too high, but personal favorite of mine again takes me back to mydays of listening to counting crows helps carry on the tradition of making fun of theNew York Chad's quarterback.

This drop has a lot going for it.

Kramer, why do you thinkI'm over overvaluing? Well, I mean, Mr.

Jones droppedone way or another.

You are overvaluing this and in your words, this drop will be no longerusable in a year or two and one and done.

But I'mfine with that.

It's much like what's like Kentucky? They brought up, they gave out alot of money to the right boosters and, uh, Mr.

Jones getting a nine seat.

Is it justgreat for the program? Well, that's what I was going to comp it too.

This is Kentucky in a down year, getting a nine seen.

See, I was going to sayKentucky in a great year because Mr.

Jones dropped.

They're going to get hot when itmatters.

Uh, when they're going to be starting really jelling I think this, I wouldn't besurprised if Mr.

Jones is a final four drop.


See to me this is a fading mrsMr.

Jones is maybe the lock of the first round.


And I think it will help the conversationif we just reveal that first round match up and, and who Mr.

Jones will be facing.


Jones is the nine and that means it's going head to head with the eighth seed andthat is again probably came in similar time period.

All actually number eight seed probablya little newer.

I can delete this right here.

This is number eight.

Good drop.

But I thinkMr.

Jones, even though it's a nine seed, I think it's going move on.

I like I can deletethat.

Uh, right now for you.

But Ryan, we know we have a big contingency of New YorkPatriots fans who don't want to be triggered and reminded that their team is involved inrampant, rampant cheating.

They're going to go all in on Mr.

Jones that the baby whaletrackers will move Mr.

Jones along.

Once he gets into the sweet 16, it's all downhillfrom there.

I can delete that right now for you.

Great job.

But I'm worried the chatter heads are going to fight it.

I did enjoy how you called, uh, the New York Patriots.

That that's it.

That's good.

I say that you did say that that waspretty fun Patriots, but I'm a little surprised because this, I can delete that for you rightnow.

This will be a drop.

We're playing in five years.

God willing.

We're both stillalive and also, well, Jesus Christ.

Ryan, you really jinxed it.

Uh, also it's besidesthat, I mean, I think the idea of the Patriots feeding cheaters, that's going to be somethingthat's not going anywhere.

Fun idea.

The fact of the Patriots being cheaters, but also versatile, right? Because someone says something, someone says the wrong thing.

One of our, uh, youknow, freelancers, one of the SGP crew sends out the wrong tweet.

I can delete that rightthere for you.

There's so many situations where this trapcould be used.

So again, that versatility, I just, th the chatter heads are not goingto let the, I can delete that for you.

Move on.

There's just no way.

And that's wherethe home court is going to be killer because this, this is clearly being played somewheredeep in new England.


Yo this, yeah.

This entire region, any of these now againwon't get to it because all right.


I don't want to reveal, but obviously baby whaleis in the tournament now.

Will, will Boston embrace the baby whale or do they see it asmaking fun of an eye? We use it making fun but also just discussing it.

So I think it'sa point of pride, but we'll see.

Look, I can both use chowder derogatory in a derogatorynature, but I can also enjoy chowder.

So listen, step back, enjoy and vote objectively.

Guys, we already have a one of the uh, live viewers, Ryan over at youtube.


Katelyn, Comcast, Johnny, Maxine, farewell, Mr.

Jones, chowder hoods everywhere.

Wellthen if he's saying farewell, Mr.

Jones, that means he's loading up on, I can delete thatright there or I can delete that for you right now.

And maybe that's, that's what peoplerally around because there are for as many Patriots fans and listeners and Boston sportsfans that we have, we also have people who really love shitting on them.

So this is, this is a hotly contested eight, nine matchup and that's what the committee wants.

That'swhat we're trying to do.

Create great match.

Surprisingly not a, not a lot of moderatesin the chowder heads versus everyone else battling.

Very, very uh, yeah, very bipolar one way or the other.

They're all right.

Come on inat number seven in the East region, aK the adjacent carrot Memorial region.

Kirk cousinsadd his fine, his captain Kirk, a guy that's just great to fade in prime time in the endin big games, somehow beat the saints.

But overall I made a nice chunk of change bendingagainst a Kirk cousins this NFL season, particularly that Monday night game.

That was money andit's just, it's just funny to hear Kirk cousins get fired up.

And again, very versatile drop.

You can use it anywhere, uh, of someone like talking shit.

And I don't know how say youride you like that.

Well, it feels like you're, it feels likeit's a top half drop at 17.

Feels about right.

I think some, and I guess we will get to this, but some will be surprised to hear that Kirk cousins voice crack is a snub Sayer on theoutside looking in.

So I think this is a fair seed for a Kirk cousins led drop.

I thinkthis is Sean.

Would you believe this? I've spoken to a couple of people who I know fora fact.

Definitely listen to the show.

They don't just tell that to us to our face becausethey're nice and they thought that drop.

They're obviously not a huge football fans.

They thoughtthat was you.

They thought that was you bragging about your draft Kings win.

Oh, that it's something I would say.

And again, uh, we probably could, if you Google draftKings winners, of course, my, a blog about it, one of the T the tab entry.

I'm bloggingabout SEO and Jeff Kim, what are you more excited about the SEO valueof the blog posts or the fact that you won 200 K there? My reaction video is in thereand I'm like, Oh my God.

I do think I, I think I do say, I may havesaid a you like that.

Well, it's a check the tape now that it's a, the 17 you liked thatthough.

Tough matchup against the 10 seed John Gruen.

We got to get our shit going mentallyagain.

I see upset here.

I'm leaning 10 seed.

I'll have to think about it, but, uh, sevenseeds a door.

Kirk is in trouble.

We'll leave it at that.

This one got a lot of, uh, requests.

I'm going all in on Trump and that is of course Justin Decker.

You're saying what? JustinDecker, he's not a, he's not a Trump guy.

No, this is years ago.

Uh, I think it was, I think it was probably the see over on the Trump tweets during the FalconsPatriots super bowl, super bowl day at five and a half.


He was going all in on Trump and Trump actually as luck would have Trump got tohim one more time by uh, hitting the under on his tweets.

Same, the same Superbowl whereI lost a tremendous, and everyone did on the puppy bowl.

So a lot of bad beats there.

Butof course a Pat's did end up pulling it out and that's the side.

