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I welcome all fans to betfor sports it's time to take stock of March month in March we will have a verymany events including world and here I would like order with everythingsort it out and let's probably start with excel tables in which just the same Ion the chart March income depicted in blue lightthis is daily income and accordingly red is the total revenue in this casethis is not income but most likely a loss which I carried this monthit's very simple here let's go touch until the first game weekwhich I did not bring is not at all nothing I was minus 4 thousandnine hundred seventy rubles now I I will explain why it’s for 4 thousandnine hundred seventy rubles those who do not first time watching this is my review formonth you know that I decided on the bank it's 100, 000 rubles and she every match oneach forecast which I post I will leave conditionallysaying 1000 rubles that is it a fixed amount many make bets3 percent of the bank who costs 10 percent but i do fixedbid accordingly here first game day 2 match did not fit onethe second game day came together match 3 1 did not meet one no andlike this further on after weeks I went minus 5000almost rubles of course already on this stage coulddrop your hands now well maybe someone they never fall becausethat someone doesn’t have their own statistics at all watching thinks why he needs it ingame and lose well okay but I still think it’s necessarywatch not to deceive yourself and work accordingly on yourbugs as a result the local started off well let's say so nice onin the sense that there were many match matches there was a portuguese premier leagueI even bet on Syria and Italy made predictions for the cup of Russia was still withus khl playoffs even accounted for record forecasts forUzbek by file well, as always many matches in Europe and the tribune of tearsPremier League or to the 1st league, that is, everything wascool everything is great everything is gorgeous but then after we show whether we again beganworsen it even by week 14 I went to minus 8 1360 rubles again a newthe strike would again begin give up but you always have to goyou need to go forward and here are 21 numbers I went further and again almost -5thousand rubles and as a result minus 13 thousand eight hundred and thirty rubles is all verybad in the world coronavirus begins everything sporting events, respectivelypaused football legion since starting there withspanish italian starts close remain literally turkishleague remain with us match lpl but but it was already clear that soon tooeverything is covered and I had to go even very very far I began to studysingapore championship singapore Premier Leaguenever heard such names of teams for example would a sheet of chaos coogan movie thistangent wars line city but I watched video reviews of these teamshow they play certainly surprised that level just amateurbut the bookmakers are taking on these people betsof course I had to study Australian championship with them principlewas a little familiar here but how never really counted on himbut I had it too examine but we see something you glassespredictions that did not agree although in this match with a coefficient of 240 wasthe championship is very, very close Belarus has a higher leagueI was very useful on it at least somehowhone some kind of skills some experience with this to take but we seethat according to the results, everything is very, very I had a deplorable championship in Belarushonestly didn’t go here, of course andand now we have a major league match will continue but very large gapsper week and this week needed something to close, I remembered that all the sameI once made bets and table tennis him even if younotice on schedule i will come out all the same a little bit of this negative trajectoryI’ll probably rise a little from 27 to 30th is all doneagain thanks to table tennis and here 28 we see 630 rubles forday 29 1350 30 2110 but also 31 a little bit not lucky mine 610 rubles there VictorIvanov lost 3 matches in a row, that is, I recorded a forecast for itWell, of course I leaked for the 3rd match of course I didn’t expect this from him.

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You see.

ivanov ivanov ivanov although Ivanov was a favorite in all of thesehere even at night we can see here in their internalnoticed also I changed the cover counted what is needed after allto introduce something new already, I believe that so good turned out here and tellwhy exactly did I start making predictions for I started the yoke about it.

Ukrainian tennis championship were even here I had experience and Czechchampionship but still in such championships verymany agreements and hard with them fight because it’s like according to statisticshe is a leader but picks and lose if you browsenot bad it went even two wins one minus would bring me anywayplus because 660 plus 570 is already more than 1000 rublesway see even there will be a series of me there are 5 positive matches will beultimate unsuccessful series for example and Belarus championship will not be againLeague matches about not converge converge but again this is an experience I themI used to take it inspect includes two matches Belarusian championshipincludes three matches table tennis I will have everything fromconverge everything will turn out and in the end you can even notice thattable tennis sometimes coefficientshigher even for example 184 172 163 and they most importantly come thereforeviewing which I am typing for these videos there 6970 up for my channelit is very very bad but I don’t I’m paying attention to the ideawrite in for example a forecast for the championship Belarus get 500 7 viewsbut I think that still I do more the emphasis is not to somehow channeldevelop so that he somehow starts me generate income the most important thing isI’m doing it for fun, and just I think that one of you will startlearn table tennis and will do bets with me in the end seehere besides March 31 today I already did toosome good stitches these stitches come in let's show you look herethe first of April is from here starting 1 2 3 4 4 matches have entered and one match is literallynow at 11 o'clock did not agree though ann shaev should have left for the total onestep should have taken at least one set but merkushin 03 ate beat him though bytennis player statistics seven times met and was six times strongerkenzhaev therefore I counted on the fact that the jackpot world will take one or two andaccordingly, a total of more than 73 will break through but in tanis this happens therefore nothingscary move on and most importantly what is alreadyApril has started for me now positive is very cool in the end whatI would like to note I would like to note that we will have different monthsfor example, such as were in January when there were a lot of good footballevents on which principle I traveled there will be such months as forFebruary that is, failure will happen up to a certain amount e.

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minus9000 and but then see I can take and go for example a plusof course there will be such moments like in March I think that this is of course my mostfailed month is the most important thing do work on mistakes go ahead andin the month of April, I’ll try not to I will promise but I will make the maximumefforts to these minus 12 thousand to make for example a bank plus 13thousand for april month principle me it I am more than 80percent in principle every day I can do table tennis one and a halfWell, of course I will have no time for example, minus 610 rubles, that's how I haveIt was yesterday, but still I hope that such as for example Viktor Ivanovwhich 3 mother of coal before draining this I will no longer be in the end I think thatif you are my subscriber you are in anyway you will support mewill take an active part in my the communities that I periodically spendI talk about what is happening in the world in In principle, now it is relevant, here I amI say that it’s better to make tea laptop see my predictive desktoptennis and of course I recommend it to everyonesee my issue the issue is dedicated table tenniswhere in two years you can win 1 million this is a real working strategy seeto the end and you I think that you will not regret about this also you can definitelyfind me on the social network subscribe to everything which you now see in front of youreyes because well, anything can happen and take my channel for examplewill be deleted and there is also a backup channel sports marketanalytics is my backup channel but I hope I no longer resorted to himbecause it happened to me there was a small incident in Februarymonths when they sent me a warning channel that I violate the principles of the communityi.

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my channel international, I’ll probably share it withyou so little information my channel is watched in many countries of the worldit is not only Russia it is not only CIS countries you are not only Europe it is notonly asia African countries here you seeplease i have one warning and now going toanalytics i would like to share with you again with subscribers what is nowmore than 120 130 countries this is first age group see 2534 1824this is basically the ideal age here, of course, countries are also like thatshocking with its location let's I'll just show you quickly now andI hope that we are reviewing this finished see Germany and the Czech Republicgreat britain france see how many views turkeythe united states of korea serbia and croatia brazil coast israelnetherlands finland but i think you see for yourself everyone understand here is a Montenegrinsaudi arabia there are many many more countries there are only 50 bestthat's why I hope you appreciate the result the work that I do specifically forI wish you good luck, of course if you’re illthen quickly adjust and return to old life and keep watching mychannel and pleases me with my views likes and comments.

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