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at the municipal stadium de butarch 24Spanish La Liga Tour Leganes accepts real betis I'm glad welcomeall football lovers do lovers sports betting in a league table tournamentwe are on the nineteenth line teams now is not in thebetter mood because Mallorca Espanyol has as many pointsand the question is probably worth it if neligan with one of the teams that broke off the goalhalite can take their place yes certainly mallorca are experiencingserious team problems there on for three matches no longer scoresbut Espanyol is gaining with each round team turnover scores and sometimes evenplay no smelling beats the same Espanyola was like a recent matchvs barcelona 22 so here of course a hurricane with a veryhard task probably after five seven rounds we will understand if they will be ablekeep registration or not would like probably note that any of usworst moments team only 18 goals we see that afterThey are talking about the goal, for which 19 counts but both this is more so betterbetis position and at all on r team more so closer to the top teams herethey are almost twice as large scores but the problem is in defensesubstantially present 28 dialed points and in case of victory you can evenmove to ninth tenth line and there you look and hand up to the league zoneEurope file therefore make sure In principle, there is still ambitionshould of course maximum effort make a match against lyagan with a welllyagan with a team whose andre because they can play nothing 00 againstAtletico Madrid can lose on Barcelona Cup 50 mayreal sociedad beat 21 but can check the levant and 20 watts and in the lastthe game has a feeling that they were doing an end went into decline because it seems to be a javieraguero released and martin braite this and Oscar Rodriguezand these guys by the way is the scorer them teams we see that braithwaitespent one game more scored 6 goals and oscar rodriguez 22 matches and scored fivegoals whether you just need a failure here one goal playerclogs therefore certainly calculation goes but amy helle plays on the edgeguerrero anchor which in the second half will replace more about salt that's alsoespecially nothing to remember you can stop by to see the video, see you inIn general, everything in the case of the Levant and the team who managed her momentrealize and deservedly in this meeting win with regards to real betisthe team now has an unsuccessful series of four matches just one draw inmatch against vibrator see barcelona 23 lostlost getafe 10 well and checked on penalties goalkeeper raio VallecanoI would not put such an emphasis on the game betis because all the same rivals wereserious is also the most hits now coming look lines it plays them veryhard to score on avetis just hit not on that team not at that time but also a matchagainst Barcelona of course count also although they did not play at home was onanything is very hard because everything Barcelona is fighting for the first linebefore real betis led in the score 21 is even but before the break Sergio Busquets scorecompares after the transfer whether it is a limit in generally a draw and further to the rescueagain comes an assist pass and and clement england scores 23 eat nextremoval occurs on both sides on golf cure & klement langle i.

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who scored swords in this meeting brought so let's say glassesthey got their team I will repeat the yellow card in the endreal betis was left without super good football playerattacking well and Barcelona probably won't feel the loss of the longley though hecertainly very high quality on central defender whetherscorer of the scorers we all understood and here u have kill and eat and loren marr heeight goals scored there is a huakin veteran team 7 anabel wick whichthe team lost 6 and then we see 3 to 2 goals here and canali summer sonand the Iglesias bar so everything is very great at the teamcut in the end and the game patterns 41 41 I think that there will not be particular permutationsreal betis will play according to the same scheme because I don’t see the point of anythingchange as well as among themselves they are already a match spent August 31 of the nineteenth year andReal Betis was stronger and before luxoft now I wantrecommend your partner a beech less lb friends if you haven'tdecided where you bet follow the link pinnedcomment register here for yourself way to enter promotional codes you getfirst deposit bonus up to 9 thousand 100 rubles but we will go insert I thinkno need to invent anything here come up with betis as a teamDo not fuck in class looks in attack even if betisskip then they have a lot of sweat opportunities to play for examplein a draw that is to score what they have it happens at the end of the match, so the betwithout a total of best for just pure victory is nothing to drink from the coefficient of 157new friends if you haven’t signed up yet my channel be sure to do it rightnow because every day I I post new forecasts there is a plus toeverything else express with a coefficient of 134 sohave time to bet on express be sure to watch the broadcast wellmaybe some of these matches e.

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Monaco Mobile with a coefficient of 3he also likes the action and you place a bet as i'm definitely waiting incomments and your forecast put Like under the video if the review was interestinguseful until we meet again.

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