It was on seven 30 inthe morning on Superbowl Sunday.

Sean's screaming like a rabbit dog in my garage.

Well, therewere rabid dogs destroying the game all in on Trump.

Number six, going up against Showtime.

My homes.

I don't think the dog has a chance here.

I think regardless of your personalfeelings on Trump, the, the love of the drop is universal because I think people that areenjoy making fun of Trump or Trump supporters, I think like the drop.

So I think number sixcruises to a victory.

Justin Decker pulls very high with our audience.

Sean, I thinkthis is the first lower seed that is favored.


And yeah, because I think ten seven 10is definitely favored.

Eight nine is a pickup.

No, I think you nailed it.

The environmentalfactor, the Patriots fans want to erase this from history.

So they definitely wanted torace from the S GPN bytes bracket.

So I think this is the first favorite.

The lower seeds.

Typically I spoke highly of Showtime homes.

I thought they had, thisis a team I had in my bet on bucket and then what do I find them?When did you see the matchup you go there? There's nothing there.

I don't expect, I meanI think we could have multiple Deckers in the elite eight and again, if there's, ifpeople want to set a heads side spreads, betting line side bets, we encourage all of that.

A hashtag D Jen's only action and maybe we, I'll even tweet out what I think the spreadwill be as far as percentage splits on the vote.

But again, we're, we're just tryingto get through the bracket cause it's gonna we can't get it too complicated coming inat number five.

Uh, it's a great, I mean all time.

Uh, yeah it says [inaudible] or it'sa Stan's dad, right? Randy Marsh and all time great character on South park.

Great for thosehot takes.

I think maybe see it a little high for five.

I think you like the drop Ryan oran advocate more than I am.

I enjoy the drop but I think you had this one a little higherthan I did.

I think my reason as to why this is a fiveseed is because this is absolutely a powerhouse.

This is a team that most likely didn't wintheir conference tournament, but it had a great regular season.

I'm thinking your, yourstereotypical, uh, Baylor teams past Florida.

Just a solid blue blood that didn't have thebest end of the year.

Maybe they had a period where they had an injury, they had a key andkey guy go down.

But that guy is back.

And while we typically talk about the five 12matchup as a spot where it's become too chalky.

And I, I unfortunately I don't think thatI want me some glory hole, which is the 12 see that it would be going up against, I thinkit's going to be a short number.

I think hot, hot, hot, maybe only laying a three or fourpoint number [inaudible] but I yeah, I'm going hot, hot, hot.

But I thinkit has, I think it may have trouble doing damage after that.

Well I certainly think if you want to talk about long shots overall in the Torney dropthat can go win a championship.

I don't, I don't think this can do it.

I don't thinkyou can do it.

If you put it in your final four, I thinkyou're just misguided.

Yeah, he's one of those guys who will getpenetration.

Uh, this is a four seat.

But to me, Madden, Madden, uh, making sexual innuendos, this is what the show is built on.

And it we hadto make it a four seed because of, because of just how strong of a year it was drop wise.

But if you put Madden, uh, we'll get he w he's a guy that will get penetration in yourfinals in your final four.

I don't think you're making a wrong call there.

I think, I thinkit's a bold choice but I think it's a decent choice.

I mean we gave the committee gavethem a layup first round against the classic lock sound effect.

I mean we could see a a80 20 split here.

As far as the votes, I smell blow out potential.

Uh, I'm not sure who is going to be pulling for the classic, the format that really makesthis a nice matchup even though the foreseen, hard to see classic lock winning.

And as Ilook at these brackets, Sean, I think one of the bits of feedback that the fans aregoing to have for the committee, which by the way they should definitely head over tothat gambling podcast on Twitter and Sean get involved in the conversation because Iam interested here, but I think the East region is going to turn out to be a bit on the strongside and I think we're going to hear a little bit about how the committee, maybe they, theycherry pick some of the better teams.

Maybe this is the regional that's going to be playedin Los Angeles anyway.

Madden penetration.

I think it's a perfect four seed and it'snever going to be a one seed, but man, you do not want to face this in the secondround.

You just don't.

Yeah, it's, it's going to be a tough mat ifyou, so it would be the five seed.

Right? To me that's an eight point favorite.

It'snot even close coming in at three[inaudible] Johnson, AKA the Gus gazumped, the three seedmakes total sense for this drop.

It's going head to head with the boat trip music.

I thinkthere'll be some boat trips, supporters.

It's fun making fun of Odell, but I think the loveof Gus Johnson, the fact that this is a March madness bracket, it's a March man.

His dropsound effect, it's, it's gonna cruise the first round.

Although I, if I was a Bettyman and I am, I would actually bet the margin of victory in the four 13, uh, between Maddenand penetration and classic lock.

I think we actually see a bigger blow out between, uh, Madden penetration and classic Lockton boat trip music and Gus chasm.

I think itwill be closer than people think.

I would, I would say this is like a seven and a halfpoint favorite where they win.

You know, there's some free throw stuff at the end, but it'sclear they're not going to cover at any point.

See to me, this is the like eight to 10 pointfavorite that people have gotten a little bit too high on the 14 seat.

Gus get to talkto themselves and know enough just straight up this is, this team looks better comingoff the bus like their boat trip music doesn't have a guy over six eight and meanwhile thefront line for Gus gas and is just rolling out six 10 and it a lot of white guys, whitegirls gone wild baby.

I just to me, Gus get you want to talk about a team that I am comfortablepenciling in asa finalist.

I think it's got sky.

I just, whether it's the seasonality of the drop, the fact that it's used in so many different contexts and it's been around forever hands.

It's used for sex, for winning, for going crazy.

I can tell you Sean Ryan, real money Kramer still today can visualize where I was at thePalazzo in that circle bar that I don't think exists anymore.

Watching Xavier play Kansasstate.

God, why is Gus Johnson not colon college basketball games for March madness anymore?I mean kudos to Fox for getting them, but come on love him and him against humanity.

Three six.

I should point out, Sean, we have a potential all in on Trumpers, Gus chasmhere.

So that is going to be a nice sweet 16 magic onein a number two.

It's a baby fucking wheel man.

You could, I think there's going to bea lot of entries that have baby F and whale.

We need it all.

And it's tough to argue againstthat logic.

It's gonna come in and out of the East.

I think it's gonna have its workcut out for it.

But if you haven't seen that video, uh, the video, it reminds me of thevideo, which is an all time viral video.

