BEST Roulette Strategy to WIN 2020: How to Play Roulette Online


Hello, not just my subscribers but alsostrangers that just found this video you're so luckybecause I decided to show you this insane method I just found a couplemonths ago about how to make money online you don't have to be Englishspeaker to understand what I am saying you basically need

to know some basicEnglish word in order to make money because of this video so don't worrywell first time then I saw this method I didn't believe that but once I tested itmyself I just drove and doubts and startedevening decent money online well it can look complicated but it's

so easy andeveryone can achieve this all you need is stable internet connection well I'mgoing to show you this method very soon but before that because it's my firstvideo I am going to present myself so you will have some idea of how such asuccessful player looks like I had

some issues fighting cool well-paid job eventhough I am high school educated you know that they will offer you no paidjobs working more than eight hours a day unpaid overtime even though they saidyeah we will pay you that just keep working bro but they willmostly forgot when it goes

to paying time so I hate it working 9 to 5 jobs soI was searching some online making money methodsI tried survey related websites when they simply pay you for filling thesurveys but it didn't help me make living from that compared to this it'sreally big difference and why let

me show you my PayPal account it's here inmy Google Chrome you can see that they failed me manymany times and it were quite good amounts according to that I started justin the middle of October my eye deposit is not here because I deposited with mycredit card after measuring

the same amount back to the credit card I wasable to withdraw on by power so you can see I am not joking because I had towithdraw my deposit amount back to credit card and Jos payments are overthe deposit you can see that I withdraw the money at the

end of every monthNovember and December it is because you should have some discipline and aftermaking profits you should withdraw the money for example every two weeks or onemonth like me it's called money management control now it will be end ofJanuary and I'm going to withdraw another prophytes of

more than $14,000it's 2 times much because I put it in more time you will see that in my excelsheet soon but if I have more time I could make even $20,000 but I havefamily so I like spending time with them and those money are enough I think Iwill

be happy with already earrings of $14,000 so yeah it really changed mylife I bought an iPhone to my daughter your voyage to my wife even I boughtsomething for myself I have also Skrill account where I am withdrawing my moneyfrom another related page where i am using similar methods

that i will showin another video like next week or next two weeks before showing you the methodnow let see basic calculator of two prophets Inight so we see that it's not some kind of joke 336 dollars plus five hundredforty nine dollars plus two thousand one hundred fifty six

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dollars plus fourthousand fifty three dollars it's seven thousand five hundred forty four earthyou can see I will draw it to my cut account now you can see that the nextmonth I withdraw seven thousand four hundred and ten dollars which is morethan it and this month it will be

more better now let's don't waste my endespecially your time here I appreciate that you are still watching my video andlet's look at the strategy I am using where I am using it it's really simplethis techniques works in online casinos it might workreal physical casinos but they could drop

you out of the casino because theywill see you are using mathematics even though it's really simple and it can bedone by in a tighter and that you are using strategy and money management andyou are not only throwing out the cash without thinking like 99% of casinoplayers it's harder

to be kicked from online casino because they can see youare using mathematics they have no cameras here to watch all players whatthey are doing we all know that from Hollywood movies I know that you mightthink this is some non-working trick or even scam I hate those videos sayingthat

you can get rich overnight however itif you know how to do that would amount is great to start and what limits youshould have then it can be really profitable as you can see on my PayPalaccount in a matter of days or weeks don't worry I will show you

everythingyou need my excel table that will be also available to download so you cancheck it even on your computer or mobile phone it will be free for you guys oksome online casinos will not like you doing this method for sure but I havelist of online casinos where this

method is proven to work look at the videodescription and here is the link of casino where it's working and mainlythey will pay you and you can withdraw the money without doubts because thereare some online casinos that don't pay but we are not going to use this we areusing

only 100% working and the drawing so let's go into the right section itcan be French or European right everyone knows how that works so I am NOT goingto explain that we are not going to be lucky for sure we are going to usesegments there are many sequences over

the internet but black red black redsequins is too old and casino might even been you after seeing you arguing withthis method so you need to mix it a little bit and this is the best like redblack black red red is the sequence we are going to repeat as

