Манчестер Сити – Эвертон 2:1 прогноз|01.01.2020|Manchester City – Everton 2:1


21 matches will take place at etihad stadiumEnglish Premier League Mansity accepts everton and i salute everyonefootball lovers do sports betting in tournament tablesMansity continues to fight for us second line with a lester but also notexclude the option of what else they cut the fight and liverpool as it wasfor example last year in general Mansity have us this team which is a lotshoot down all 4 clogged with a sword at the moment but alsogood team looks on defense 23 years and I believe that with so many23 goals scored it is very very good indicator of evertonthat team say so a month ago already was near the departure zone but the teamCarlo Ancelotti, Specialist experienced one who managed to guide how wesee the last match order and last two games everton scored 6points and we can figure out what if not for these two victories now onEverton score was 19 points about it 17 16 position as i said evertonwe are in good shape certainly victory is won and notthe strongest rivals of berlin & newcastle 12 but still worth watchinglike a car meeting behaved coach of the team in the overall schemethe game was 4 4 2 and came to the edge to play calvert levin who scored 2 goals well andcouple he made up my throw certainlymoise kin is still failing the season yet no goals scored hope soontime he will do it and we are all beautiful we understand that this guy has a veryhigh potential and he proved it help them back for juventus last seasonand of course to compete with ronaldo bent with iguain us very andvery difficult also we note here that on the flankplayed Reacher Forests on on that too got clogged a rank this is walcott came outplay right here everton can alsoBernard attacks appear in that meeting competent replacement began these rulesreleasing both for a long time place moise kina well and appeared on the simus field common place youthe wolf then definitely everton after that one of the strongest teams and quite myselfafter a month the team will be will be in fifth and sixth placefight for the champions league even that Regarding peeing, we have a teamoccasionally loses points lose and example just recentlythis match happened against up Antonov your hand is suchthe team that runs ahead is there to whom it seemed to score nothingforeshadowed the misfortunes of Mansity we led in but the goalkeeper’s removal happenedder sonne and I'm Mansity it turned out it will play outmatch in defense to sit but it wasn’t there all the sameManchester team which with character the team we went ahead scored the secondgoal rachim sterling lead 20 score but such pain happens that all the same inurgent he took and scored 3 goals found gaps in defense and probably everything will be a coachteams are not Spaniard but Italian for example Carlo Ancelotti The Man City Repeatthe meeting won here and the last match against sheffield mansity unconditionallySheffield had to beat that in principle and happened here we notescored goal by Sergio Aguero can him too Congratulations on this long break.

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also distinguished kendo shaved spas and a cut atom which has taken shape on hisscore also 5 goals and scored transmission also gives stands out Beslanon the field rachim sterling about which I already not the first time I say in general at Mansityalso have someone to strengthen the game here and Gabriel Jesus can appear in anythe moment of the attack on Gundogan and reinforce center field well evil waters that came outalso instead of agu yaran on the last minutes of play compiled with younow available at u mansity here no major changes are all the samefaces here but at everton we see that game schemeCarlo Ancelotti will be 343 still Everton count on scoredgoal and away but I think that Bernard and Reacher sheet will drop a little and willplay guy here calvert levin who scored form will tryto forget that they are, in principle, not bad it turns out going to scoops you thinkthat everton is also like a man city in this the meeting will be scored and I’ll bet onthis option coefficient 172 patency rate 6971 percent are friends if you are not already decided on a bookmaker oryour something does not suit you go the link in the description for the bull manbethregisters in a saturn way for itself drive a promotional code and get a bonus up to7000 rubles on the first deposit keep winning along with the channelsports betting mark write your opinion in the commentsbecoming a person on video if the review was subscribe to the channelnew meetings.

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