Of course these Boston guys see some sort ofsunfish, but they think it's a baby whale.

His friend Jay, they keep sayingthey got taken to the aquarium.

It's sick and Oh dude, it's missing its mother.

It's, it's really a gem of a video.

It reminds me of that.

It's a, uh, uh, the perfect crystallizationof the Boston accent.

So you get the funny accent.

It's funny that the guys think it'sa baby whale.

It reminds you of that viral video.

It's used every time we talk about, uh, Boston sports teams.

Again, this is the definition of a blue blood, the baby F andwhale and a sweet logo that you can get on a shirt over towards gambling.


com/birchhaving is huge.

That's a big part here.

It's a, it comes from a absolutely just objective, really funny video and completely unique to the podcast.

You don't hear any other showsusing a drop like that.

We're kind of on an Island here.

Uh, fishing for baby whales.

We are fishing for baby whales.

This is a course, it goes up against the database, whichI think people, there are Colby supporters.

They will rally around call me.

But the databasesound effect has its hands.

Uh, it has its work cut out for I think the database himselfmaybe for the baby F and whale.

And this will be interesting because if Colby really, uh, wants to try and rally the dancer maniacs and really rally or the listeners, uh, dothe college experience and really put his weight behind the database, that could putbaby F and whale in a, in a pickle.

But I think ultimately baby F and whale carriesthe day.

I would be very surprised to not see shock in the elite elite eight here, babyF and whale Gus chasm.

That's the matchup everyone wants to see.

That is, that's goingto be great.

It's Kentucky, North Carolina really gettinginto this bit.

I know it started out as a bit, but I'm really looking forward to itas if it's a sporting event.

I will be surprised.

I am looking forward to which one of the obviousBluebloods gets upset.

There's going to be one of some sort of social media campaigndisruption campaign.

I think you called the dancer base upsetting baby F and wow.

Thatcould be input.

It could be in play and the number one drop in the East region, AKA theJason Garrett Memorial region.

I'll go home and get your fucking shine box.

Perfect again.

They were the, it's the sound job built for Jason Garrett.

Um, it's a, it's an old timemovie.

It's an all time sound effect.

I don't shun shoes no more.

It's great.

I mean it's, it reminds you of, you know, I don't know, just classic mob movies.

Do you remember whatmade us start using it? That's a great question.

I do not, I don't either.

I mean obviouslywe're insanely creative.

I don't think anyone else is using this out thereand mainstream, well especially not in this context of, Ithink we were just realized.

I think what happened is that we, we realized the powerdynamic between Jerry Jones and uh, make that connection because it's, Oh freak drop.

Itis just because Jason Karen is such, Jerry Jones is bitch where like he's like one ofthose guys that shines shoes and he's like, go home and get your fucking shine box.

NowJason Garrett doesn't reply with, I don't shine shoes no more.

He just goes home andgets the shine box.

It's a little ironic there.

He's got a, I mean, shine box has an easylayup of a matchup, number one against the masters music.

So that's uh, that's not evenworth handicapping.

Don't get cute here.

Don't even take the points.

Uh, just, I mean that's, it's going to be like an 80, 20 right or 90 a 95 to five.

It's going to be a bloodbath.

And again, that, that's why I know we're doing our job right, because I'd be like, theseare playing out, at least in my head, similar results.

I'm sure there's going to be somewildcards in here where we're completely off with what the listeners think.

But Ias a committee member, this should be how I feel, but if the top four seeds aren't there, come a lead eight.

I be surprised.

Very surprised.

So I think we did our job very well.


Thank you very much.

And I'm very excited.


Now look, SI SI Madden penetration versus shine box.

That's a better matchup then than I thinkI initially thought.

But man, all four of these teams, I do think the top four hereis a top heavy region.

I think Jason Garrett region, we see we see chalk advanced the eliteeight and then from there you never know.

You never know Ryan.

You know what you doknow.

You don't want to be the smelly guy.

You just don't want to smell bad.

No one'sgoing to tell you your friends are just going to let you be the smell guy.

Every once ina while someone will actually pull you aside and be like, dude, what's going on? You gotto head over to Hawthorne dat CEO.

He get you hooked up.

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It's pretty sweet.

You justtake a little quiz.

Hey, what do you like to do? I like to drink whiskey.

Are you acoffee guy? Yeah, I'm a coffee guy.

You just fill out kind of what you do for a living.

Different situations you're involved in.


I love, I love custom stuff.

The custom deodorant, custom shampoo, custom cologne, whatever you're doing to smell good, they're going to hookyou up.

I'd even taken a break, Ryan, from the owner, a sabbatical, don't recommend it.

Don't recommend it.

I would even occasionally catch myself.

I'd be in a sweaty situationwhere like, Oh God, what is that? If you've all ever smelled your own BL, you know deodorant, it's essential and show him, I explained him.

Deodorant is essential because I know ouraudience, right? You're a fellow degenerate.

You're spending six hours in the Sportsbook, you're hanging out with other guys, betting on horses.

You're sitting there chewing onone of those little pencils.

You're laying around the couch all day.

You're just goingto smell bad, clean up, clean up your act.

Again, great thing about Hawthorne dad, CEO, that's Hawthorne with an E delivered to your house.

Do you really want to be the guy thatgoes to Walgreens? Yeah, we know my history with Walgreens.

Don't want to go back there.

I want to have people mail me my deodorant, mail me my shampoo, conditioner, all my productsand send it up on a schedule.

You're a dude.

You can figure it out.

I'lluse a bottle shampoo every three months.

Get that set up so you don't have to leave thehouse and you can still smell good.

Hawthorne, dad, CEO, use our code.

SGP, get 10% off yourpurchase.

Again, savings.

Again, not wasting time.

You could be watching games.

If you'rewatching March madness, you're really going to go, Oh, Hey, you got to run out to thestore and get a bottle of shampoo.

No, but after you're done watching games for eighthours, you may want to text the lady, make a pass to your wife.

What happens? SituationistHawthorne.


CU Hawthorne, dad, CEO, promo code SGP.

Get 10% off your purchase.

My wife has been complimenting me.

It's been st I'm smelling good.

Nice work, Sean.


Let's do it.

Let's head over to the West region, AKA the Joe Buck region.

Joe Buck.

So maybe, uh, you can kind of figure it out ifyou're a smart guy or gal.

We have some, we have some female listeners all the way upto more than a few.

