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Okay, so now that online sports bettinghas been legal for over a year to full football seasons and is available atlarge scale in New Jersey Pennsylvania Indiana West Virginia then other statescoming online like Indiana like Illinois and Iowa maybe New York soon in thefuture we thought it would be good to take a look at where the market is todayand which are the best online books that we recommend keeping in mind that sportsbook reviews traditionally focused on reliability the ease of putting money inand getting money out since sports betting is regulated in the UnitedStates all sports books have to go some level of testing and therefore weconsider all them to be safe and secure and all that so we really don't factorthose into the ratings that said there are still some that are clearly headsand shoulders above the competition and where you should be putting your moneywhen you invest in sports ok there is no shortage of online books availableparticularly in New Jersey which was the first state out of the gate there's over20 possible options you have as a player and those mostly are available acrossthe web and through ios and android apps with some caveats so what we wanted todo was whittle that list down to our top 5 sports books so we're gonna go inreverse order from the also-rans to our best overall book first up are alsoround these two sports books get honorable mention because they arereliable popular and allow you to bet on sports with a wide variety of optionsgood signup bonuses good app architecture but they're not quite asgood as our top three recommendations and they are first up FanDuel sportsbook so Phanuel is the most popular online sports betting app in terms oftotal handle across the four states in which it is available and for goodreason FanDuel along with draft kings is the incumbentit's gaming brand and they've had a ton of advertising dollars to dump into themarket both as a daily fantasy operator and now as a sports book there's hugebrand recognition there and FanDuel is capitalized on that out of the gatemoreover in new jersey they have several physical locations which means they'reable to brand themselves to casino players who then go home and play theirapp we like FanDuel it's got a good interface good live betting it'sreliable all of that but nothing about FanDuel really jumps out to us as beingnext-level yes they offer same game parlays but they're you know kind ofone-off contests and promotions or either generic or somewhat confusingthey have a 15 question quiz where you can enter to win a million dollars andhonestly I've tried it three times and I still don't understand itI feel like FanDuel is just really good at the nuts and bolts but it appeals tothe casual better from our view their lines tend to be juiced up a little bitmore than some of their competitors even though they do have varying lines fromthe can be backed books because they are owned by Betfair so FanDuel is a goodoption you might already have it on your phone but there are some better ones wethink that are worth your time depending on what type of player you are the otherrunner-up is William Hill now William Hill also benefited from being veryearly out of the gate with legal online betting particularly in New Jersey wherethey to have physical locations they have brand recognition from beingpopular in Europe and because they have physical locations in Nevada but thetransition the online hasn't been super smooth for them the first year the 2018football season was not kind to them their app was basic as it comes didn'toffer a lot of variety almost no prop bets felt like someone tried to take aphysical sports book and squeeze it into your phone but for the 2019 seasonWilliam Hill started using a new back-end and now the app is much moremodern and it features prop bets that were sorely lacking here before and nowwhat is on your phone feels like it belongs on your phone rather than in saylike a list of odds in a newspaper it's a good app but it's only available inNew Jersey coming soon the states like Indiana andIowa and others William Hill has plenty of market access deals and they will bean omnipresent sports book as sports betting rolls out right now it's only inNew Jersey and it's a good app if you're there but it doesn't crack our top threeokay so rather than rank our three favorite sports books three two onefigured we best to kind of carve out a separate area for Best Overall and thenalso for casual players so our best app and we call them number three here forcasual betters is Foxman Fox bet is backed obviously by Fox Sports it'sactually the old bet stars app that has kind of been reconfigured and brandedfor Fox but with that rebrand it came inupgrading technology and upgrading the way you interact with app and continuousiterations to make it a very approachable sports betting app now itis for casual betters the thing that makes Fox bets stand out as more ofentertainment than an investing tool is the fact that they leverage their spotFox's personalities like charissa Thompson cousin sale Colin Cowherdand even if you don't like some of these people sometimes it's fun to fade themor try and bet against their picks each day of the week one of theirpersonalities will offer up some version of their lock of the day or theirfavorite parlay or a cool odds boost and then you'll be able to bet on thatand it's very promotional so if it doesn't win you'll get your money backthey'll boost the odds occasionally they have crazy no-brainer boost like 25 to 1odds on if a quarterback throws a touchdown some things you have to takeit's very promotional there's typically $25 maxes on these bets which is whyit's better for casual gamers and not necessarily for someone who's betting500 dollars a game that said that is a lot of the market the expansion area inonline sports betting is for casual players who want a little bit of skin inthe game more for entertainment purposes while you're sitting on your couch atnight those people don't want to bed 100 200 dollars a game they maybe have $25bankroll for a given game and mix that between a spread bets and live bets andsome cool props Fox offers two things that really stand out there custom betswhere they combine a number of weird factors might be a player prop with atotal might be several player pops mixed together andthey give you odds on that and they even sort them out you can get odds on thingsthat are plus over plus 10, 000 so you take some really long shot roulettechips and hope that one of them hits it's a fun way to spread around a fewbucks and get some skin in the game the other thing they do is their bet booststhey gotta be careful with bet booth sportsbooks aren't dumb and they're notgonna boost things that are very likely to happen so you can be a little bit ofa trap it's a trap but for every game at least everymarquee game Fox bet has a number of really cool bet boost for your favoriteplayers and it's fun to play it's the one that I've seen casual players enjoythe most because it's very easy to find your way around the app but it ismissing a few features live betting can be a very difficult task with Fox betthough it's getting better locking in a bet on any app is hard in real time asthe lines are constantly updating but Fox bet seems to be just a little bitbehind though it has gotten better since they launched they don't have same gameparlays which draftkings and FanDuel offer and there's maybe a layer ofpolish there in the app that say draftkings has that they do not have butstill