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much as we needto you can see it right in my notepad the exact sequence it's really simpleand you can remember that easily we will be using classic develop but it's verydifferent because this is a bracy's sequence that can be reverse fault allthe time so it's on our side

it's no surprise that more I bet the more I canmake but in my excel sheet I think for beginners is the best to start with onehour it's conservative and can make a lot of money still so let's startwe have $1,000 round and now we are starting to bet

fund our port black okayblack me one now we are going to follow the sequence and because we're on you'regoing to bet $1 on right okay black now we're going to form sonow because we lost we double up on black that means two dollars on black okay we willthat's

great and because you're on now you're going to put one dollar on with your now it $2 profit and we now bundleokay black so we won again now we have three dollars profit profit okay now allright because we won't it's still one dollar so it's just a nice

thing to doprofit so that's zero percent risk okay black what you notice again flowthe royal sequence that cannot be lost two dollars on right again we can seethat me just right understand okay it's so so now we're going to follow intoblack as you can see in my note

but we're going to bet $4 that notepad willbe available also in the description so check is the video description and itwill be free of course yeah you own we have four dollars profit in just fewminutes that's amazing because we won't you're going toreinvesting you profit and we're going

to start with one dollar as a startingbed and one great five dollars in just couple of minutes now our account is onethousand dollars five dollars so now let's go to the Excel spreadsheet hereis some info how much can we make based on time and amounts the name I

call thisroyal sequence because it's so groundbreaking those are expectedearrings based on what is our starting betas I said it's recommended for start to use run our us starting bed because it'ssuper conservative and ninety-nine percent chance of winning when showingyou my video I am about five dollars in five

minutes that means after the enemyneeds it's ten dollars after an hour it's six times more sixtythousand sorry sixty dollars of course not thousand after two hoursit's 120 dollars three $180 for $240 and after eight hours which is normalworking time it's four hundred eighty dollars that's really amazing becausenormal

worker ears like eighty dollars a day and here's hard-working this methodrequires only internet connection yeah it can be quite difficult to dothis method for eight hours today you can do this hour for half timethat's four hours and still it will be good money based on this calculation $240

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now we look at the safetyoperations this is very important it's based on one dollar as starting bed soif the amount you start doing this is above sixty four dollars you have sixmaximum possible beds which is a start except 20 it means you start at 110 2 48 16

32 that's 6 maximum possible beds good certainty is after starting with128 hours 7 max meds still it might be construed risky but it's much morebetter than 6 but believe me those I recommend as you can see in greenbackground is great certainty which is 256 dollars as a maximum

possible bedsabsolute certainty is after studying with five hundred and twelve dollars andsuper serves NT is one thousand dollars and twenty four dollars which is not sonecessary still nine max possible beds are great but to be super safe ten bedsare the highest level of conservatism but honestly eight are

good too withthose two hundred and fifty six dollars Huzur start take a look at thepercentage of money we can make as the typo in video says it's possible to makeeven two hundred percent and more using super certainty and with one dollar asminimum bet or even eight 100 percent

in one week using great certainty levelwith 256 dollars here is the example of graph how itlooks the amounts in the left are the dollars that were made or rose after onebet you can see the graph is rising with small deviations this is just example ofhow it can look

like my game was very similar like I mentioned in this video Ishowed you this and it was very similar to this graph I am showing you here nowlet's back to my PayPal account as you might guess I was using for two monthssupercells tenth level and with Randall US

minimum bet made four thousanddollars in two weeks which is not four thousand eighteen dollars because Ididn't spend war eight hours a day doing that another two weeks I made anotherfour thousand dollars and then I read wrote it to my bank account this isreally exceptional life-changing method I can

go anywhere I want by electronicsto my daughter I want I can travel yeah it's possible to achieve dreams I'mdefinitely going to continue doing this method and I will test other methodsbecause there are some plenty of them I just wanted to sure share with otherpeople this method because I

know 99% of casino players don't have any strategyand I want you to be in this one percent that strategy does have and so that thisnumber can increase to ten percent this is my goal and I hope you will sharethis video so he can achieve that ten percentage goes

soon that theit's all people so yeah leave comment subscribe general say what do you thinklet me know how this is work for you and goodbye

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