Sean, as the lately as the czar of the contest grading.

Ooh, I'm, well, I'm really surprised every time thatwe have no less than three or four females entering a contest with around a hundred people.

So we're talking about three to four per much higher than the half percent I thought wewere at.

So congratulations to the females out there.

I hope they get involved in thisconversation as well shown.

What is the a though? Is it the Y chromosome that makesus different? What, what do you think? Does that impact the voting? Will? There'll bea female skew to any of these.


Let's do it.

Let's do it.


Let's talk about the West region kicking things off.

Surprise to get in there, but it wonits conference.

Got in, speaks to the heart of the show.

Making fun of people who careabout data analytics, work for the ringer.

Uh, it's, it's Homer Simpson.

Ken Simpson'sgreat.

Greatest show of all time.

I think it's got, it's got an uphill battle again.

It's fun, but can it really make noise? I think it's goingto have a tough match up going up against the one suit.

Let me channel my inner Colbyhere.

Sean, this is the strongest 16 seen in the industry.

I don't think this is UNB.

See, I could be wrong, but I don't know.

They were the strongest 16 seat.

I think they just got the job done.

But this is like whenyou hear people say, Oh, can't believe they, uh, the I had, I had them as a 15 seat andthey're a 16 seat.



Uh, yeah.

I mean, look, they're there.

It's a great drop.

You have used it many times in slaughtering Robert Mays and you're extremely one rate, one way relationship you have with him.

Uh, but other than that, it's versatile.

It'sbeen around forever.

But it's also, it's too bland, right? It's, it's the problem witha Xerox Kleenex.

They, they've, they've, they've done their job so well that people forgetthat there's something different or appreciated.

15Ryan Little, a little break here.

Little, a little quick sidebar.

Using a sound jobfrom the East region to talk about Vince.

Sarah watches, I of course through watchingthe video, I'm wracking my sweet ass VIN Sarah watch as we speak.

Again, it's a classic timepiece.

Very affordable.

All you gotta do is go to VIN Cera watches.

com they're alreadyof affordable.

And then Vince Xero, they throw on 15% off the entire order and they covershipping costs.

It's pretty awesome.

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Sarah watches couldn'tbe more Jack, you're looking for a watch that is bold and built to last.

Ken costs a prettypenny, but it's watches.

They're changing that they believe you deserve to look goodno matter what your budget, and you know what they say.

You look good.

You pet, you playgood.

If you play good, they pay good.

We're trying to get you guys paid with this bytesbracket challenge, but again, just look sharp.

VIN, Sarah watches.



Uh, if you'regoing out to get a nice little watch, nice.

Everyone's got their high tech watches andwhatever, it's, it seems to have something simple, a little throwback.

Again, use thatpromo code, SGP, even Sarah watches deck cam.

Sean, can I throw a little extra love at theanswer? This is, I'm going off script.

The lady likes the Vince Sarah watch so much.

She's wondering when she gets one.


All right.

We'll have to, we'll have to talk to our pals over VIN.

Sarah watches.

I'm sure they can, uh, hook that up and I get, I get compliments from my wife saying, I like that.

Watch youlook, you look good in a watch.

I become a watch today.

So what's going somewhere nice Sean.

I was just a, we went to the Cirque de Solei.


A Dodger pretty, pretty rad.

Pretty awesome way to spend an evening.

Let the kids get their mind blown and you have your mind blown at the same time, ifyou know what I mean.

Any family activity where Ryan can have an edible is, he's a hugefan.

That's completely appropriate.


Uh, you know, I, it was a CLA, I thought itmight be a little class here, so, uh, it turned out it wasn't, but had a classy watch on Sean.


Well, and if you're like me, if you're hanging out with the wife on date night, maybeyou pull out your phone while Sean stepping out.

You hang out with your wife on date night, huh? Yeah, I mean that's, that's kind of what you do when you're married.

Uh, you pull outyour phone, you pull out your phone to check the time you get yelled at, it's like, Oh, you're on your phone.

You're not even here hanging out.

Now you the sweet VIN Sarah watch.

Just do a little quick.

And I've gotten so used to these nice Vince Sarah watches thatuh, I feel naked without having to watch now.

I'd be car watch guy, seven zero zero watches.

It's also, Oh sorry Sean promo-code SGP.

It is also cool to wear a watch because it showseveryone that you're not a like twenty-something millennial.




The biggestthing, Hey, as an old school guy, you don't need to tell me coming in at number 15, I need either write in the left it, get down in there, shirt off the defense.

I'm going to be, I might be worried of the two seed because the more I listen to thisdrop, the more I just enjoy.

[inaudible] Brown is talking about jerking off the defender.

I that's like, what is he trying to say? That's very unclear.

But I think, I think the issueis the issue is with these, uh, with some of these it's too long.

And so like when the, when the jobs are long, it's tough for me to use them because it kind of disrupts theflow of the conversation.

Very funny.

And basketball related.

So I think those are thethings that has going for, but I would be surprised if it, if it takes out a two, sincethis will be the last we hear it, but can we just put one more time?I need a right hand left it get down in their shirt off the defenderand we break down like what does he try to say? I think he's talking about a guy likedoing a, you know, ankle breaker where he's cheering, jerk him off.


Jerking himoff the chain.

Just a guess.

Down at the neighborhood court where we all used to jerk each otheroff the X files theme is the next one.

I think it takes a lot for a music theme to, uh, makeit into the bracket.

But I think the X-Files theme has earned.

It's good whenever talkingrefs, Jeffrey Epstein, uh, you tipping the tackle guys, 56%.

There's, there's an easyway to build a conspiracy about a lot of the things we talk about on the podcast and theexiles theme is just because it's just immediately if there's any sortof shady niche shenanigans going, I'm quick on the trigger for the X files theme.

So versatiletheme, but again, not technically a drop, it's more music sting.

So how say you ride, where do you see it moving on? Honestly, I think one of the things that thetalk about a team that was hurt by a, a a player getting kicked off for violating teamrules.

I think if Dick Olson is still around and the sports gambling podcast universe, this has more value.

[inaudible] was, it was really a Dick Olson drop.

It was played alot when he was spewing his crazy bullshit talking about gold or, or whatever shenanigans.

You're right.

And of course what comes with Dick Olson questioning all reality is, isa hilarious story.

So I think this has some sentimental value, but as you stated, younotice that theme here, a lot of the musical, the longer form sound drops.

