✅ Саутгемптон – Бернли 1:2 прогноз|15.02.2020|Southampton – Burnley 1:2


on st merris in the twenty-sixth roundEnglish Premier League Southampton accept Burnley welcome allfootball lovers love to bet on sports in tournaments table both teams havewe are in the middle of the 11th and 13th line respectively, 30 one dialedpoints and here we note of course what Burley plays a little better on the defensive buthere he knocks down the gent more and is even for three years this figure will becertainly higher, we are fighting for the league zone of europe here is of course the arsenalvarkentin manchester young and this of course teams that can play at allin the champions league as for the form team let'slet's start with the gentoo court hosts held us pretty difficult cup matchagainst totenhem'a at first it was a draw 11 and that meant what would happenreplay already at tutankhamun stadium fuck wins 32 but betweenthis match took 25 round against liverpool game was on here insouthampton especially no chance because it was clear that liverpool80 percent should win in In general, the team managed four corners of the solutionalpha master shoe polish hit on goal Alison as a resultinx day team top scorer with 14 scored goals and left leaving the fieldwill replace him adams and at 70 minutes plus everything ina pair of shoes will come to him and no striker teamsfeat guf ol will also appear in principle host move for were opportunitieseven shuffle the composition but again this no use this no usewas not because nevertheless in liverpool now rarely can anyone allow anyoneto do anything regarding our game burley that team was also not easyschedule but if in the championship it's a lester and materiel on you are here of course 2 supervictory, for example, I remember victory over mont cervin from where and chris herescored he has 12 goals dream and jayRodriguez also scored a cool blow from the left foot to the left corner lookI definitely missed Berlin here manchester then happens probablyincomprehensible reports of Norwich to the cup Norwich is our last linetakes but the mountains do not make a number of gross errorswhich will allow in the end I will teach to gain victory match in the championshipwas played almost 10 days ago burn played against the arsenal of this meetingviewers did not see goals though meetingburn and create some good assists moments we see that you are sitting withscheme 4 4 ​​2 and in principle the whole basis appears on the field but except ifthe bar dreamed that there were about six goals scored so he is nowis in good shape but in that meeting could not help the team in general andthe arsenal also had problems and continues to test yes to eat firstthe river of the bouillon this is not enough all the same teamthe game is very much today decides the logical resultzero zero and let's probably go to personal confrontation between teamsa match between these teams was played August 10 and here Burley wasstronger than 30 yes probably with a street agent started not very good season failed andOf course Berlin is probably a little better was ready for the championship we see thathere is the one about which I spoke if barneys even two voice calls and calls lookingalso goodman himself one goal as a result of burma win 30 s now look atpersonal confrontations then see that bernie already for six games notplayable gameplay this will reduce two and a half breaks through well, and where do II’ll come to a bid I want to recommend my partner's bookmaker myfriends do not be lazy follow the link pinned commentregister convenient for yourself way you see the promo code and getfirst deposit bonus up to 9 1100 rubles assuring that anyone would be one of the mostflexible offices and if you go to I assure you that you can make sure of the linelooking at the same options outcomes for the match but I will come to the bet II think that in this confrontation hunting now the bookmaker introduces us todelusion giving so big odds perley win i think thatBurnie will have moments.

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to score I don’t think they will scoreplus everything in the afternoon there so showed statistics miss a lot it does notonly applies to the start of the season but also Now there is definitely a problem thereforethe bet is made that Berlin is not lose and in fits there are four shalf and believes that this rate is with us but it just follows all the statistics and fromforms of teams that they are now demonstrates yes certainly there was a breaksmall but its sure that both teams fit well armed and very goodmost likely even there will probably be a draw betcombined new friends subscribe to the channel and if you do thisnot done yet because every day I I post a new forecast I think howbetting fans will be interested waiting for me to listen to yoursuggestions of your forecasts in Be sure to put like in commentsUnder the video, well, do not forget what you need bets do cold-headed betsdo you therefore wish you only good luck and victories until we meet again.

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