it's a fun app it's approachable and new users who go to CrossingBroadcom /fb can get their first bet get $20 free and then $100 deposit bonus soit's a good way to try out the app $20 free comes with no deposit whatsoeveryou just have to register you can try it out so that is our best app for casualplayers now our runner-up sports betting app and it is points bet you've probablyheard a little bit about points bet there are pretty heavy with advertisingparticularly with the likes of barstool sports which itself is coming out with asports book so you may have heard their name right now available New Jerseyavailable in Iowa they have sign up in person and coming soon the states likeIllinois which were they have key locations around the city and figured beone of the big books there they also have Marc's market access deals instates like New York should they ever legalize sports betting points mint mayoffer the best tech of the bunch let me say that again points bet a smallAustralian company that literally moved their people in their office to JerseyCity in New Jersey in 2018 might have the best heck in the bunchthey are very progressive forward-thinking their online book firstand foremost why are they so good one it's just a good app it looks andbehaves slightly differently from some of the others but it's very intuitivethen we do have some nitpicks on some how they lay out some of the sports it'svery intuitive and it works exceedingly well that's one – they have unique waysto bet it's called points bet because they offer something called pointsbetting which is really just spread betting so you can take a particularproblem went to throw over 300 yards and if you bet $10 on that for every yard hegoes over or under 300 yards you can win or lose a multiplier of your bet so it'sa really fun way to get sort of this high-risk high-reward way to bet onprops and totals and things like that now you got to be careful because youcan also you can win a lot of money and you can lose a lot of money so I'drecommend using small bet amounts on this but this is a very fun way to playbut it still only makes up about maybe a quarter of the action that points bettakes they offer lightning-fast in-game odds their spreads theytypically offer 5 cent lines as a pair – compared to 10 cent lines for thingslike the NFL playoffs and most importantly they have the best customerservice in the game you may have heard about their karma committee payouts theygot some pub on Good Morning America routinely during big events with badbeats and even not so big events with bad beats points bet because they don'thave that big of a handle can afford to refund bets on bad beats withoutbreaking their so-called bank they're also very approachable they're honestabout what they want and lost and we think just overall they are the mostcustomer friendly you can always get a hold of someone in their chat and youdon't feel like it is the book is out to get you they also offer a ton ofpromotions fun ways to sign up and constant ongoingpromos that keep you coming back they're continuously giving you free cash nowwill this keep up at sports betting grows and they have a larger audienceand they can't refund that many people yeah probably not but right now wereally like points bet and they're definitely one to watch in the bettingspace and finally for our top overall sports betting appit is draftkings sportsbook they are the OG so the first actually launched alegal online betting app in New Jersey in 2018 was draftkings they have beenpreparing for this for years for 18 months they've been building out abetting app waiting for it to be legalized in the United States and theywere ready to go they've continuously iterated on whatthey offered on day one they have the best live betting thanks to somethingcalled flash bet which not only allows you to place live ingame bets on asliding scale by quarter in half and all of that but you can also bet on drivesand series for select games meaning you can bet on an outcome that is mereseconds away so it's a good way to stay engaged and betting throughout the gamewe also find that the pricing on their lines is fair anecdotally because thiscan be hard to test without massive amounts of data seems to be a little bitcheaper than FanDuel we think their app works better overall it could be alittle bit confusing for novice betters because it's so functional and robustthat it takes you a little while to find your way around and I do have somenitpicks about the way you have to slide between sports I feel like there's toomany sliders at the top of the page but that's because the app is so complex andoffers so much depth to it they have sports book pools they haveother unique games and in certain states like New Jersey they have an onlinecasino built right into the app with their own live blackjack dealers anddraftkings branded studios so it's a full functional betting experience andwe think that between the combination of their promotions the reliability of theapp the cost of their lines and their continued innovation trying things thatactually seem to stick unlike say FanDuel with new ways to bet new typesof props and odds and all that the draftkings offers the best all-aroundbetting experience and more importantly it's available in every state right nowwhere large-scale online betting is live in legal New Jersey Pennsylvania IndianaWest Virginia and they have plenty of market access deals for other states andunlike say fox paw Fox bet or sugarhouse sports book draft King offers one appavailable across all the states which means there's no confusion when you goto the App Store in fact you go to crossing Broadcom / DK thatwill activate the best currently available offer sign up and then justdownload one app works in any state where betting is legaldraftkings our top overall book for 2020 alright so I hope you enjoyed our listof the best sports betting apps for February 2022 football seasons under thebelt for online sports betting and the industry is just getting startedby next football season we're expecting states like Illinois Michigan Coloradopossibly New York maybe some major states to begin offering online bettingas this begins to fan out across the country so these are the best apps sofar but it is early days expect to see continued improvement and iterationamong all the sports betting apps where can you bet right now to go to CrossingBroadcom hit the sports betting tab at the top we list out all the states wheresports betting is legal click on your state and find out the best booksavailable in your state but it's a quick primer New Jersey Pennsylvania IndianaWest Virginia are all available for full-scale online betting and by that wemean you can sign up and play online you don't have to walk into a casinoadditionally states like Iowa and Illinois offer online betting Illinoisvery soon Iowa live today but you have to you can register outside a casinoeverything you have to walk into a casino to verify your identity so it's abit of a complex process we have other videos for how to do that particularlyin Iowa and you could read more about that a crossing broad but right nowthose are the states that are legal as of 2020 we'll update this video as newapps come out and as new states come online if you like what you see heremake sure to give us a like down below leave a comment you want to see usreview a sports book or something you want to know more about let us know andgo to Crossing Broadcom for all your sports betting information.

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