It's just harderto make a splash.

And while I think they absolutely deserve to be here and they have their moment, they get their 30 seconds on camera and they dressed up, their auditorium is nice.

Second theme, they celebrate, they, they, they're just happened to be there.

It couldbe blow out potential coming up next new comer to the, I mean we're talking, I'm lookingat my watch right now, my VIN Sarah watch with the date.


Or two weeks, two weeks, like maybe 15 days.

But the reaction has been strong.

One guy doesn't like it, but for themost part very strong.

And that is Shakira.

Ah, dad.

And we haven't even, this is a, thisis a drop that hasn't even found its potential to me.

This is a mid-major with a lot of juniorsthat like, Oh my God, they've gotten into the tournament.

But I think even next yearafter a full year of hearing the, the secure job, knowing where it fits better, gettingits use, then I think it'll even be, it'll be like a six seed five seed next year I think.

I think this could be Jimmy Valvano and NC state with a prayer towin the ACC tournament just to get in the field.

This is an open public forum show.

I am a little worried.

I'm a little worried that to me, you want to circle a lower seedthat has a legit shot to go final four.

This is it.

And it is.

They don't know they'resupposed to lose.

They're so young.

They don't know that they're supposed to be feeling thepressure.

And again, that's why it's a 13.

Because ofthe newness, the lack of the pedigree.

Uh, which again, we as the committee play it onemore time, Sean.

It's, it's, it's just a funny in and of itself.

I mean, I told you I already pitched what we're going to be using this next footballseason.

Somehow this has to be the official drop of Freddie kitchens.

Like he's losinghis mind.

It's just the sound in his brain.

That's all that happens.

Ryan, uh, Mike door checking in on the live YouTube broadcast saying he's going all inon Trump.

Also, Jeff Gordon is a sexy man all over the place.

This is unrelated to the, uh, bytes bracket.

But, uh, again, that all in on Trump.

That is, that is one that's reallylook out of the irony of all ironies.


Decker's sound drop wins.

And, uh, he mightbe Bob and Sean real quick, I don't, I don't knowif we've spoken about this ever on air before, but many moons ago went to a race at the PoconoRaceway or Speedway, NASCAR race.

And that is when I learned that rooting for Jeff Gordonin the NASCAR circles.

If someone called you a Jeff Gordon fan, it met you were gay.

Notthat there was anything wrong with that, but, but NASCAR fans were using it in a [inaudible]negative.

So I'm thinking if, if he's saying Jeff Gordon is a sexy man, maybe this is a, some sort of knock on the two of us.

Sean, I don't know.

Uh, I think you're probably looking into it too deep.

He's probably just a huge Jeff Gordonfan number 12, number 12, the lock dog T's sound drop and the bread and butter of thepodcast.

You're here.

And at the end of every NFL podcast at the teas part of course isa Kramer singing the happy birthday song like Marilyn Monroe did to JFK.

We didn't evenrealize that a editor of the podcast, it was 14 packets that com host of the NBA odd spot, Ryan Mickey.

He didn't even know the backstory to the third part of that drop.

Maybe we thecommittee little sentimental about this 12 seed.

Maybe it even made it should be lower.

It's not Comey.

Well actually, you know, the T's thing I think does add some comedy toit.


It's always there.

It's, it feels like home.

I think it'll have some, I think it'll have some momentum, but already looking ahead at the five seed, um, I won't, I don't want to tip the hand, but it's got an uphill battle.

I'll leave it at that.

It really has, it's become the utility Sean.

And for the same reasons.

I think we've seensome other are the these lower seat.

It's just, there's nothing spectacular about itbecause you hear it every episode.

There's nothing spectacular about my beautiful singingvoice mimicking the great Marilyn Monroe because you've heard it so much.

Let's think about, yeah, when you first heard that I'm, I, I fucked your shit up.

That was funny.

But Imean, let's Pat me on the back for a second.

I'm there, but so boy, but the fact that it'sbeen around for so long, like you're just, you're used to DMS.

Who else? What other podcastsdo you chime into and you get to hear a little bit of DMX.

You get the little here, a littlebit of econ and you get to hear a little bit of a of your boy Ryan, real money, Kramerall in one drop.

This is an absolute upset, special 12 seed.


Lot's out.

Well, and we, the committee may have some explaining to you as we get to the top partof this bracket.

I know we ranked certain things higher than we did others, but we'llget to that.

We don't have to answer to anything.

Sean [inaudible] committee [inaudible] thatis the 11 seed personal favorite.

I've explained it the last time we're talking about it, butit's just simply a, uh, uh, a man performing a magic trick in front of like an Asian teenin a mall and he makes this one grow and it, and the kid just goes, Oh my God, his reactionis so over the top.

Oh my God.

Again, it's perfect for having your mind blown.

Maybeit's, maybe it's a one of our buddies in Vegas taking a edible and we don't see him again, or maybe it's putting, hitting a 14 parlay.

It's celebration mind blowing.

Uh, very, veryuseful.

And uh, personally, just funny.

I love it.

So 11 seed sounds about right.

Ithink, uh, we'll see.

But it could be, I could move on for sure.

And just to be clear, there are Asian teen watching an actual wand extend.

There's no metaphor.

There's no, there'snothing in here.

All very literal.

It's an absolute solid drop.

I think the seating isdead on.

And I think [inaudible] feels right.

I think you're looking at a situation wherethey're going to be a short dog.

They have an opportunity based on public money to potentiallybe a favorite.

But I think there, there's a, there's a blue-blood look at across, uh, the, the, the aisle at the sixth spot, which we'll get to shortly.

And this next drop, this, this is been getting a ton of support from the fans.

Again, personal, favorite, stumbled into it.

Uh, out of nowhere.

Again, very recent.

This is past two months.

Doesn't have the history, but we couldn't in good conscience, put this lower than atendency because it wouldn't be fair to the top half of the seeds.

And that ishashtag Dejan solely Sean a, a transfer due to a medical reason.

The grandma got sick, he wanted to come home, go to the small city school, academically ineligible, somehow miraculouslygets ruled eligible.


Weeks before the conference tournament, they go on the run, they get in as the 10 seed.

Here's the problem with the format of this Torney this one couldgo all the way.

It could, but where, but where do we see this? You can't, you can't put it in the top eight because it's, it's not even, it's under two monthsold.

We did our job.


They didn't have theresume.

They wa they got hot, they won their conference.

This is the appropriate placeto put them.

But again, the East region, we talked a lot about being top heavy.

The Westregion.

It's anyone's game in my opinion.

And we've already talked about two to threedrops in the bottom six that can go on legitimate runs.

So I'm excited.


The West, the West region has upsets written all over it.

This one again, the nineseed, Oh man, this nine eight seed.

I am ex this nine eight matchup.

I'm very excitedto talk about the number nine seed by popular requests had kind of fallen off the board.

Glad to see it back.

I want a Dick rubbed on me tonight.

[inaudible] is a Ryan realmoney.

Kramer from one of our live March madness broadcast in Las Vegas.

Of course, we'll beout uh, in Las Vegas again, doing a broadcast and just getting super hammered.

Ryan wasof course describing a Asian women at the club or what was it? I think I was just referringto women in general, but it was, it was the particular, uh, what's a club at the Plazathat has tau that has a lot of like hot Asian girls dressed up.

The point was, you know you were doing an impression of a girl goingto a club in Las Vegas.

Yeah I want a Dick rub done.

I'm just updatingthe drop right now.

I want to Dick rub down me tonight.

I want a Dick rubbed on me tonight.

Something about the poor audio quality.

Much like poor video quality before, like as ina porn context works.

The bad audio quality to me raises the game of this drop.

We havenot used it in a while, but I'm starting to wonder why this isn't the Joe Buck regionand not the Ryan real money Kramer reading.

Cause we've heard this is now the second dropthat it was at least coauthored by real money Kramer.

That's true.

It's a, it's a typicalnine seed.

I think a lot of, a lot of potential to advance one round, but not much potentialto go much further than that.


Again, it kind of fell out because it's, it's kind of long for a whole sentence, eh, but it's fun and it's, it was a gift whenwe got it.

And it's, it's great that the listeners kind of reminded me, cause I had, I had kindof forgotten about it.

There's only so many things I could fit on this board.

So shout out to will Mormon again over at youtube.

com/sports gambling podcastpointing out that you can't put that in reasonable context.

So that while that is true, I wasputting it in very reasonable conference.

READ  XFL Week Three Picks & DFS (Ep. 790) - Sports Gambling Podcast

Thank you sir.

This one again, friend of theprogram, hope to have him back on.

Uh, we have to get some more money for him.

I gotto tell the, uh, the story of Lenny Dykstra trying to get his, uh, his money from me forhis appearance fee.

Uh, I'll have to just to watch.

I mean it's like a whole thing, but Chad, the Lenny Dykstra friend of the program, uh, not going to say good dude, butcertainly entertaining guests.

Yeah, great guest.

And this is actually a, the sound dropis from the stern show and so it's a shout out to the stern show.

Shout out to a awesomeguests, Lenny Dykstra, and that is the slot.

I was a slot.

And to me what makes us unique is because we use it when talking.

It's perfect for theDFS show when talking about anyone that mentions the slot receiver.

It's just a fun littleinside joke.

It reminds you of Lenny and his, him being a complete maniac.

So I think thefact that we can use the, the slot him talking about obviously slots in a sports context, I think this drop has tremendous value and I'm glad I don't have to pick a winner here.

I guess I will be submitting a bracket.

I'm going to be pulling my hair out, going backand forth here because I think people love hearing you talking about wanting to havea Dick rub Donte but they also love hearing Lenny Dykstra talk about slot.

So I this feelslike a true toss up to me and kudos to the committee for this eight nine matchup.

It's a really good, it's a strong matchup.

I do think that Lenny Dykstra has an edgebut that's more versatile really.

Well you're right because I guessit's sure it's easier to naturally drop in the podcastbut they're both I think a little too long to have be that versatile and that's why asan eight and nine matchup, no matter what happens round one, I think they're going tomeet their fate.

Round two.

I would lean slightly to Lenny but um, we're talking about a onepoint game.

We're talking about one point favorite here.

Sonumber seven, number seven Ryan.

And that is Sam Bradford is not a fucking franchisequarterback.

You want to talk about audio quality? That is, we had a dust that off.

That's as good as we can get it because that was, I mean we're talking, was that 2014 thatis a 2015 it's pre, I can actually probably look up what year it is real quick.

But thatis old school me shitting on Sam Bradford.

Again, this is kind of a, this may be itslast year in tournament because we're Sam Bradford, unless he makes a run at the XFL.

We're kind of not gonna hear from Sam Bradford again.

Um, okay.

So yeah, I think this, this would be a beenlike the 2013 2000, I think this was the 2013, uh, NFC West preview maybe 2014 it was rightbefore the Eagles ended up trading for him and I hated Sam Bradford.

So the one yearin Philly, 2015 got a ton of use out of that drop.

Insane that, that the, that he was tradedagain to the Vikings.

Oh my God.

That was so awesome.

And again, the Kennan ended up, the curdles paid him $20 million.

That's so insane.

So insane.

How do you think Sam Bradforddoes against its matchup? Dejan is only digits only is new.

It's hot, it's fallen, but thereis, there is some old school heads, there is some Sam Bradford backers, but I thinkeven as the seventh seed now that is kind of a nod to its pedigree.

It's heritage, it'sage.

The committee kind of gave them a little bit of a nod there, a little bit of help, but I think even as the seven seed, this is the 17th that's a dog in my mind.

I agree.

I think Dejan is only is a surprising like three to four point favorite eye andI think they could walk away with it.

I, I think there's more versions of the game wherea Dejan is only wins versus Sam Bradford and I think to your point, maybe it's the, it'sthe fact that Sam Bradford no longer in the, in the NFL, so it's not, not quite somethingwe're going to be using as much.

Now we'll we will we appoint someone as an honorary, Sam Bradford, of course we will.

So this drop will live on, but I just don't think it willhave the meaning.

I think this is the one last hurrah, but they are playing an upstartteam with some serious talent.

So I the, I expect this to be a, uh, an upset.

I knowother fans like the upsets.

I think this, this one, uh, fairly, fairly quick, fairly not an easy match up for the 17.

This one at this, again, just judging from the fans asking for it, it has legs.

Sandy supercharges, I think, I think this is decently favored against, Oh my God.

Of course the chargers no longera team in the NFL.

I mean, I guess technically they're the Los Angeles chargers, but theSan Diego superchargers, no longer they're showing the rivers are IP tough time for Decker.

Will we see a Decker back sound drop in the finals? Both have uphill battles, but bothcertainly have their supporters.

I would not be surprised if all in on Trump, in spiteof the amount of Bluebloods and big name talent in the East region gets in there and getsand just make something happen.

Well, it's Decker so much like Trump himself.

No onesees a Trump victory coming and he could come out of the woodwork and really make noisein the East region.

I, I, uh, unfortunately much like Decker'sreal life.

I just think it's going to be a little bit of a close but no cigar.

Uh, whileI like, Oh my God, as a potential long shot, Ken go deep in this tournament man live, althoughit's long, we know it's a long drop and maybe the fact that it happened, it was authoredon the show, it was a live acoustic version.

Tell him to sing it the first time.

We'vesince tell him to sing it live after that.

But that first one where he just like addedknowers like Sandy, yay, go supercharge you charge.

Like he just did it unprompted I think.

And it's been great.

It's, it's one of my favorite jobs all times 60 just seems rightfor it.

Decent matchup against the 11 C but I think, I think it, I think he cruises justfrom the consensus of God so far.

I think it's got to advance.

And Sean, I especially enjoyed picking an image for this one as it was the San Diego stadium withSan Diego chargers, 1961 through nine and 2000.

All right.

P San Diego superchargers.

Thank you for participating in the spurs and Pacas.

No, it's not the end of the podcast.

It's the number five seed.

Shout out to our buddywho, uh, went and interviewed a bunch of drunk Eagles fans at the, uh, the draft in Philadelphiatoo before the 2017 season.

Uh, also seemed pretty intoxicated himself.

God, he, uh, thoseinterviews are great.

We got to get him to do more.

Uh, it was great dude and just sucha fun drop to throw at the end of the program, but also as pointed out by the listeners.

It's fun to drop in there sarcastically.

If someone just like, you know, tuning out or, or is it, I don't know, like throw some bomb out there or a horrible pick.

Thank you forparticipating in sports gambling podcast.

Colby is not paying attention.


That'salways, it's always fun to pencil in there.

Five seat feels right.

And this is a feistyfive seat.

It's got a um, a decent matchup against the 12 seed, the lock dog T sand effect.

As much as that is a a cornerstone of the program I have.

Thank you for participatingin the sports game podcast.

Moving on and it kind of looks like we S we actually thoughtthese things out.

I think there's a lot of fun happy accidents in the seedings becausethe five seat thank you for participating goes up against the 12 lapdog T's both kindof like very, very clever move by the committee here.

Puttingtwo very like minded drops together.

Obviously they don't, well I think what they see hereis they see a need for one of these drops to move on but they, they see a problem withgetting the TV ratings.

They see a problem with an audience draw further on in the tournamentso they didn't want to risk both of advancing.

They lined them up.

I think it's a properfive 12.

The five is favorite here.

I think the five is favored by that four point rangeand I would be surprised if it doesn't get 60% of the vote.

That being said, it's stillthe locked dog.

T's don't count out the lock dog toys.

By the way, Sean, you should headover to sports gambling, podcast.

com/merge and get your brand new shiny locked dog T'stee shirt.

Look, you're going to come to Vegas.

You're going to want to impress me and Sean.

Yeah, the best way to improve [inaudible] autograph mainly be wearing something thatwe created.

That's definitely gonna excite Sean.

I will respect you for it, but yeah, you should do it.

Get it.

Get a locked dog tee shirt.

They're, they're very nice.

All the, all this stuff is printed on under armor stuff andif you, if you click on the item, you can rotate in between the different logos thatwe have.

So a bunch of cool hoodies, tee shirts, hats, beanies, perfect beanie weather, allthat stuff is going on.

Okay, Kramer coming in at number four.

You're right.

We shouldhave named this bracket after you [inaudible].

What the fuck were we thinking? Not namingthis bracket after you, instead, it's the Joe Buck region.

Uh, I, this one, I'm, I'mblanking on the exact origin of this draft, but of course it's you saying, woo.

What thefuck? Very, very fun.

He pointed out on the Slack that someone's even made a taking oneof those staples that's easy button and loaded.

This a drop on there.

We really got to start that.

I mean, that's something we could, we could move some seriousweight.

Look, I really would like to thank the committee.

I would like to thank the fansthree appearances in, in the West region.

I am just, I couldn't be happier.

This isa incredible matchup and I think the committee was a little unfair to what the fuck puttingShakira up against them.

On the other side, this to me is Georgetown basing a Dayton team.

This is a blue blood with tons of flaws who can't shoot from the outside taking on theSteph Curry and the Davidson.

You're in trouble, Kramer.

You're in trouble.

Yeah, it does seem like you'll have, could you get, would you get swept? Uh, and thatcould be very embarrassing.

We should have a side that will Kramer century gets sweptin the U S region because I want to dig.

Don made tonight tough match up against Lenny.

Dykstra did the slot.

Then you have the lock dog tease or here you're sing the tease part.

That's number 12 that's going up against five.

Thank you for participants towards Gaelicpockets.

Again, tough.

Then a Whoa, Whoa.

What the fuck going up against the Shakirasound effect.

Your favorite.

But will you a sweep of Ryan? Isn't that out of the question?Maybe the listeners will rally around the comedy of you being swept out of the bitebracket.

Challenge the Kramer FML tour is strong, so we neverknew.

Who knew this was [inaudible].

This could be the cherry on top coming inat number three, just simply the DMX sound dropping.

Now I know what you're saying.

Whyis locked? Doug? T's a 12 but the DMX dog bark a three because the DMX dog bark to melives in its own space, lives.

It carries what we're all about here on the podcast, betting on big dogs cashing big dogs, throwing those long shots out there.

The big dog runsfaster, the hungry dog runs faster.

It's, it's also just DMX.

Remember DMX? He's fuckingawesome.

It's a really fun sound trap.

Um, I was going to say mostly it's, it's DMX, like I think, you know, we at the sports gambling podcast, like to stay on the bleeding edgeof some things and one of those things is being one of the few places to still rep DMX.

DMX has been through some tough times, not here at the sports gambling podcast.

Oh, it'sbeen a supporter.

While I will agree with anyone who wants to argue that this is justtoo high, and if you're looking at region parody, you're, you're maybe complaining thatGus gazumped is just a better team than DMX dog bark.

But now DMX dog bar, they have a nice path.

They're going up against X-Files theme.

Theyshouldn't have trouble with that.

Or will they?Well, Sean, the reason I want to call out dead DMX dog bark, not only has it been aroundforever, not only does it allow us to rep DMX and not only do we just love dogs on thesports gambling podcast, there was a review calling out this specific sound drop as beingannoying.

Your roast just kept playing a dog barking sound effect.

To me that is what elevateis the game and the seating of this, this one and just like you're doing now, it's soeasy to play repeatedly.

There's not many drops on this list that you can straight upjust bang out like a newsy, any, sorry about that.

There's not many drops that we've calledout that you slam on N a N, a double and sometimes a triple combo.

That to me also raises thevalue of this DMX drop and, and, and Sean.

What people have to remember is there usedto be a dog bark sound drop that we use and we very quickly said, no, we need to spicethis up, make this meaner.

In walks DMX, the meaner, tougher version of the dog comingdown to the final two in the West region.

But before we do that, shout out to our boys over@aceperhead.

com slash SGP that's right.

You hear that thetropical music, you could be gone.

You can be taking your own Island trip, you can beheading to the Caribbean, thanks to all that cold hard cash you've got from starting yourown sports book.

That's right.

A's per head.

com/sgb they make it easy to start your own sportsbook.

Plus if you use that link, you can get up to six weeks free over@aceaceforhead.

comslash SGP again, they offer live bedding and an amazing mobile experience.

I know whatyou're saying.

I dunno how to set up a Sportsbook website or do you, are you kidding me? Theygot you covered.

Oh, you do.

Head over to ACE, provide you with an all inclusive professionalbedding site.

All the lines updated, the wagers graded immediately.

Top notch customer support, 24 seven some of the sharpest lines in the industry and that's what you want when you'rethe bookie again, so I'm trying to just beat the book.

He become a bookie.

All you're goingto do is head over days for head.

com/sgp and soon you'll be hitting those steel drums whileyou retire to The Bahamas with all that sweet, sweet cashclosing things out.

Shrong the DMX dog park.

That means there's only two sound bites leftto be revealed, one of which is long cock.


It's brilliant.

It reminds me ofthe Eagles Chris long, Fletcher Cox, of course, they were standing next to each other on Mondaynight football back when John Gruen was just announcing Monday night football before hewas coaching the Los Vegas Raiders.


He's in the East and West region, Decker.

He's in the East and West region long.

Cox has a a nice matchup against hubi Brown talkingabout jerking off the defender.

I think long Cox will cruise again.

It's short, it's sweet, it's concise.

It's related to the Eagles.

It's Jon Gruden.

It's talking about long dicks.

It's, it's just a big Dick.


The Eagles run.

There's so many things you can tie thisdrop to.

Love it.


I Al, I also love it.

I'm a little again, eh, my biggest complaint to the committee, which you're probably wondering, Hey man, you were on the committee.

Yeah, that doesn't matter.

We want we, it's all about the controversyand I have some problems with the parody at the top and wallet long.

Cox is great.

LongCox is not baby F and whale.

So while I think long Cox, again, Sean, the committee did someclever things here.

Cox taking on, jerking off.


This is great.

Long Cox, no questionwill be in advancing to the second round.

So the sweet 16through that 15th suit.

But guess who they have to face in that sweet16 potentially degens only.

And this could be a Bazaar, this could be the buzzsaw andit's pretty awesome if I'm calling for a top two seed to get upset early that I'm circlingthat matchup.

And I'm telling you, Sean, beware of the Dungeons only.

It's only their fans are vocal.

I see them popping up in dimensions.

I think they, thefans will really carry this Dejan only and it could be, it could be a pretty crazy here.

The number one soundbite in the Joe Buck region is of course, of course.

And it was so great putting this togetherbecause we Google imaged a Randy Moss like with his fake pretend pulling down his pantsand Joe puck just losing it.

That is a disgusting act.

It's fun to make fun of Joe Buck.

Uh, it's such a silly moment.

The idea that someone fake moons someone, I'd never heard of thatas I didn't realize that was an option.

It's an all time hilarious moveshows you the times.

Like Randy Moss was like vilified for this horrible act and he literallyfake mooned his rivals crowd.

Are you kidding me? This guys married off the field.

Joe blow.

Buck is a disgrace.

He continues to be a disgrace.

And while again, I don't have a problem withthis being a one-seat, I think it has to be a one seat.

I think it's just used.

It's beenbeen around forever.

We use it for everything.

It's gotta be a one seed, but I, I just thinkagain, it's a one seed that is gonna have a situation where it could be going against.

Thank you for participating in the sports gambling.

It can be going against Shakira.

We don't know.

I know you were being critical earlier ofsome of the top heavy nature of the ease, but I think one putting together this tournament, that's what you want in a tournament.

You want some kind of chock your stuff in oneregion, but then it's always fun to have that wild region where, I mean there are so many, there's so many promising upsets in the West.

Uh, I mean right now the East, if you justlooked at it probably like a five point favorite into the finals, but look out, lookout baby.

Well, to be clear though, disgusting act is the number one overall seed, right?I think so.

We use it in all seasons.

I get baby F and whale is the number one overallseed for me personally, but it's only number two in the East, so, well, so probably thethree overall then.

Uh, yeah, I, I'm very excited to see what the fans are mad at usabout.

I'm going to see some hot opinions.

Well, will a member of the writing staff atthe sports camp we podcast be writing some form of breakdown? Yes.

Makesure that happens.

And again, head over to sports gambling, podcast.

com/bracket get yourbracket in.

We're going to give you until Sunday at midnight, February 23rd it cutsoff and then we will start the games a K a people voting on Twitter at gambling podcasts.

So again, head over to sports gambling, podcasts.

com/bracket get your bracket in.

Spread the word at yourchance to win $500 per simply watching other people vote on which sound jobs are more popular.

It doesn't get any more better than that.

Ryan has tag, intrude edge and fashion.

Guysas always, Oh my son.

Oh, they're all like mixed up here.

Thank you for participatingin these.

Thank you everyone.

Really appreciate you tuning in.

I hope you guys enjoy this.

A fun little, a gimmick and tournament.

We got going.

Spread the word, make it happen, make it big, make it fun.

And for the sports gambling podcast, I'm Sean stacking the muddygreen and he is Ryan.

Good luck to me in the West region.

Kramer, let it ride.

The guymade fun of me for drinking a white claw.


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